Saturday, 23 July 2011

Party by the pool

Xian Jiong party. ALOLOLO.

I love SSB. So many students who love throwing parties. And lookit, the worse thing that could happen while you're at a party is not doing something embarassing, it's people not remembering that you went at all.

The point of the party... was to push people into the pool. :D

It was at SD club's lower pool. I just followed the music to find it. King Jiat was the deejay of the day. Talk talk talk, yak yak yak. Pinpointed people to get thrown into the water. Ding got stripped. Everyone attacked him in the pool. "Dragon coming out!". HAHAHAHA.

I got pushed in 10 friggin' times by Ping Kuang. He kept his ass on the chair by the sidelines. The sidelines is the danger zone, if you linger there you're halfway on your way to getting dunked. Sim Kuan got dunked into the pool along with her chair.

Push people or get pushed. :D Getting pushed is fun... when you turn the tables around and drag the perpetrator into the water with you. But being a girl, less muscle, have to wait for the element of surpise. MUAHAHAHA.

A few got swung into the pool. They grab your hands and legs and swing you in. I got swung in twice. When somebody tries to push you and you stick your ass to the floor hoping gravity will help you and they decide to grab your limbs and go. Wth.

But it was fun. :) Xian Jiong's mum was very friendly. Um. A few people got injured. Whoopsie! Minor bruises and cuts I think. Keanu's handphone died in the water. Nazri and Fikri came when the party was ending. AHHAHAA sad, sad.

Pictures from Kwok Shien's camera. I couldn't resist editing it.

.... TA-DA!

Photoscape power. Alololo. In the afternoon I went to The Curve with Sim Kuan for bikini hunting. Saw some nice ones at Mad Wave but some were out of sizes and expensive. So we came home empty-handed. Bought Xian Jiong's present. Because he bought me something for my birthday. Hahahaha. Guys usually don't care about presents that much. When you invite girls to a party they'll mostly bring presents. Bought present for Jin Fye too. Belated one!

But it was alright, in the end no girls were in bikini. I mean they have but it's under a layer of shirt so it doesn't count. Ahahaha. I don't mind wearing bikini but when you're the only one it doesn't look so... modest. Still young and not saggy yet, better wear while you can. HAHAHAH. But it feels a bit like wearing as much clothe as being in your underwear.

The guys mostly have flat stomachs. Good! Most of them do gym. I wonder if they will become pot-bellied in their forties... It's a mark of true Malaysians. AAHAHHAHA.

I was a bit tipsy because I have a bullsheet alcohol tolerance. I only drank like... one pint of beer. Kept laughing. That was when I was back home. Luckily Sim Kuan was in the room. Otherwise my parents would wonder why I was laughing like a idiot.


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