Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tossed and turned at Times Square

Times Square. The day before today which was Thursday.

I was free as hell and then suddenly busy as hell, no time to even blog muahahhhaa. It was Sim Kuan's idea. IR Night gang again. Li Chen, Chun Moon, Qi Yao and the both of us. Fit nicely in his car. Down to KL we goooo. :D Had GPS but somehow we still got lost for a while. Keep calm.

The theme park looks about like this. That was my first time going in. If you are jakun like me, the picture above is there for reference. :)

RM 37 each. School holiday about 5 bucks more expensive. I forgot to bring my I.C. because I hate my I.C I look like shit in there. Luckily the attendant didn't notice, I got the MyKad price. Laughed at other people's I.C.

Rode on the orange roller coaster straightaway. Li Chen didn't want to initially but luckily she changed her mind. We did the lat da li lat da lit dam bom! To see who would be the odd one out. Chun Moon not good at that game. Lost twice. ALOLOLO. When playing that game always face your palm downwards. Most of them are too lazy to face upwards.

The roller coasters were fun. I've always wondered how it felt like to have a 360 degree turn. The space attack thing was worst.

This thing. Scary but more fun than the one at Sunway Lagoon. Has more momentum, you know? The one at Sunway Lagoon just hangs you up there and leaves you at the mercy of gravity. !@#$%^. I don't like the part of being hung upside down, where your weight is pressing on the thing that is supposed to keep you from falling.

This thingy is called the DNA Mixer the thing goes round and round. Fun also! But a bit pain and my shirt flew up a bit. Chun Moon had a problem with his bird. Too tall maybe. So everytime is goes backwards he'll be yelling. He sounded like he was being tortured. Qi Yao on the other hand was laughing. The guy, he doesn't scream during roller coaster rides. He laughs. =.=

Another ride was this thing... that goes round and round very fast. That silly-looking ride killed me. Li Chen's actually lucky she didn't go. Two people sit in one carriage. I was with Sim Kuan. When that thing started, zwoop, Sim Kuan landed to the left which was where I was sitting.

It was like being in a blender oh my goodness don't ride that please. Sim Kuan is skinny but combined with the velocity and inertia and momentum and everything it was like being crushed by a Snorlax. I kept shouting but it wasn't Sim Kuan's fault lah. That thing is a killer. It killed my ribs and neck. Blah.

See that blue and yellow thing? Don't go near it.

After that everyone was already dizzy and queasy. Went to the orange roller once more before leaving the theme park. Play until want to puke, you know you've got our money's worth.

Left Times Square and went down to The Curve at night. Catched forty winks in the car. I like being driven. Perfect time to sleep, it's like being in an air-conditioned cradle on-the-go. Ahhh. Somemore had blanket in a car.

Wake up do what? Eat lah of course. Lifestyle of a pig. Paddington's Pancakes. Yum. More like dessert than dinner which was fine because after getting tossed and turned it's hard to have a good appetite. But wait.

Before that we had some EspresSoup. And then turtle jelly (literal translation).

Aww so sweet. Hahahah. There was this transformer thing and we camwhored around the cars. Asked them to stare at each other. Qi Yao's a good poser, look at him. So into it. Sim Kuan stared but burst into laughter before I managed to capture the moment. Aiyergh.

Played pool before catching our movie. OHMYGSTYWFSUW. Finally :) I like pool. Didn't play it for a while. I dunno snooker yet. :( I like the snooker club at Cineleisure better. Forgot the name. The one at 1U stinks compared to this! Like literally. Smoke smoke smoke.

And they count per game. More flexible and cheaper for me because noob, so longer to pocket the balls. MUAHAHAHAHAHA I WON QI YAO. Actually Chun Moon was leading but he pocketed the black ball of doom. YAY YAY YAY.

X-Men was great. I bought the comic today. NERD AH? I'm going to start catching all the DC/Marvel movies. Oh come be my superhero!

And then when I went home Natalie was waiting for me for sleepover. Sorry sorry. It's like I'm free and then boom suddenly busy. Watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was okay. Mostly because of Rodrick the cute guy called Devon Bostick in real life.

Read the book at MPH. You know. I actually sat down and read like a freeloader treating the bookstore as a library. I usually despise people who do that. Read the books for free and then make it tattered. But my goodness I was poor. Still holding on to saving for my watch. Life is hard.

On Friday, went to lunch at Robot Sushi. And then celebration for Jun Wen. Choon Lam planned surprise for her. Shooo sweet! Hehehehe. Came at midnight. Xian Jiong drives like he's playing video game. Okay okay I shall not criticize. Later he don't want to fetch me. :(

Saw Rysher too. Sang karaoke at Jun Wen's house before going back. Spent 2 or 3 hours making a video as her birthday present. She made a video for mine too. :) Busy until didn't go church. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD HE REIGNS

And then take Undang.


Passed first time, 45/50. So ma fan to take driving license. So much of shit to do. So much of waking up early. I hate waking up early and driving far far. Chose the annoying ass 6 hours of Amali to be on Tuesday so that I can skip school. PFFT I HATE I HATE SO ANNOYING.

But ohhhhhhhh so glad that I passed teehee!

After that napped. And then get sushi. I like going out to eat. OM NOM NOM NOM. Especially for sushi haiyer :DDDDD YUM YUM YUM. Went with Mei Yen she didn't bring money. I was especially hard on her because she counted the 40 cents I owed her one time.

And then hang out at my house for a while. Like good old buddies. I wouldn't mind having her be my roommate. You know you're in an elevated stage of friendship when you can insult each other comfortably. Close enough that no real offense will be taken.

Cheers to life woohooo~!

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