Thursday, 28 July 2011

It died.

As usual, I had driving lessons today. By now I've gotten quite used to my driving instructor's scoldings that it has become like... normal talking. It doesn't affect me anymore.

So I was driving to the driving academy from my house, using his car. The engine died a few times (released clutch too fast) and finally, it died in the middle of the road. At this bridge thingy going uphill where there's two lanes.

HAHAHA OMG. That was so dramatic. Had to take out the bricks and stick up a pole to let people know there's a dead car. And then he called the foreman. "My car died in the middle of a two lane road and one of the lane is blocked by my fucking car!".

It took a while, the foreman finally came in his motorbike. Popped up the hood, hot-wired the engine, but na-da. Took a while to find out the culprit. Turns out one of the wire was torn/broken from the battery.

The foreman explained that wires sometimes get torn when they're too old. Like really old. I remember asking the driving instructor how old the car was. "Older than you". Which makes it... around two decades old. The driving instructor kept trying to make me feel guilty. I like the foreman more. He was like, "noooo, too old already will spoil one".

The driving instructor was like, when you make the engine die, the thing will shake and the wire will get loose! At first he was very stressed when that thing died on the road but later that he calmed down. Lolol. Shit. So I missed 2 hours of class(have to pay) but whatever, I'm just nervous for the test. I don't wanna fail and then waste more time, more money. NOOOOO.

So that was the story of getting stuck in the middle of the road for 2 hours with your car dead.

School today was shokay.

HEHEHE. Usually I'm the one who always brings magazines to school. Today Sim Kuan brought her Pop-Teen. Xuan brought her Vivi. I bought my Vogue. LOLOL we all have magazines we specialize in. <3 Three of us are from different classes but come to the same one during Commerce. How fateful. :D

While teacher's teaching, we're salivating over all these:

TROLOLOL. It's fun to read with friends, exchange comments on the fashion, gawp and bitch about the models and compare everything. I'm a magazine hoarder. Again, SELVAN. The magazine store at my second home in The Curve.

HAHAHHA. They sell magazines that are old, but new. Old issues, but never read before. Vogue is about RM18.90 or RM22.90 depending on which region/bla. And the "old issues" (several months back) costs about RM5. So of course I'd rather wait and get four issues for the same price. MUAHAHAHA.

That's bout it.

Till then :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

More driving

Driving lessons! Resumed after 2 weeks break.

Tried to find manual cars for rent but to no avail. Lame. :( Clocked in 6 hours and exam's next Monday. Kok Leong's having the same date and place as mine too. :D

Will be having 4 lessons in a row this week. God bless me I just want to pass and get things over with. Tried parking and three-point turn. Headache. Can die. I feel like I take a long time to catch up when it comes to driving.

Also, I missed school. Because I forgot to set my alarm. I woke up in between but feel asleep. Until like 3 o clock. But unfortunately sleep a lot doesn't guarantee restfulness. Not more, not less!

And I think.. some days I have to be totally like a pig. Some days I can be like a superwoman. Like half-dead or out of this world energy bar levels.

All or nothing, baby. That's how life goes.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Party by the pool

Xian Jiong party. ALOLOLO.

I love SSB. So many students who love throwing parties. And lookit, the worse thing that could happen while you're at a party is not doing something embarassing, it's people not remembering that you went at all.

The point of the party... was to push people into the pool. :D

It was at SD club's lower pool. I just followed the music to find it. King Jiat was the deejay of the day. Talk talk talk, yak yak yak. Pinpointed people to get thrown into the water. Ding got stripped. Everyone attacked him in the pool. "Dragon coming out!". HAHAHAHA.

I got pushed in 10 friggin' times by Ping Kuang. He kept his ass on the chair by the sidelines. The sidelines is the danger zone, if you linger there you're halfway on your way to getting dunked. Sim Kuan got dunked into the pool along with her chair.

Push people or get pushed. :D Getting pushed is fun... when you turn the tables around and drag the perpetrator into the water with you. But being a girl, less muscle, have to wait for the element of surpise. MUAHAHAHA.

A few got swung into the pool. They grab your hands and legs and swing you in. I got swung in twice. When somebody tries to push you and you stick your ass to the floor hoping gravity will help you and they decide to grab your limbs and go. Wth.

But it was fun. :) Xian Jiong's mum was very friendly. Um. A few people got injured. Whoopsie! Minor bruises and cuts I think. Keanu's handphone died in the water. Nazri and Fikri came when the party was ending. AHHAHAA sad, sad.

Pictures from Kwok Shien's camera. I couldn't resist editing it.

.... TA-DA!

Photoscape power. Alololo. In the afternoon I went to The Curve with Sim Kuan for bikini hunting. Saw some nice ones at Mad Wave but some were out of sizes and expensive. So we came home empty-handed. Bought Xian Jiong's present. Because he bought me something for my birthday. Hahahaha. Guys usually don't care about presents that much. When you invite girls to a party they'll mostly bring presents. Bought present for Jin Fye too. Belated one!

But it was alright, in the end no girls were in bikini. I mean they have but it's under a layer of shirt so it doesn't count. Ahahaha. I don't mind wearing bikini but when you're the only one it doesn't look so... modest. Still young and not saggy yet, better wear while you can. HAHAHAH. But it feels a bit like wearing as much clothe as being in your underwear.

The guys mostly have flat stomachs. Good! Most of them do gym. I wonder if they will become pot-bellied in their forties... It's a mark of true Malaysians. AAHAHHAHA.

I was a bit tipsy because I have a bullsheet alcohol tolerance. I only drank like... one pint of beer. Kept laughing. That was when I was back home. Luckily Sim Kuan was in the room. Otherwise my parents would wonder why I was laughing like a idiot.


Monday, 18 July 2011

Hari Anugerah

Last Sunday was Hari Anugerah. I love any excuse to dress up.

This would probably be the second last one I'm going, but it's still special because it's the last I can go while still a student. Time goes chop, chop, chop! The only other one I've attended was when in Form 1. Sat with a bunch of strangers.

HAHAHHA. At least it's different this time. Fast-forward 4 years later.

Everyone dressed up to the nines, looking gorgeous. With girls, dressing up makes a huge difference. I realised that I don't have energy if I don't dress up. It's not as simple as getting enough sleep or washing my face. When I'm at home, I just slump around.

You can be whatever you want, if you dress the part.

Guys have less stuff to tweek, so they need to be "not bad" to begin with. :D Girls can do total transformation with clothes, make up, heels and a confident smile. Almost any girl... can be pretty. :D

Sim Kuan was the designated driver of the day. She brought me out often <3 oh dahling. When I get my license, it will be my turn to be the ah mat. We planned to turn up at 10. The thing was supposed to start at 9.

And then we realised it might be too late. But when we arrive I was like, "11 o clock arrive also can...". The starting was the speech and stuff. The teachers actually guard the doors so that you can't go out when Jiak Chuan is speaking. Go toilet also cannot.

A lot of camwhoring. Especially the Form Fives. Last year and stuff, can act nostalgic now. :) Hehehe. Took the above picture with self-timer. Placed the camera on some random lamp table. Oh la la we're that desperate.

Or narcissistic. I dunno. I can't pass by a mirror without glancing at it. Reflective stuff attracts me, it's like I have a radar for it. True when once someone said, if you want to find Karen, just look for mirrors.

Usually if we're shopping and I drifted off I'd probably be in front of a mirror. ALOLOLO. Shhhhh.

The performance was called "Choices.. The Musical". Like woah it exceeded my expectations. I thought it was going to be a performance that I have to bear through. But it was enjoyable.

Raimi the teacher. She did a great job putting in emotions. Wendy the sampat-ish girl in a love triangle. Desmond the gangster.

Very quickly it was over. People went out and take pictures, didn't even bother finishing the food. Wasteful! Whenever that happens, I just wish I can teleport the food to some starving pit in Africa or something.

Next, we went to Siet Yen's karaoke. The room was so snazzy. Lights everywhere. Above was when we were about to go. Dancing some thingy poorly imitating Jin Fye. HAHAHAH.

I used to dislike karaoke. I didn't have to feel for it. BAM, now, phewwt, call me for karaoke! HEHEHEHHE. Sang sang sang. Taylor swift songs for Sim Kuan. High-pitched songs for Siet Yen. Sentimental oldies for Jun Wen.

Theng Loo shouts. He never sings. Whenever he got close to the mike, people asked him to shut up. Including me. HAHAHHA sorry sorry. But really potong steam. xD

And then. Almost at night. Went to 1U for Thank God It's Friday. Although it's a Sunday. What a selective name. To celebrate Jin Fye's birthday!

It's his real birthday today. HOHOHO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

TGIF's crew are like, taught to celebrate birthdays. Like Bubba Gump and Tony Romas. He had to stand on the chair and sing. Alololo stress.

Jun Wen wanted to have a cocktail but the person asked for I.D. 21 years. == Good also, it means we're too young. Youth is a precious, exclusive thing. But so is the other phases of life. THEY ARE ALL PRECIOUS.

So she ordered another drink, it came with a cherry. Thought of the Gossip Girl where the dancer in Chuck's Burlesque club knotted a cherry stem. You eat the cherry off and leave the steam. And knot the stem using just your mouth/tongue.

If you can do it, it means you're a good kisser. HAHAHAHAH. And then we ordered a plate of cherry. And another. All of us could do it, just takes time. Except for one person. But better don't say, later no reputation. HAHAHAHAH.


Balik kampung. ;P

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ikea and more driving lessons

Went to Ikea after school yesterday with Sim Kuan and Qi Yao. I used to think going out after school was cooler. More spontaneity. And then I realised it was tiring. -.-

Maybe because of the driving lessons in between. More on that little bugger later. Might be a bit vulgar today, because that's a part of how my mood is. 'Scuse mua. :)

Actually we were supposed to watch movies. But nothing interesting ON. Ate at the Ikea cafeteria. And then walked around Ikea... Took out my camera and then it became a full-blown photoshoot. :)

Lol, I didn't know Qi Yao can pose so sampat-ly. Sat on the toilet bowl and pretended to look constipated. Ikea is awesome for posing. So many different settings and themes and backgrounds MUAHAHAHA.

Pretended to cook in kitchen, played with the kid's toys. And we had to click the shutter fast to avoid the Ikea workers. They were all in yellow shirts. The keyword we used to alert each other- BERSIH! I like doing things furtively. It's... thrilling. :D

Basically... we camwhored around the whole Ikea.

Until the huge store at the check-out where they keep their flat-pack furniture. Which also reminds me, I have to buy the bed skeleton. It broked when I jumped on the bed. WTH, cheapskate! It was from Ikea. Or maybe I was too rough. :/

People keep saying that I'm acting rough. I think it's quite true. For now. Hey, hard lah okay. So many guys in my class. I'm the type of person who morphs into the people I hang out with. I can't help it... a person's personality and antics rubs off on me the closer I am to them.

And then there are different sides of "ME". I think everyone has that. One of the example is "Sampat" side. This is where I am uncouth, crude, shameless, spontaneous, daring, funny. And crude. It comes out often when taking pictures. You're supposed to act pretty but I end up doing some oddball goofy thing.

Some of the more normal ones :D :

Today was driving lesson and I came home pissed.

My driving instructor criticizes more than he teaches. How am I supposed to learn when he gets mad at the slightest mistake and uses a derogatory tone to correct me? His way of talking is always arrogant and sarcastic.

Instead of listening to the instructions, all you can hear is the veiled frustrations and insults. My piano teacher is way better. He should learn from her. WTF. No patience at all. I've been driving for 3 hours and you expect me to drive like I've been driving for 3 months.

I asked him if it was time to change gears. You're supposed to listen to the engine sound. I wasn't sure, so I asked him. His answer was: "Listen lah, cannot tell issit?". WTF. I can tell then I wouldn't have to ask you in the first place. So I gave up asking me and then he said I changed gears too fast. Seriously mindfuck.

You know what he was doing beside me? Glancing at some fb girl's pics and playing ringtones. Seriously? You came to work or to play?

And then asked for friend's opinions. Sim Kuan gave some helpful advice. That they aren't supposed to have such an attitude and you can change instructors without extra charge. So yes, I am going to chuck him away. Bye bye you pissy piece of pork. Good luck finding someone who can put up with you. :)

No, didn't think I can pass with a teacher whom I loathe. Yucks. Calm, calm. I actually felt luckier when I asked Shao Yang how HIS driving instructor was like... HHAHAHAHA. His scolded bad words and held a "tiang"... ahem.... OKOK confidential.

But I will tolerate all this. Because being able to drive is important. Though on my part I can say that I have less "road sense" and I'm not always alert. I try to be, but I still miss out things. That's why deep down I'm scared to drive. I feel like accidents are inevitable.

Sorry if I might fetch you one day and you heard this. I pray lah. I will buy a car which is a bright colour and if I can, I will stick P stickers all over as a sign of warning. And then keep on driving and driving until I get the hang of it.

I admire my dad's driving. So slick and smooth. And the fact is, guys do drive better than girls. It's an innate instinct, a natural advantage along with better spatial thinking and such. But, God is fair! Girls are better in communication and words.

School today was funny. The guys in my class all naughty monkeys. Played around with a holey bottle to spray people. Of course, some people got mad. If you wanna be in Science 2, you gotta be able to put up with jokes. And Wei Kien's bag got hidden. He had to jump into what used to be the flower pot holders thingy.

And then someone said he can go NS for having good jumping skills. Teacher asked who was going NS. Shao Yang. And then he replied, "Saya tak ada pergi, sudah RASHURRRR". HAHAHAHAA.

The funny thing was that he said it very loudly and confidently and he has a penchant for teasing people and making their heart race. So everyone took the chance to tease him back. Damn, when karma hits you in the face, hide yourself.

Shao Yang quickly went home. HAHAHAHAH.

That's about it. TATAS!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Driving lesson

Okay this photo wasn't taken *recently*. Grabbed whatever pic I have of me and a car. Relevant enough. :)

Got behind the wheels for the first time. You have to be... alert. And I'm laidback like a Snorlax. The driving instructor almost lost his marbles. He can get be sarcastic when correcting me. "Xiu jie, lei sai mm sai gam dai lik ah???". (Young lady, do you have to be so rough?) It's the... prickly intonation.

I slammed the pedals down at first because I was used to piano pedals (where you go all the way with the damper pedal). If it's Auto then I'd go ZOOM & BANG. SAYONARA.

Spent like an hour explaining the basics before starting. Knew nothing at all. CLUELESS. While explaining, the car was parked beside a playground. There were some dude skateboarding there. And an ang moh. In Menjalara. LOLOL. Distractions, distractions. One of them smoked.

And then drove 3 rounds around the neighbourhood. I have a feeling I will get into a car crash soon. Before anything happens, I'd like to say that family and friends, I love you all. Sorry for never showing it enough and sorry if I have offended you in the past. Loves.

It's just that I'm too laidback for driving. I like to daydream while being driven and roll around in the car. Sigh. So princess. But I'll learn. Hohoho. Supposed to be 3 lessons in a row this week but tomorrow's postponed. It's not tiring eventhough it's after school. Surprisingly.

But driving is quite fun. Like adding wings and gaining freedom. I think even when all of my friends know how to drive, I'd make them carpool rather than *meet there*. WTH. MEETING THERE IS NOT FUN. Not cosy enough. Not friendly enough. Must dump everyone in one car. That's the nice feeling. :)

AND. I want a Myvi. <3 People look down on local, economical car but I love it. Save money, save money. Full tank would be like RM60. Mercedes is a blood and vomit-inducing RM150 plus. YOU THINK I WANT TO SPEND TWO-THIRDS MORE?!!!! Pokai having such a high-maintenance car. Insurance also expensive, car service also expensive. Be cheapskate a bit, best loh.


Plus I don't want to use my dad's money to get my dream car. I can, but what's the point? My dream car is supposed to be a little unattainable. I want to use my own money, and really call it *MINEEEE*.

Everyone is fretting whether they got picked (or not) for National Service. Google PLKN and use their website to find out. BUT... ONE BIG BUT first.

You can only access the website with due patience and hardwork. Training starts before you're even chosen. Classmates sit in front of their computers and refresh like an hour with an army of tabs.

I gave up and asked Guat Tyng to check...
Maaf! Anda tidak terpilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri 9/2012. Terima kasih.
My life is complete. Thank you. HAHAHHA.

But... I'm still not completely safe yet. I've heard stories of people who weren't picked when they checked the first time but hit the lottery the second time. ==

Now "Tahniah" is going to be the most dreaded word. Tahniah, kamu dipilih! LOLOL. Today at school people asked Shao Yang to check. His handphone freakin' dangerous. 80% will get congratulated.

Ding, Ping Kuang and Theng Loo hit jackpot. Vincent didn't. Checked using SMS. Send PLKN SEMAK IC NO to 15888.

But for those who have gotten the lottery, you might as well enjoy it. I mean, do you want to sulk there or at least try to take the experience and enjoy it? A few might start to plot and scheme in a bid to escape NS now. Write a letter, get an MC. Hmm.

And oh yeah forgot to promote my twitter :D:
Bird Bird


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Girls Night Out

Girls day out turned girls night out. It was supposed to be some casual shopping after school but turned to a sleepover.

Li Chen wanted to get her Hari Anugerah dress while I wanted to check out some swimsuits.

This is me modelling one of the swimsuits I randomly found in 1U.

Sim Kuan was the driver of the day. <3 I'm going to start driving lessons next week. TRALALALA, FINALLY! Clueless of what to eat at first. Li Chen suggested all the fast food! Carls Jr Waffle World... She's like Qi Yao, doesn't like Japanese cuisine. LIKE WHAT!!! HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LIKE JAPANESE FOOD?!?!?!

Ended up eating brunch at Subway before shopping. We had a good view, opposite it was Petsmore. The floor outside the entrance was a trap. Floor had extra gravity plus little friction so little kids who come out excitedly of the shop after seeing puppies come out BAM! on the floor. Saw two kids "attacked" the floor. Snigger, snigger.

Most of the time 3 of us squeezed in one cubicle to check each other's outfits. It's a girly thing. :)
I try a lot of clothes but I only buy them when I feel that "something" when wearing it. Like it belongs to me. Ahhhh.

This is the Jaspal bag I used.

And some Charles & Keith shoes. An Esprit coat if I'm not mistaken. Burberry skirt which was pretty exy but hey I've had it since... Form 1.

Dresses are fun. Cocktail dresses. Red carpet dresses. They're formal and you feel like a princess in them MUAHAHAHA. Sim Kuan has a shitload of dresses.

Next we went to Sunway Giza because around there were a lot of boutiques around there. MUAHAHAH found a really cheap dress.

And then the terror. Going home. We thought the Bersih thing would affect us TOMORROW. The traffic jam was an armageddon happening. So this Bersih thing.

I first saw it on Facebook, on Vincent's profile picture. A badge showing he was a supporter. And then next day at school they say it was to protest rigging during elections. And they were supposed to hold a rally on the streets, but Mister Najib wanted them to go to a stadium which is, well, safer for everyone.

I don't blame Bersih for the jam. I dunno. I think it's good that people are fighting for something. There's just roadblocks everywhere, checking for any Bersih supporters lurking. I don't think people will dare to wear yellow shirts now.

So the traffic jam was freaking 4 hours long. It was crawling so slow that you'd reach the destination faster if you were to get out of the car and start walking. Was suprised Sim Kuan wasn't grumpy because she usually is when there's traffic jams. ALOLOL.

We chitchat and prank called people. It wasn't that bad because we had friends. Hehehohoho. AND! I dunno why but the dudes in lorries and trucks are always the lewd ones. They like to give you the stare. It's like they're too bored on their shift or something.

Somemore all girls in the car. This is where it's good to have a guy. :) Gentlemen knows how to take care of a girl. I like that.

If I was stuck in a traffic jam I've turn on the radio or call someone. I don't think I'd bother enough to get pissed (unless I need to meet someone or whatever) because I'm a sucky timekeeper.

So... :)

We ended up crashing over at Sim Kuan's condo because if she had to fetch me home it would be as late as freaking 2 in the morning. Sim Kuan might get back home at like, 3 or 4. WTF.

So we schemed to make our parents let us sleepover. Li Chen brought some "lo bak gou" which was the best I've ever tasted. Ahhh.~ Right food at the right time. Shared a bowl of Tomyam Maggie and egg. And then knock out!

What a day. ;)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Skipped school and went to The Curve yesterday with Sim Kuan. Watched Transformers. Sigh. So good that Sim Kuan can drive now. I want to fly. I like hearing Sim Kuan sing when she's driving. It's like having a live radio.

Ate at Ikea cafeteria. And then went to Desa Park City. I "broke" one of their dresses. The strap snapped... Butterfingers. But hey, it was hanging by the thread, literally!

Camp camp over the weekend! It was like... very get down to the basics.

The place is deep inside the "jungle". No line. No connection. Glad I didn't bring my handphone or else I'd be worry and have to babysit it. We had to sit in a four by four because the bus was too big for the little road.

"Mai chu chai". You know? Load a lot of people on top of the four wheel drive/lorry. Passed by a mini cemetery. Eeee. There was a nightwalk until like 1 in the morning. It was fun in a way. Then there is the thing of mismatching numbers, like having 73 people in the beginning but you count one extra at the end.

It could be something supernatural but most probably it's human error... And it's easy to see "things" during that time because everything is dark and you're scared and it's easy to mistake things when you're scared. We walked in pairs, hand in hand. The thing that made it scary was the darkness of it.

The place was by the river and after you cross in you're in Pahang. So you can go back and forth in Pahang for hundred times if you feel like it. There were a lot of games with ropes involved, teamwork and blah.

I don't remember much to write. Second day was fun. Wash chicken by the river, water tubing and made fire and shelter. Paintball. Dylan was the one who knew the most shit on how to make a fire bla, use twigs which can snap and use base.

I'm glad I went.