Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ikea and more driving lessons

Went to Ikea after school yesterday with Sim Kuan and Qi Yao. I used to think going out after school was cooler. More spontaneity. And then I realised it was tiring. -.-

Maybe because of the driving lessons in between. More on that little bugger later. Might be a bit vulgar today, because that's a part of how my mood is. 'Scuse mua. :)

Actually we were supposed to watch movies. But nothing interesting ON. Ate at the Ikea cafeteria. And then walked around Ikea... Took out my camera and then it became a full-blown photoshoot. :)

Lol, I didn't know Qi Yao can pose so sampat-ly. Sat on the toilet bowl and pretended to look constipated. Ikea is awesome for posing. So many different settings and themes and backgrounds MUAHAHAHA.

Pretended to cook in kitchen, played with the kid's toys. And we had to click the shutter fast to avoid the Ikea workers. They were all in yellow shirts. The keyword we used to alert each other- BERSIH! I like doing things furtively. It's... thrilling. :D

Basically... we camwhored around the whole Ikea.

Until the huge store at the check-out where they keep their flat-pack furniture. Which also reminds me, I have to buy the bed skeleton. It broked when I jumped on the bed. WTH, cheapskate! It was from Ikea. Or maybe I was too rough. :/

People keep saying that I'm acting rough. I think it's quite true. For now. Hey, hard lah okay. So many guys in my class. I'm the type of person who morphs into the people I hang out with. I can't help it... a person's personality and antics rubs off on me the closer I am to them.

And then there are different sides of "ME". I think everyone has that. One of the example is "Sampat" side. This is where I am uncouth, crude, shameless, spontaneous, daring, funny. And crude. It comes out often when taking pictures. You're supposed to act pretty but I end up doing some oddball goofy thing.

Some of the more normal ones :D :

Today was driving lesson and I came home pissed.

My driving instructor criticizes more than he teaches. How am I supposed to learn when he gets mad at the slightest mistake and uses a derogatory tone to correct me? His way of talking is always arrogant and sarcastic.

Instead of listening to the instructions, all you can hear is the veiled frustrations and insults. My piano teacher is way better. He should learn from her. WTF. No patience at all. I've been driving for 3 hours and you expect me to drive like I've been driving for 3 months.

I asked him if it was time to change gears. You're supposed to listen to the engine sound. I wasn't sure, so I asked him. His answer was: "Listen lah, cannot tell issit?". WTF. I can tell then I wouldn't have to ask you in the first place. So I gave up asking me and then he said I changed gears too fast. Seriously mindfuck.

You know what he was doing beside me? Glancing at some fb girl's pics and playing ringtones. Seriously? You came to work or to play?

And then asked for friend's opinions. Sim Kuan gave some helpful advice. That they aren't supposed to have such an attitude and you can change instructors without extra charge. So yes, I am going to chuck him away. Bye bye you pissy piece of pork. Good luck finding someone who can put up with you. :)

No, didn't think I can pass with a teacher whom I loathe. Yucks. Calm, calm. I actually felt luckier when I asked Shao Yang how HIS driving instructor was like... HHAHAHAHA. His scolded bad words and held a "tiang"... ahem.... OKOK confidential.

But I will tolerate all this. Because being able to drive is important. Though on my part I can say that I have less "road sense" and I'm not always alert. I try to be, but I still miss out things. That's why deep down I'm scared to drive. I feel like accidents are inevitable.

Sorry if I might fetch you one day and you heard this. I pray lah. I will buy a car which is a bright colour and if I can, I will stick P stickers all over as a sign of warning. And then keep on driving and driving until I get the hang of it.

I admire my dad's driving. So slick and smooth. And the fact is, guys do drive better than girls. It's an innate instinct, a natural advantage along with better spatial thinking and such. But, God is fair! Girls are better in communication and words.

School today was funny. The guys in my class all naughty monkeys. Played around with a holey bottle to spray people. Of course, some people got mad. If you wanna be in Science 2, you gotta be able to put up with jokes. And Wei Kien's bag got hidden. He had to jump into what used to be the flower pot holders thingy.

And then someone said he can go NS for having good jumping skills. Teacher asked who was going NS. Shao Yang. And then he replied, "Saya tak ada pergi, sudah RASHURRRR". HAHAHAHAA.

The funny thing was that he said it very loudly and confidently and he has a penchant for teasing people and making their heart race. So everyone took the chance to tease him back. Damn, when karma hits you in the face, hide yourself.

Shao Yang quickly went home. HAHAHAHAH.

That's about it. TATAS!

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