Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Skipped school and went to The Curve yesterday with Sim Kuan. Watched Transformers. Sigh. So good that Sim Kuan can drive now. I want to fly. I like hearing Sim Kuan sing when she's driving. It's like having a live radio.

Ate at Ikea cafeteria. And then went to Desa Park City. I "broke" one of their dresses. The strap snapped... Butterfingers. But hey, it was hanging by the thread, literally!

Camp camp over the weekend! It was like... very get down to the basics.

The place is deep inside the "jungle". No line. No connection. Glad I didn't bring my handphone or else I'd be worry and have to babysit it. We had to sit in a four by four because the bus was too big for the little road.

"Mai chu chai". You know? Load a lot of people on top of the four wheel drive/lorry. Passed by a mini cemetery. Eeee. There was a nightwalk until like 1 in the morning. It was fun in a way. Then there is the thing of mismatching numbers, like having 73 people in the beginning but you count one extra at the end.

It could be something supernatural but most probably it's human error... And it's easy to see "things" during that time because everything is dark and you're scared and it's easy to mistake things when you're scared. We walked in pairs, hand in hand. The thing that made it scary was the darkness of it.

The place was by the river and after you cross in you're in Pahang. So you can go back and forth in Pahang for hundred times if you feel like it. There were a lot of games with ropes involved, teamwork and blah.

I don't remember much to write. Second day was fun. Wash chicken by the river, water tubing and made fire and shelter. Paintball. Dylan was the one who knew the most shit on how to make a fire bla, use twigs which can snap and use base.

I'm glad I went.

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