Monday, 6 June 2011

Hi :)

Internet turning into witch. Apparently, my data usage has exceeded and you may experience slow internet speed. Why, my darling? WHY?!

Taking lazy to a whole new level for holidays. Nap nap nap. Okay, when I have car I shall go out and out and out until I turn inside out.

It's also important... to be friends with an organizer. They play a very important role in making outings happen. I organize outings sometimes, but one can't do it all the time. Organizers are also responsible for making sure things will be fun... everything will be smooth. Mostly the problem is getting people together at a specific time and place. Transport too. Once you have that, you can get the party started.

Organizing these for friends is also good practise. Especially for becoming an event planner.

Still going gaga over nail polish. My new collecting fad. Mostly it's childish stuffs. When I was younger it was stickers and tamagotchi. And Sylvanian Families. I want Essie nail polish. WHY CAN'T I FIND IT IN MALAYSIA?!

Other good brands are... O.P.I. Revlon. Sally Hansen. Skin Food is cheap (RM 8.80) and pretty good. Especially those shiny assed ones. I tried doing nail art while on Whatsapp with Sim Kuan. Umm. It looked messy. FINE. An experiment.

Relatives playing mahjong. Today is the "chung" festival. The pulut. Sticky rice. :)

Father's Day soon. Third Sunday of June every year.

Love your papa.

He's your maker along with mama. :)


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