Sunday, 19 June 2011


You're waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don't know for sure. But it doesn't matter. How can it not matter to you where the train will take you?

Because you'll be together.

Oh how can I resist adding a quote from one of my favourite movies - Inception.

Had a date out with Sim Kuan to Midvalley on Saturday. It was pretty last minute. Sim Kuan asked out of the blue. I like rushed things... No need to wait, only to hurry. :)

Camwhored inside the KTM as well. Sim Kuan was like, "we're in public!". Me? Any self-consciousness will be buried under the pursuit of getting a good picture. I'm going to do it until I'm satisfied. I'll take a pile of pictures, narrow it down to the ones I'd actually edit, and then narrow down to ones I'd actually post.

The good thing with carrying the camera is being able to select what you're going to post and what you aren't. The bad thing is you're responsible for editing and posting. It's a little time-consuming. NO BUT I LIKE TAKING PICTURES. I cherish the memories.

Got on the ladies' coach of course. Sim Kuan was concerned with giving up seats for the elderly while I just wanted to glue my ass on the chair. We're 2 in 1 weyh! Sim Kuan sat on my lap on the way home. Tired tired.

I smartly hopped into the first train which arrived. We were supposed to go the one heading south. That one headed north. Smart ass. I was scared of getting lost for a moment. Thank God I'm doing this with my friend. Sim Kuan got us to the right platform on the next stop. Learn from mistake..!

I like KTM. It's cheap. It's convenient. I wish there was one in my area. Zip to 1U or whatever and get sushi. Hang out after school. Imagine... Sigh. RM3.20 for two way ticket.


Partly retail therapy for Sim Kuan. It's good that I don't have to ask for permission to go out, but when I sneak out, no.. $$$$$$. No disposable source of income. Yeah. Still in the process of saving for my watch.

The big thing was buying our dresses. Prom dresses. HAHAHAH I'm not going to tell you how it looks like. Not to ruin the surprise. :) Gotta pay for Hari Anugerah tomorrow too.

The salesperson at the shop where we bought our dresses was nice. Gave discount. It was too expensive, placed deposit instead. Trying so hard to stifle my laugh while furtively taking picture of it. There was a sign explicitly saying no photos and I don't understand why shops do that. FREE PROMOTION.

Maybe the salesperson heard the mechanism of my camera turning on so she gently reminded us. WTH you know how freaky it is when you're half-naked and a voice behind the curtain speaks?!?!

Midvalley is a breathe of fresh air after frequenting the area around 1U or KLCC for... years. New place to shop! :D Next stop, Bangsar maybe. When I have car.. and simply drag a friend along. Hey, Sim Kuan... :)

Midvalley has shops which aren't well-known but carries pretty clothes for a fraction of high-street clothing. I'm going to take a break from high street clothing because it's so... mass-produced. Many copies of the same thing until the brand loses its identity. AND THE PRICE! More expensive than the norm but not luxury.

I dunno. The cheapo way would be buy anonymous clothes with luxurious accessories. Always works. Handbag.

The Gardens next to it reminds me of Pavillion. Posh, posh.

Camwhored at the same spot after I took KTM with Xuan. Ahh, pretty place if you can ignore the dangers of getting raped. Keep your "pepper" friend close to your side.

Natural sunlight is good. Good for your skin. Good for photos.

Had dinner at The Curve with family later that night. Went to Cineleisure's Selvan. It was called Selvan... I'm not sure what it's called now. It's a place where they sell old but new issues of magazines. If you get what I mean ;) Just go one escalator down and you shall find it.

LOOK IT. All the books above for RM25. !@!@&!@*^&. GLAD. I don't care reading back-issues. What I care is the content. I don't mind that the trends in it are passé or that the products aren't new anymore. They're still stuffs for inspiration. DRAW DRAW DRAW.

Spot the Superman comic? TeeHee. I can't believe I'm getting into superheroes comics. I like Marvel more because of superman. Who the hell still reads comics? Any nerds out there? Hellooooo..ohhh...

I suppose I'm in the middle of a make up phase. I used to wonder why didn't my mum get tired of putting on make up just to wash it away at the end of the day. Some things, you have to experience to understand.

It's good to ask the salesperson to show you the ropes. Better than watching videos or teaching yourself. Learn from the expert. Bought Dior lipgloss and an Anna Sui eyeliner. You know I'm young and I can't buy real designer stuff. At least not many. I don't feel good using my dad's money so thriftily either, and I have no means of earning my own money.

So make up is like having a taste of designer products, but at a fraction of the price. To me it's not the name that matters, but the design behind it. The design that makes the brand know for. Not just some random shit with a label on it. Some quality shit which represents the label.

Dad says... travel trip sometime in August! At first it was Turkey, but now maybe Greece. I don't care as long as it's in Europe. Europe is beautiful and cultured. I actually forgot I went to Taiwan last year because the trip was so immemorable. Mostly I remembered the tour guide trying to squeeze in as many factory visits as possible to earn comission. Sneaky ass.

And... the best thing. During vacation, your wallet opens up more. A LOTTTTT MORE. OH COME TO ME BABY.

Today is Father's Day. I didn't do anything. I did a card last year. And the year before that. Mostly my dad reads it, and then puts aside and it sinks into oblivion. My dad is not into cheesy stuffs. And if I bought him something, he'd have the conclusion that it was from his money anyway. My dad is not a gimmicky person. So... done nothing!

Except wished him and asked what was his wish. It was for me to be good. Stay on the right track. I'll try my best. If I didn't, if I swerved off track, I'd keep it quiet and get back on track before anyone notices.

We're teenagers. Let loose, once in a while. Test for far you can stretch. :)

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