Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dinner at Giza

Had an impromptu dinner at Sunway Giza. I like the feel of going out on a schoolday. Informal and spontaneous. BUT! Qi Yao asked after I gobbled three slices of Thai Seafood pizza and a seafood lasagna. Fatty, I know.

I got pissed and went out for a jog to make space for dinner. Passed by Zhi Qi's house. Saw a pack of dogs, I turned back. Such a pussy. :( But! Some of them can be territorial and unpredictable!

I wished school starts at 9. Or later. Scientifically-speaking, it is idiotic for school to start so early because teenagers are more active at night. No wonder. Not my fault I can hardly ever make myself sleep before midnight. Bitch. Fucker. I really hate not getting enough rest. GAHHHHHHHHH.

But I have figured out how to turn a rule from against me, to for me. You know how I had to stand for a whole period as punishment for getting late? Now, when I overslept I can tell daddy I cannot go to school because then his precious daughter would have to stand for an hour doing nothing.

TeeHee! I was sleepy today too. Crashed in the sick bed. 2 hour nap at school, and then 2 hour nap after coming back home. Before that we had gossiping session at the concourse during Co-Co. YUMMY.

Oh wait back to Giza dinner, ate at a random noodle shop. HAHAHAH. Sim Kuan and I dressed up. Qi Yao guessed I made her do it. Correct! The world is your runway, and everyday is a fashion show!

I don't ever feel wasted dressing up when I have a camera with me. The moment is captured forever. MUAHAHAH. Still not getting on with my liquid eyeliner. PRACTISE, PRACTISE. Gave up and use the crayon because I was in a hurry.

After eating, shopped at this accessories shop called This & That. It was the shoplot kind. I want to visit other kinds of shops other than the norm- shopping mall and more shopping mall. After all, the others are often much cheaper and WTF I need to save.

Ended up buying heels and some accessories.

guerlain lipstick show

Oh I can't believe this but visiting designers website was fun. Click on the guerlain thing :D Paint lipstick. My goodness I am so easily amused.

My Tumblr

Oh yeah. New tumblr. Taking a break from posting Sylvanian Families stuff. This is fashion and beauty. And whatever else I fancy. Check it out thank you. :)

A guy is still calling how annoying and repulsive it's like he's raping my handphone and I feel violated I mean he called for more than 5 times in 4 days and I've never picked up any of his calls can he give up trying already stop being so desperate and numbfuckingnuts.

Desperation is such a turnoff.

I hate it when people suddenly like, like me when I've never even had a decent conversation with them. WTF. So obvious you're liking me based on appearance. And feel comes from being together, not from seeing me from afar and then conjuring some sort of stupid illusions of what kind of girl I would be.

No wonder pretty girls are crude. They have to be ruthless or end up comprising themselves. This guy is like... not even my friend. Not even someone I had a fucking conversation with. Not even someone I flirted with. Eww.

I asked my dad how to block a number. He said he didn't know. After that he was like.. why? is it a guy..? And then I tried searching blocking apps but needed $$$. Help? Anyone knows how to block a number?!??!?!?! HOW?!?!?!?


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