Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Guess what?

The word "required" takes the fun out of everything.

Imagine if you like going on the internet and someone comes and tell you that you are required to be on Facebook for 2 hours. Doesn't sound that good now, does it? Still procrastinating for art portfolio. Gah. Deadline in 2 days and 40% complete. Bitch.

Wei Kien lost 50 bucks today. Gone in a flash, thieves among us. It's despicable, people who steal from their own classmates.

Mister Shamsul briefed us for the motivation camp. I thought it would be like... sitting down and listen to lectures. Then, he said it would be completely outdoors. WTF. I'm a city girl, I don't want to roll in the jungle... I don't know how to.

No point in bringing handphones. Better not, so many thieves. ONE BAR CONNECTION THERE. But it's good too... get away from technology and go back to the basics.

Bought a cheapo RM35 YeBeng sports shoes. Mei Yen and Sim Kuan went there a while too.

Specially for camp. Why? Because the other time I used my DKNY shoes for Leadership Camp and it was a stupid idea. It got soiled in mud and reincarnated as a crocodile. THE SOLE CAME OFF.

Okay okay, I'm going to shut up and get this over with. Better just go and try a little hardship. I don't mind as long as we're all in this together. :) Because in the end, misery loves company.

During Physics everyone had their cheeks stuck to their table, sleeping. So cute. We sit in rows, so it looks like a pile of fallen dominoes. Bringing magazines now to school for when things get boring.

Again, I cannot stress ZOMG how important it is to read fashion magazines. They bring you exposure to fashion at an international level. !!! A few of my friends did not know who Kate Moss is. !@%^!@$ I feel a little exasperated. Like they are in some other channel.

If they are guys, then of course nevermind. They don't do fashion. They know stuff about car engines and shit. But seriously! It's appalling! How can you not know?! Okay so not everyone has the same interest... :(

Here's a test. :)

To test your level of knowledge fashion-wise. There are 5 pictures and you pass if you can identify at least 3, okay? The people I have confidence in passing are only... Sim Kuan and Mimi. HAHAHAH.

1) Name the model.

2) Name the brand of the heels.

3) Name the brand of the dress.

4) Name the brand of the outfit

5) Name who this is.

Okay? Got the answers in your head?
Answes...Ding ding ding

1)Lily Donaldson-british supermodel

2)Miu Miu-the sister brand of Prada from Miuccia Prada. A little bit more playful and experimental, young.

3)Balmain-one well-received collection which showed models clad in jewel toned, billowing dresses cinched with diamente belts.

4)Alexander McQueen- his work is always exquisite with complicated, hard-assed tailoring because he was trained under Saville Row. His ensembles are always beautiful in a haunting way. It reminds me of Lady Gaga.

5)Twiggy- model and icon of the 60's. androgynous and thin. serves as judge in America's Next Top Model.

I think I have read too much of Vogue and Teen Vogue. I am writing like... someone who works there. Ironically, although Vogue has a lot of branded stuff, it's better to get tempted from Vogue than from local magazines because no matter how much I want it, it's too high out of reach.

While those in Cleo or Marie Claire or whatever are for Malaysian market and I can start scheming to buy... Ahem...

Oh sigh. Fashion. Once you get into it, it's more than just clothes, you know? It's wearable art, a form of self-expression. People who live a comfortable life have more time and space to take care of more trivial needs while people in Africa are too busy starving and trying to get enough for the next meal.

Those who don't have to worry about survival, worry about looking good instead.

My favourite quote.
Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.
Dress up, dress up! :D

Lastly, ZOMG I found the guy who is just my type ZOMG@W!@W. He's a model from Spain. Jon Kartojarena. Apparently Kartojarena is pronounced as Kartoharena. Like Jose is pronounced Hose. Oh, Spanish.

Back to how hot is he, wow, I had to force Sim Kuan to google him to share his awesomeness. His thick eyebrows, piercing stare, defined jawline... oh la la. HAHAHAHAH. Okay okay chill. I remeber there was one guy who had the same look as him from Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

I actually forgot his name... :( Okay who cares I found another eye candy.

That's it, ciao to the miao. ;)

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