Thursday, 28 July 2011

It died.

As usual, I had driving lessons today. By now I've gotten quite used to my driving instructor's scoldings that it has become like... normal talking. It doesn't affect me anymore.

So I was driving to the driving academy from my house, using his car. The engine died a few times (released clutch too fast) and finally, it died in the middle of the road. At this bridge thingy going uphill where there's two lanes.

HAHAHA OMG. That was so dramatic. Had to take out the bricks and stick up a pole to let people know there's a dead car. And then he called the foreman. "My car died in the middle of a two lane road and one of the lane is blocked by my fucking car!".

It took a while, the foreman finally came in his motorbike. Popped up the hood, hot-wired the engine, but na-da. Took a while to find out the culprit. Turns out one of the wire was torn/broken from the battery.

The foreman explained that wires sometimes get torn when they're too old. Like really old. I remember asking the driving instructor how old the car was. "Older than you". Which makes it... around two decades old. The driving instructor kept trying to make me feel guilty. I like the foreman more. He was like, "noooo, too old already will spoil one".

The driving instructor was like, when you make the engine die, the thing will shake and the wire will get loose! At first he was very stressed when that thing died on the road but later that he calmed down. Lolol. Shit. So I missed 2 hours of class(have to pay) but whatever, I'm just nervous for the test. I don't wanna fail and then waste more time, more money. NOOOOO.

So that was the story of getting stuck in the middle of the road for 2 hours with your car dead.

School today was shokay.

HEHEHE. Usually I'm the one who always brings magazines to school. Today Sim Kuan brought her Pop-Teen. Xuan brought her Vivi. I bought my Vogue. LOLOL we all have magazines we specialize in. <3 Three of us are from different classes but come to the same one during Commerce. How fateful. :D

While teacher's teaching, we're salivating over all these:

TROLOLOL. It's fun to read with friends, exchange comments on the fashion, gawp and bitch about the models and compare everything. I'm a magazine hoarder. Again, SELVAN. The magazine store at my second home in The Curve.

HAHAHHA. They sell magazines that are old, but new. Old issues, but never read before. Vogue is about RM18.90 or RM22.90 depending on which region/bla. And the "old issues" (several months back) costs about RM5. So of course I'd rather wait and get four issues for the same price. MUAHAHAHA.

That's bout it.

Till then :)

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