Monday, 13 June 2011

The first day

School's here again. It gives me something to do, but I really loathe waking up early. Waking up before 9 is torture because I often sleep after midnight. So bad-ass right.

Amali tomorrow. HOHOHO. Purposely chose it on a school day. Skip, skip! Have to... sit on my ass for about 6 hours and then get my lovely L license. And then learn driving. They say some driving instructors have wandering hands. I'll bring my pepper spray... just in case. In fact, if you're a girl, bring pepper spray everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

I was late today. The standing in the lawn for one period came in effect. It is effective.Very boring and a waste of time. A punishment one would dread and go to lengths to avoid making that mistake in order to forgo the punishment. Saw discipline teacher cut student's hair. Sideburns. I like long, sharp sideburns on guys.

I'm dreaming of this. When I am in Europe I shall sit my ass on various caf├ęs. Enjoy tea and cakes and tea and cakes and oogle the people who pass by and doodle stuffs on my sketchbook.

Chamomile tea. English breakfast. Sandwich. Cupcakes. Macaroon. OH MYYYY I'M DYING. I didn't eat dinner. I slept through dinner.

Motivation camp this weekend but I'm lazy to go. Listening to Taylor Swift because of Sim Kuan. Everytime it comes on the radio, she gasps like magic just happened. Oh back to december where I can sleep like a pig.

My mind is pretty blank and this is a pretty random post I think everyone should be grateful of food and eating out is a luxury everytime I taste a sushi or cake in my mouth I shall close my eyes and say thank you yummy how the heck can anyone diet when you can eat.



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