Monday, 18 July 2011

Hari Anugerah

Last Sunday was Hari Anugerah. I love any excuse to dress up.

This would probably be the second last one I'm going, but it's still special because it's the last I can go while still a student. Time goes chop, chop, chop! The only other one I've attended was when in Form 1. Sat with a bunch of strangers.

HAHAHHA. At least it's different this time. Fast-forward 4 years later.

Everyone dressed up to the nines, looking gorgeous. With girls, dressing up makes a huge difference. I realised that I don't have energy if I don't dress up. It's not as simple as getting enough sleep or washing my face. When I'm at home, I just slump around.

You can be whatever you want, if you dress the part.

Guys have less stuff to tweek, so they need to be "not bad" to begin with. :D Girls can do total transformation with clothes, make up, heels and a confident smile. Almost any girl... can be pretty. :D

Sim Kuan was the designated driver of the day. She brought me out often <3 oh dahling. When I get my license, it will be my turn to be the ah mat. We planned to turn up at 10. The thing was supposed to start at 9.

And then we realised it might be too late. But when we arrive I was like, "11 o clock arrive also can...". The starting was the speech and stuff. The teachers actually guard the doors so that you can't go out when Jiak Chuan is speaking. Go toilet also cannot.

A lot of camwhoring. Especially the Form Fives. Last year and stuff, can act nostalgic now. :) Hehehe. Took the above picture with self-timer. Placed the camera on some random lamp table. Oh la la we're that desperate.

Or narcissistic. I dunno. I can't pass by a mirror without glancing at it. Reflective stuff attracts me, it's like I have a radar for it. True when once someone said, if you want to find Karen, just look for mirrors.

Usually if we're shopping and I drifted off I'd probably be in front of a mirror. ALOLOLO. Shhhhh.

The performance was called "Choices.. The Musical". Like woah it exceeded my expectations. I thought it was going to be a performance that I have to bear through. But it was enjoyable.

Raimi the teacher. She did a great job putting in emotions. Wendy the sampat-ish girl in a love triangle. Desmond the gangster.

Very quickly it was over. People went out and take pictures, didn't even bother finishing the food. Wasteful! Whenever that happens, I just wish I can teleport the food to some starving pit in Africa or something.

Next, we went to Siet Yen's karaoke. The room was so snazzy. Lights everywhere. Above was when we were about to go. Dancing some thingy poorly imitating Jin Fye. HAHAHAH.

I used to dislike karaoke. I didn't have to feel for it. BAM, now, phewwt, call me for karaoke! HEHEHEHHE. Sang sang sang. Taylor swift songs for Sim Kuan. High-pitched songs for Siet Yen. Sentimental oldies for Jun Wen.

Theng Loo shouts. He never sings. Whenever he got close to the mike, people asked him to shut up. Including me. HAHAHHA sorry sorry. But really potong steam. xD

And then. Almost at night. Went to 1U for Thank God It's Friday. Although it's a Sunday. What a selective name. To celebrate Jin Fye's birthday!

It's his real birthday today. HOHOHO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

TGIF's crew are like, taught to celebrate birthdays. Like Bubba Gump and Tony Romas. He had to stand on the chair and sing. Alololo stress.

Jun Wen wanted to have a cocktail but the person asked for I.D. 21 years. == Good also, it means we're too young. Youth is a precious, exclusive thing. But so is the other phases of life. THEY ARE ALL PRECIOUS.

So she ordered another drink, it came with a cherry. Thought of the Gossip Girl where the dancer in Chuck's Burlesque club knotted a cherry stem. You eat the cherry off and leave the steam. And knot the stem using just your mouth/tongue.

If you can do it, it means you're a good kisser. HAHAHAHAH. And then we ordered a plate of cherry. And another. All of us could do it, just takes time. Except for one person. But better don't say, later no reputation. HAHAHAHAH.


Balik kampung. ;P

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