Tuesday, 26 July 2011

More driving

Driving lessons! Resumed after 2 weeks break.

Tried to find manual cars for rent but to no avail. Lame. :( Clocked in 6 hours and exam's next Monday. Kok Leong's having the same date and place as mine too. :D

Will be having 4 lessons in a row this week. God bless me I just want to pass and get things over with. Tried parking and three-point turn. Headache. Can die. I feel like I take a long time to catch up when it comes to driving.

Also, I missed school. Because I forgot to set my alarm. I woke up in between but feel asleep. Until like 3 o clock. But unfortunately sleep a lot doesn't guarantee restfulness. Not more, not less!

And I think.. some days I have to be totally like a pig. Some days I can be like a superwoman. Like half-dead or out of this world energy bar levels.

All or nothing, baby. That's how life goes.

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