Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Drop in the neighbourhood

Went to Mei Yen's house. I was really, really bored at home. Oh my goodness save me. I wanna drive, I believe I can fly.

Tried riding on the motorcycle. First time. :)

Desmond came in his bike to give his remote to Mei Yen. Asked him to give me a ride. Stopped by at Lichen's house. It was like riding on a bicycle but windier. He said it only took about an hour to learn.

It would be fun. But I know parents won't let me to ride a bike. :( Dangerous bi blah bi blah. BUT FUN. :D Okay, so now one of the to-do things is to make my boyfriend give me a long romantic ride on a dark, starry night.

Sim Kuan told me she might not make it but she made it in the end. :D Lichen had to go out with her BF. And the Facebook check-in thingy.. tells you everything. Tried the check-in on Mei Yen's phone. She can choose any place she wants. So you can be there but not be there. WHATTTT.

Colourful nails for the holidays. I'm gonna miss it.

Nerd mode. Sim Kuan's specs. It looks better than mine. ;( I still hate myself with specs. I can never look good with specs. Guys do it better. Their faces are more angular. :)

With Mei Yen. Blurrest photo I've edited probably. Squint your eyes. :)

Ate at the Valencia Clubhouse. Effing expensive. Camwhored at the Sauna Room. Mirrors everywhere. AHHH!!! At lot of ANG MO LANG there. Caucasians. A lot expatriates live there. Come here to work and get richie rich. $

I dunno why but it seems the white people get muscles easier. Asians... have smaller frames. GAH. Black people pwn all thou. :)

That's about it.

TA! ;]

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