Friday, 3 June 2011

Out and about

Oh hello there. :)

Holidays are so relaxing. I can be like this all day long and no one's going to scold me for it. Sleep like a sloth. Act like a pig. Completely forgot about getting a job. Someone said... can be a promoter and get up to a hundred a day! But you have stand for... 10 hours.... Ouch. I'd rather be poor... and lay on my bed all day long.

I like dreaming. I "dream" before going to bed. Fantasize about my future and "what ifs". Replay funny scenes in my head. Remember something sweet someone said. Recall something funny and laugh suddenly. MUAHAHAHA.

Had a little outing on Wednesday with Qi Yao, Chun Moon, Sim Kuan and Li Chen. 1u again. You'll always see familiar faces around 1u. Saw Nicole.. with Darren! MUAHAHHA. I was like, "congratulations!". After they went off, Sim Kuan was spying them a bit to see if they will hold hands. Saw Form 4 gang. Chloe them. Yi Han looked cute. :D Saw Ming Chun and his brother. Saw Dylan and Ping Kuang. Doing gym. Ahh, good good.

Forced Sim Kuan to watch Insidious. Her phobia would be watching horror movies, I think. Come to think of it, it's my first time watching a horror movie. Chun Moon was the one who wanted.

Yeah. Insidious. People kept saying it was really scary. Ahem... I did scream a few times in the cinema. Sim Kuan's fear is like... CONTAGIOUS! I promised to accompany her if she couldn't sleep at night. Whatsapp for half an hour. Whatsapp is finally free. Talk crap with Nicholas. I'm finally cooler now. It's like a messenger, but on your phone. And you can see if the other person is typing OMG COOL.

I used to be really pissed out of horror movies but now I watch it, realise it's all an act and forget about it. When I'm alone at night and I think about it, I'm asking for trouble. I don't wanna even think, don't wanna creep myself out.

Having a dog helps too. They say dogs are sensitive to supernatural creatures. They bark like crazy. So even if there was something creepy, it would be scared off... by my dog. :D

Realised my maid broke my Swarovski crystal. I got pretty pissed. She put it back like nothing happened. It was about two hundred bucks and from Italy. Bitch. I banged on the door. Demanded what happened, blah. She cried. Honestly, I don't even feel sympathy when she cries. She cried the last time my dad asked her to mop the floor because the dog peed. She sat on the dining table and cried with the whole snifling thing.

AND THE OTHER TIME! She used my camera. So dumb she took a picture of herself and didn't know how to delete it. Okay, whatever. I didn't scold her. But you know what? She keeps stepping over boundaries and the problem is she doesn't even know it. SHE USED MY CAMERA, AGAIN. And then only I scolded her.

And she broke the vase. My god. My parents are deciding if she'll take a paycut. They forced her to go to bed early. She's always watching TV until lateeee. I DUNNO. WHY MY MAID SO DRAMATIC ONE.


All you see is clothes clothes clothes, temptation in the window displays but oh no honey you ain't getting any of it tonight. Window shopping. I DID IT. Saving for my watch. GOOD GRIEF. I'm actually learning to save.

Bought nail polish. Black nail polish. I used to hate them. I thought they made nails look dirty. But hey, it's unfair to hate something without trying it. :) Having an urge to collect nail polish.

Sim Kuan looked good in the shorts I gave her. I HAVE SUCH A GOOD EYE MUAHAHAHA. She has long slim legs. Some people need clothes to look good, others make the clothes look good.

And oh yeah going into the shopping complex Qi Yao was in front of me so he opens the door. And I didn't bother to extend my hand to push, because mostly he's a gentleman and holds open the door but he.. didn't. It ended up banging my fingers. Ho-hum.

Something I've dreamt about. Lovely.


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