Sunday, 26 June 2011

Midvalley, we meet again

Now I get it when they shoes make an outfit. Heels, heels, heels all the way.

They enable you to strut, makes you arch your back and throws your ass out. But of course nothing ever comes freely. Wearing heels for the trip, I came home partially-crippled. Sim Kuan has a nice theory that turns blisters into a good thing.

They make your skin thicker after they heal and it'll be more tolerant against being high-heeled. Like fingers which play bass, I guess. They hurt at first.

I like going out with people who dress up. Bitch, make an effort! It makes life more glamourous and exciting. Siet Yen, Sim Kuan, Xuan, Mimi and Jun Wen dress up well. As in fashionable. And they have different styles, sometimes I see something and I think, that's so her.

Skull and distressed shirts for Xuan-Alexander McQueen. Cute japanese stuff for Jun Wen- Harajuku. High waisted shorts and bodycon for Mimi-Top Shop. Sleek dresses for Sim Kuan-Kitschen.

Me... I'm still not sure what my style is. I like to look tailored and polished. I hate looking slutty. Sexy but not slutty, please. Anything tacky is out.

Ta-da! I now bring you the most clich├ęd handbags of the 21st century. At least in Malaysia. It's always in-your-face Louis Vuitton handbags. I'm sick of it... it's tacky for me now. Staggering how many handbags they've produced, to the extent that I can't go out without seeing someone carrying one of these.

It's mostly the first two. Speedy 25 and Damier Neverfull. But! What I'm saying here is those people who dress by simply throwing on some casual shit and then relying on their in-your-face monogrammed bags to look "fashionable". Do appreciate your handbags!

Bought some heels from Charles & Keith. I think it'll be my favourite shop for shoes now. Crazy sale. MUAHAHAHA. Sat on the shoebox while waiting for the KTM.

I thought of having a shoe with screw-on heels. Turn it into flats when you're too tired to be pretty. Fffppt. It will be in my collection if I ever get to be a designer. :)

Christian Louboutin! Freaking french designers, youtubed how to pronounced them. I want to pick up a foreign language when studying overseas. French. Italian. Spanish. Japanese! Whatever. ANYTHING!

Aren't they hot? The cheeky trademark red soles. Designers should always have their own trademarks, something they're known for and immediately recognisable for. You don't need to be told to know what brand it's from.

Sorry for the materialisticness. Hey I just got back from like, 3 shopping malls! 5 if you count their connected malls. Midvalley The Gardens The Curve Cineleisure Pavillion.

OH YEAH! I borrowed my Dad's card. So fun. The money just popped out from the machine. The next best thing from money falling out of the sky.

Lol no just kidding. It's a once in a blue moon thing that my dad trusts me with his card. Usually money comes drip by drip and I'm tempted to spend them before I even save enough.

Bah, tired. It's fun to shop with friends. If there's guys involved though, probably can't shop too much. The poor guy would have to stand there like an awkward log of wood. Maybe do stuff like.. movies. Pool. :D

Went to Pavillion for today because my family going for haircut. I am leaving my hair long and saving a lot of money by not bothering to trim along the way. The A Cut Above at Pavillion has Winne Loo there! Fuiyorhyorh! Prepare to fork out at RM350 if you want her to cut for you. She'll measure the size of you hair follicle and everything.

And the Jimmy Chia shoes at Pavillion is odd. What a shameless rip-off! I mean it's not his fault he's named that way but he's obviously using it to confuse people with Jimmy Choo.

And! I hate it when teachers say my name is a "glamour name" because my original name is a christian name. It's not some name I made up, that shit is in my I.C. Why the hell do they make the name my parents gave my sound so pretentious?!

Okay whatever. Enjoying peanut apum balik. Oh yeah Tumblr. Link here. Still into it. So many fashionable editorials and catwalk snaps. I think it helps discovering my own style and shit. MUAHAHA. And I tend to reblog from Flickr so my name comes up when they search tags. Reblogged until over limit the other day. Didn't know there was such a thing...


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