Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Driving lesson

Okay this photo wasn't taken *recently*. Grabbed whatever pic I have of me and a car. Relevant enough. :)

Got behind the wheels for the first time. You have to be... alert. And I'm laidback like a Snorlax. The driving instructor almost lost his marbles. He can get be sarcastic when correcting me. "Xiu jie, lei sai mm sai gam dai lik ah???". (Young lady, do you have to be so rough?) It's the... prickly intonation.

I slammed the pedals down at first because I was used to piano pedals (where you go all the way with the damper pedal). If it's Auto then I'd go ZOOM & BANG. SAYONARA.

Spent like an hour explaining the basics before starting. Knew nothing at all. CLUELESS. While explaining, the car was parked beside a playground. There were some dude skateboarding there. And an ang moh. In Menjalara. LOLOL. Distractions, distractions. One of them smoked.

And then drove 3 rounds around the neighbourhood. I have a feeling I will get into a car crash soon. Before anything happens, I'd like to say that family and friends, I love you all. Sorry for never showing it enough and sorry if I have offended you in the past. Loves.

It's just that I'm too laidback for driving. I like to daydream while being driven and roll around in the car. Sigh. So princess. But I'll learn. Hohoho. Supposed to be 3 lessons in a row this week but tomorrow's postponed. It's not tiring eventhough it's after school. Surprisingly.

But driving is quite fun. Like adding wings and gaining freedom. I think even when all of my friends know how to drive, I'd make them carpool rather than *meet there*. WTH. MEETING THERE IS NOT FUN. Not cosy enough. Not friendly enough. Must dump everyone in one car. That's the nice feeling. :)

AND. I want a Myvi. <3 People look down on local, economical car but I love it. Save money, save money. Full tank would be like RM60. Mercedes is a blood and vomit-inducing RM150 plus. YOU THINK I WANT TO SPEND TWO-THIRDS MORE?!!!! Pokai having such a high-maintenance car. Insurance also expensive, car service also expensive. Be cheapskate a bit, best loh.


Plus I don't want to use my dad's money to get my dream car. I can, but what's the point? My dream car is supposed to be a little unattainable. I want to use my own money, and really call it *MINEEEE*.

Everyone is fretting whether they got picked (or not) for National Service. Google PLKN and use their website to find out. BUT... ONE BIG BUT first.

You can only access the website with due patience and hardwork. Training starts before you're even chosen. Classmates sit in front of their computers and refresh like an hour with an army of tabs.

I gave up and asked Guat Tyng to check...
Maaf! Anda tidak terpilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri 9/2012. Terima kasih.
My life is complete. Thank you. HAHAHHA.

But... I'm still not completely safe yet. I've heard stories of people who weren't picked when they checked the first time but hit the lottery the second time. ==

Now "Tahniah" is going to be the most dreaded word. Tahniah, kamu dipilih! LOLOL. Today at school people asked Shao Yang to check. His handphone freakin' dangerous. 80% will get congratulated.

Ding, Ping Kuang and Theng Loo hit jackpot. Vincent didn't. Checked using SMS. Send PLKN SEMAK IC NO to 15888.

But for those who have gotten the lottery, you might as well enjoy it. I mean, do you want to sulk there or at least try to take the experience and enjoy it? A few might start to plot and scheme in a bid to escape NS now. Write a letter, get an MC. Hmm.

And oh yeah forgot to promote my twitter :D:
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