Saturday, 9 July 2011

Girls Night Out

Girls day out turned girls night out. It was supposed to be some casual shopping after school but turned to a sleepover.

Li Chen wanted to get her Hari Anugerah dress while I wanted to check out some swimsuits.

This is me modelling one of the swimsuits I randomly found in 1U.

Sim Kuan was the driver of the day. <3 I'm going to start driving lessons next week. TRALALALA, FINALLY! Clueless of what to eat at first. Li Chen suggested all the fast food! Carls Jr Waffle World... She's like Qi Yao, doesn't like Japanese cuisine. LIKE WHAT!!! HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LIKE JAPANESE FOOD?!?!?!

Ended up eating brunch at Subway before shopping. We had a good view, opposite it was Petsmore. The floor outside the entrance was a trap. Floor had extra gravity plus little friction so little kids who come out excitedly of the shop after seeing puppies come out BAM! on the floor. Saw two kids "attacked" the floor. Snigger, snigger.

Most of the time 3 of us squeezed in one cubicle to check each other's outfits. It's a girly thing. :)
I try a lot of clothes but I only buy them when I feel that "something" when wearing it. Like it belongs to me. Ahhhh.

This is the Jaspal bag I used.

And some Charles & Keith shoes. An Esprit coat if I'm not mistaken. Burberry skirt which was pretty exy but hey I've had it since... Form 1.

Dresses are fun. Cocktail dresses. Red carpet dresses. They're formal and you feel like a princess in them MUAHAHAHA. Sim Kuan has a shitload of dresses.

Next we went to Sunway Giza because around there were a lot of boutiques around there. MUAHAHAH found a really cheap dress.

And then the terror. Going home. We thought the Bersih thing would affect us TOMORROW. The traffic jam was an armageddon happening. So this Bersih thing.

I first saw it on Facebook, on Vincent's profile picture. A badge showing he was a supporter. And then next day at school they say it was to protest rigging during elections. And they were supposed to hold a rally on the streets, but Mister Najib wanted them to go to a stadium which is, well, safer for everyone.

I don't blame Bersih for the jam. I dunno. I think it's good that people are fighting for something. There's just roadblocks everywhere, checking for any Bersih supporters lurking. I don't think people will dare to wear yellow shirts now.

So the traffic jam was freaking 4 hours long. It was crawling so slow that you'd reach the destination faster if you were to get out of the car and start walking. Was suprised Sim Kuan wasn't grumpy because she usually is when there's traffic jams. ALOLOL.

We chitchat and prank called people. It wasn't that bad because we had friends. Hehehohoho. AND! I dunno why but the dudes in lorries and trucks are always the lewd ones. They like to give you the stare. It's like they're too bored on their shift or something.

Somemore all girls in the car. This is where it's good to have a guy. :) Gentlemen knows how to take care of a girl. I like that.

If I was stuck in a traffic jam I've turn on the radio or call someone. I don't think I'd bother enough to get pissed (unless I need to meet someone or whatever) because I'm a sucky timekeeper.

So... :)

We ended up crashing over at Sim Kuan's condo because if she had to fetch me home it would be as late as freaking 2 in the morning. Sim Kuan might get back home at like, 3 or 4. WTF.

So we schemed to make our parents let us sleepover. Li Chen brought some "lo bak gou" which was the best I've ever tasted. Ahhh.~ Right food at the right time. Shared a bowl of Tomyam Maggie and egg. And then knock out!

What a day. ;)

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