Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Short update

Hello :)

Updating live from Sydney. HAHAHAH. So far so good, no time to write everything. Post a big ass one when I get back. ;)

The wi-fi here never comes at a free price. I am paranoid of using cellular data now after seeing many >RM50 data roaming charges from Maxis. Or worse, RM200 !@$^!@$. But at least they notify you. ;(

Am now using the hotel's internet kiosk while waiting for the bus to come. :D RM 6 for an hour I think. That's about the cheapest so far. So funny seeing the people beside me type with one finger on each hand. BWAHAHAHHA. Like poking dots. I type #likeaboss. *proudface*

Mmm. Saw penguin parade. Went on a dolphin cruise yesterday. That was really beautiful, seeing the dolphins literally swim beneath your feet. No wait, actually under the boat. LOLOL. Probably the closest I can ever imagine with mermaids. Mermaids popped into my mind because of the Pirate of The Caribbean which I watched on the airplane.

I hate sitting on airplanes. But they get you to places you have to see to believe. And I wish every toilet had leather seats or something because it's freaking cold the minute it comes in contact with your little butt. :(

They say in Australia, there's about 1 chinese for every 10 Australians. But it's more like 3. Maybe because there's more in cities like Melbourne. A lot of eye candies. :)) MUAHAHAH. And the good thing about it is the variety, you know?

Ang mo lang leng chai also got, cina lang leng chai also got. But bugger, I lost my contact lens halfway. No actually the housekeeper threw away one of my contact lens cover and thus the contact lens dried up. =.=

Okay anyways. :) The Australians know the Art of Doing Nothing. Actually most Western people do. In Malaysia people will stare at you crazy if you try to see on a park and close your eyes. "You kena rasuk hantu ah?!". But not here. :D

Rented a bike to cycle around Yarra River. That was nice. I've never cycled in a long time and I've certainly never cycled overseas. Saw a lot of couples canoodling, laying on the grass. I JELLY. AHAHAHAH.

Mostly went I see a patch of grass I feel like gravity automatically increases to pull down. Plank plank plank I go. Plus the grass here is very clean. Or it might be fake. I dunno. AHAHAH. The people here care about conservation and animal rights. A lot. YES. ANIMAL RIGHTS.

And yeah it is colddddd. Quite. But I'm trying to get used to it, before that it's like, feel a little cold, oh no I'm gonna die. Now it's like, "oh windy? that's nice". AND I'M STILL IN SKIRTS. BWAHAHAHA. You can't put me into jeans.

Skirts and leggings, they take you everywhere. No problem. :)) Alright that's about it. Till then! :) Probably after the puke-inducing flight that I have to go through and a short hibernating period to reduce jetlag. AND I HAVEN'T SHOP. CANNOT GO BACK YET!!!


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Time to go?

Would you still be friends with me if I looked like that? Pretty pleaseeee...??

OKLAH FINE.... show you a more decent one.

Brought my Dad's iPad to eat eat with Sim Kuan. iPad is a device which is good for entertainment on-the-go but mostly it's a laziness-inducing device that wastes time. Honestly! Because of all the apps to play with. I'm playing Restaurant Story now. Everytime log in to collect dishes. AHAHHAA! And one more build city one.

Okay talking about cities, Sydney and Melbourne I'm cominggggg. MUAHAHAH. On Friday! HAHAHHA, shitty ungodly, have to wake up at 6am to get to the airport. I really really hate getting forced to wake up before 9.

I know for this holiday Sim Kuan would be going to Beijing and Jin Fye would be going to Thailand.

I tried if I could update blog on iPad. Failure. AHAHAH. Check out my twitter instead. I love travelling, being a tourist. The minute I step out of the airplane I'm going to squeal like a dog out of its cage and snap snap snap photos chi bao bowwww touch everything until it breaks.

Tomorrow, I have to go get some winter clothing right after school. Underestimated the weather. -.- So last minute lolol. I want Zara black aviator-style leather jacket! And some black leggings. Me, forever never wear jeans, forever not my style to wear pants. Cold? Wear skirt with leggings. Done deal.

And have to get camera. Fujifilm. Hohoho. Diana Mini, wait later first lah. Been spending too much lately. :/ But! Vacations are a good time to shop because during that time the holiday mood makes parent's wallet more loose and open-minded! Bwahhaha

Hmm, lomography has a certain charm, it's like looking life through a peephole. When the developed photo comes back it's full of surprises. Candid, spontaneous.

I found the album where I experimented my first lomo cam on Chuckie. It was just my maid and me taking out Chuckie to walk. My God. I remember it was such a routine of my life. Sun setting down? Time to walk Chuckie and Lucian. No more watching Chuckie strut his ass now.

I dunno, they seem to capture the moment more concisely. It's not like digital camera where you take a bunch of photos without much thought knowing you can delete if you don't like.

But of course I still like digital camera. Who knows, I might be the fickle aunty lugging 3 cameras at the same time. One my Samsung digital camera, one fujifilm instax, one lomography camera. AHAHAHHA. But I'd do it, I always bring a camera when I'm going out.

Because photos are precious. Bring us back in time. Create memories to relish when I'm old. But, don't take photos until you forget the point of what you were trying to do.


Monday, 22 August 2011


I am glad that I used to force Chuckie to camwhore with me. Sometimes he's up to it while other times he enjoyed moving the moment I press the shutter. What a sarcastic dog.

Dreaming, dreaming.

Chuckie is so photogenic. My cute little dog. People have been suggesting for me to get a new dog, but I don't think I'm ready yet. Nah. The only one I want now is Chuckie and I don't want to get another dog and take him as Chuckie. That's unfair. :(

If I'm going to get a new dog, I'll make sure that I'm fresh and ready to love a new dog and not using it to replace Chuckie. Plus, soon I will be busy with college and driving whatnot. Maybe's it's time. Sigh. Come back in half a decade or so. I still have Lucian. But that one under my brother, lah! ;)

You know you may think that this was something that could be brushed off but losing a dog you've had for 7 years is not as easy as finding a fish on its belly in an aquarium. Chuckie was always there.

Something feels so missing. A hole, a gap. I'm so used to him being around that sometimes I forget to do something and realize I don't have to do it anymore. Look at the bowl of water and see it's empty. I have to fill it! Ohwait, Chuckie is not here to drink anymore you silly. Pigging out on the couch and realizing I don't have to do it discreetly anymore because Chuckie's not here to beg for food.

:( Bitch. I miss my dog. I miss being able to hold it. Miss it, miss it.

No more going to walks and seeing your fluffy ass strut and strut. You're always so friendly and curious. Even to guard dogs which looked like they wanted to snap your face off.

This is him yawning. Well dogs do all the same bodily function. Yes he farted before. Where that smell coming from? Ohhh, it's the dog. Use this excuse if you plan to fart at someone's house. Providing that there's a dog there. Dogs can't deny. ;)

And he used to do this hiccup while he's dreaming. I recorded it somewhere before. Damn cute one okay. Sighhhh. You know I'm glad that I was this left, all the memories, photos, videos. Whatever shit.

Always a part of my teenage life. The background of my each day.

The time we had to shave him because he had fleas all over. That didn't stop me from hugging him though. Gross, I know. :) That was shot on the dining table. He very daring one loh, like a fat ass looking for food, he'll climb anywhere for it.

Lucian & Chuckie! :D And Lucian wasn't even fully-grown yet. They used to fight like cats and dogs. The bigger but younger dog trying to maul the small fluffball. =.= Saliva all over the scruff of Chuckie's neck, eeeee, dogs play dirty.

Hey there cutieee. :) I miss you badly but there's nothing I can do to bring you back except appreciate the memories. And you were always there.

Lucian was having some tummy problems and after what happened to Chuckie, bro quickly brought Lucian to the vet. Lucky he did. Turns out Lucian had heartworm.

In heartworms, a mosquito serves as the intermediate host for the larval stage of the worm, also known as the microfilariae.The worms grow and multiply, infesting the chambers on the right side of the heart and the arteries in the lungs. They can also lodge in the veins of the liver and the veins entering the heart. The first sign of heartworm infestation may not manifest for a year after infection, and even then the soft cough that increases with exercise may be dismissed as unimportant by the owner.
Okay. So I'm pretty sure now that Chuckie died due to heartworm. Mosquito pass virus-> infects the heart. The symptoms aren't that obvious and it may be months when you find it out. Take note if your dog is tired easily, has difficulty breathing, experiencing diarrhea/vomiting.

And! Remember to vaccinate your dog! That was my mistake, learn from other people's mistake. Don't wait until you do your own have to learn from yourself. There this thing called Heartguard or whatever.

Go to the vet, he'll know what to do. It's expensive, but can you put a price on a life? They're not out there to cheat your money, it's to make your dog stronger. Also surprising they said if you think you can keep your dogs indoors and that it will be safer, you're wrong.

Dogs which have been outdoor would be in contact with all types of virus and their body's immune system will actually get stronger to protect themselves. On the contrary, indoorsy pets make break down the moment they catch the virus.

Exercise your dog and yourself!

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Ho-hum. I was so filled up with Chuckie I didn't bother to write about shopping trips. Tomorrow, post big ass one filled with Chuckie's photos! Hmph. I will aggressively salvage what's left.

OKOK! On Saturday, went to Chic Pop with Sim Kuan. It's a rare market bazaar at Jaya One. Was supposed to go with Xuan but she MIA!!!!!! Her phone retarded one.. AAHAHAH!

Okay the bazaar was a bit dissapointing :( I didn't buy anything. It was hard to shop as well because it was like buying fast food or something. No size, hard to try on bla bla bla. So in the end I didn't get anything though Sim Kuan did. ;(

I THINK BLOGGER SHOULD HAVE SOME EMOTICONS. >:( WHAT KIND OF LAO YA BLOG PLACE!!!! Express emotions also need to do it manually. !@&^*&

Okok and then we ate at Kissaten before leaving. Sim Kuan knows the place because her family comes here to eat. The restaurent was really cute, Japanese-y and cosy. Ordered teriyaki burger. Very enormous but quite easy to eat because it looks healthy. Mango smoothie tasted like liquid play-doh though. =.=

So next I suggested to go Sunway Giza! There's a lot of boutiques there!

It kind of looks like this, shoplots and all. Walk around and you'll get the feel! Don't wear heels there or anything too warm. You have to jump from shop to shop and the sun will be up there. Intimidating you.

The thing is the clothes are pretty cheap and chic. OKAY. Anything also should be cheap and chic. There are quite a few which sells cocktail dresses but some of them are pretty expensive. Like few hundred. =.= Better you go get it from a decent shopping mall.

Yep, yep. I did buy stuff there. It used to be having too little clothes and wearing the same thing too often. Now it's the reverse. Good for me, bad for my parent's wallet. Umm. I checked my wardrobe and realised there's ... several thingies that hadn't seen the light of the day yet. :( Actually more than 10. AHAHAH. I colour-coded my wardrobe too. #likeaboss

Now for Sunday...

Okay so today I went KLCC with family. Getting bored with KLCC. :(( I want Pavillion moreee. Because you can actually jump to other shopping complexes. GAH.

I was feeling a little bit down but okay I don't want to groan about Chuckie too much here wait for my emo-ness in the next post. :) So you know, wanted to indulge in retail therapy and make myself feel better through material goods.

Jumped from shop to shop. GAHH I must say I feel kind of ripped-off now when buying clothes above a hundred and fifty. Usually it's the norm, but after trying boutique shopping and getting clothes like 5 pieces for the same price WTH I'm in.

But then... sigh. Should also have some of the merchandise-y stuff you know? Some labels have stuffs they're known for, signature pieces. Those are good to invest in. Burberry trench coat, Chanel 2.55, Hermes Birkin, Jimmy Choo stilettos.

Umm. Just bought stuff at Guess. Everything in leopard print. All five of them. Ahemmmm... My dad was wondering what has gotten into me. Okayokay now no more leopard prints.

I'm only gonna stuff that are flowery boho glimmery pink glamorous. Any above la. :D No leopard print. Or boyish clothes because it doesn't work for me.

Ohyeahyeah the salesperson at Guess was pretty hot too. AHAHAH! And he was the friendly and helpful type. He's tall and looks like Korean. But buff. :D

Bought bustier. Have no idea how to wear it yet. And a cocktail dress. They have nice ones there, especially those sexy clubbing types. I called Sim Kuan to ask her if I should buy it because it was heartbreakingly expensive.

She was like, "Nooo, think of what you can buy with that kind of money." And I almost readied to let go but then I thought it was heartbreakingly expensive but also heartbreakingly sexy and I was pitying myself over Chuckie so WHYYYNOT. AHAHAHAH.

Sometimes it's just like something feels right when you try it and you know you shouldn't let go. Hard to find something that flatters you like a second skin okayy! The part I like of shopping with friends is getting opinions.

Get into the same dressing room and see what gets trashed and what gets in. Clothes also need auditon. AHAHAH!

Ohhh got a watch too. I usually wear the same watch for several months. Before that was the Emporio Armani one and I bought it I think because of the brand. Sometimes you just feel spendthrift and you see something and think... why not?

BUT THEIR WATCHES QUALITY NOT THAT GOOD. The glass and metal part had scratches. So fragile. HMPH.

Lol. Leopard print again. I like bling bling.


Oh yeah on the way home and going there I tried to remember the route, when to turn left and shit. Because I have been going KL all my life but I never paid attention. Just leave it up to the driver to lead the way.

But, no more being lazy now. ;) Not ifff I want to drive. Of course, need to remember essential shopping places.

  1. 1 utama
  2. The Curve
  3. Sunway Giza
  4. Sunway Pyramid
  5. Kepong Tesco
  6. Kepong Jusco
  7. Bangsar Village
  8. Solaris
  9. Midvalley
  10. KLCC
  11. Pavilion
  12. Times Square
Okay okay. That's about it. Shit you people who already know the way. :( I struggle with directions and maths. GAH. My left brain, powerless. But hey I might conquer it if I try! :D Usually I just don't care about learning the roads because I thought never gonna needadrive soon. BUT BAM! Time flies.

Sungai Buloh Kepong Mutiara Damansara okayokay conquer surrounding areas. Actually driving is like playing game. Video game. :D Gain experience level up become chio driver and then avoid obstacles on the way.

Except... it could be fatal.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bye Bye, Chuckie.

The day finally came.

My dog died. My dad was calling me home for dinner. I wanted to go straight to the dining place but he insisted for me to come home. Why? Because Chuckie had a bit of asthma. Chuckie's had that for a while so I asked Dad if he was alright and he said he was.

That was a lie.

When I came home, Chuckie was wrapped in a black bag. Lucian was outside jumping around. You know, the first few minutes it didn't hit me yet. And then I asked my maid to uncover the plastic bag, and that was that.

I felt better after crying. More mature now, maybe. Have experienced death of loved ones. I remembered the first time my rabbit died after I bought it two days due to diarrhea. I cried for 3 hours for that. My parents bought a pair, and the other one died exactly a month after I bought it. On my freakin' birthday. =.=

But if you asked if I'd rather not get pets and therefore not experience any deaths, WTF I'D SAY NO. Let me experience the pain and the joy rather than get nothing.

Life is boring when you're trying to stay safe, trying so hard to protect yourself from getting hurt. Because mortality is inevitable and things that are worthwhile never comes easy. And that the sour things in life makes the sweet taste sweeter. WTH I'm starting to sound like Confucius.

Enjoy what you had while it lasted, kay? :) Chuckie had a good, ripe and fruitful life. I will miss him of course, and no other pet will replace him. I don't think people who've never owned a proper pet would understand. The love for your pet.

I'll miss the times where I can pick him up and cuddle him and read. Petting and stroking him. Miss the time where I come home from school with Chuckie welcoming me, wagging tails and doing playbows. I'll miss being able to command him to give me a high-five and feeling proud when he did. A trademark trick I thought him, okay!

I felt foolish when I rushed to close the door after leaving it open because usually I would be afraid of Chuckie going out. Reflex. Gah. Sim Kuan came over for a while to comfort me. :)

So I didn't go for dinner. My whole family went except for me and the maid. Dad was being insensitive and asking me to get rid of it quick, because it would smell. NONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'd never throw it away. That was what Dad wanted. =.=

I buried it in the patch of grass at the car porch. So there. That made me felt better, that a part of Chuckie would always remain there. In this home. God, I don't feel like ever selling this home now. That spot is Chuckie's now. I'm gonna pat on the earth when I feel lonely.

Chuckie was always there to accompany me when my parents were out working late or whatever. Sigh. And I thought of how to export him to overseas when I want to study in Europe.

I hate crying. Dad taught me that. He despised it when I cried. When I was a child, I soon learned that crying gained me no sympathy, only dissaproval. At least from Dad. It was a nuisance, a liability, a source of annoyance. That became my thought too, when people cried. But of only when it's over trivial things! People are allowed to cry.

Dad bought some takeaway sushi for me to eat though. Hehe, my favourite food. :) Time for some retail therapy tomorrow, maybe? :(

I bought little Chuckie on 1 August 2005. :) He was born on June. Brought him back when he was 3 months old, a fluffy ball of puppy. LOLOL. Such cuteness. I played with it until it got pissed. So he died on 20 August 2011. A good seven years he had. <3

Please don't ask me about Chuckie at school. Or anywhere else. Especially not shit like, "Did your dog die?". Because then I would have to be sad again and reaffirm the fact that he's dead. Okay? Maybe except for Mei Yen, Sim Kuan and Xuan. Because they're my chummies and they have dogs. AHAHAH. As in people I actually confide to. And can imagine what it would be like to have their dog die.

It's also good that I didn't watch him die because I would moan and sulk and not believe it and be angry. But it's bad that I wasn't there for him during his last moments. Sigh.

Right now, I'm feeling alright. I didn't know I would be so calm. Maybe because I've anticipated it at the back of my head. But I think there will be moments where something will remind me of him, his absence being conspicuous.

I remembered someone asking me what was the most precious thing that I have. I said it was Chuckie. It's not the most expensive thing I had, but it was the most precious thing I had.

It's not to say that Chuckie's gone now. The memories will always live on.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hello. :))

Today is holiday for me. Hehehehohoho shiok! Some schools don't have, because they're counted as Wilayah or something. Different states.

Was supposed to go shopping with Siet Yen but she flied the aeroplane. Went out with Sim Kuan to Pavilion instead. She wanted to get something for her mum. Bwahahaha here's Sim Kuan.

Hmmm. I wanna do boho glam now. More girly. Flowery flowery pinky flowy things. I used to dislike bohemian style, the one that Sienna Miller does. It looks so dull and tawdry. Very... ageing.

See! Look like she's staying at a ranch or something. If I wear like this, confirm will look like ah po. But okay now I like bohemian, just have to do it my style. So flowy and summery. :DD

Umm. I was rather lazy to get out of the bed in the morning. Because it was holiday and I wanted to lay splattered on my bed. Woooo. So I had to ask Sim Kuan to come in and wait for a while. Sorry ah. She wasn't afraid of Lucian the Siberian Husky when he came out. Ahahahha. He smells better now after he got his bath.

Okay blah blah blah get ready. Sim Kuan is driving for the day. Going to KL is always hectic busy jam. =.= So glad I'm not the one driving. Bwahahaha! I realise I don't know how to go to KL eventhough I've been there almost every week for my life. Why me so bad with directions. :(

Oh ignore the heart thingy on the pic pretend it's my heartbeat or whatever. HAHAHA! A bit of wardrobe malfunction, better cover it up. Later too sexy I burn your eyes.

I like Pavilion. :) Because you can walk over to Fahrenheit 88. Was hungry went with arrived. Dragged Sim Kuan to eat sushi. Aiyer cannot help when going out I like forcing friends to eat sushi.

Had Sushi Zanmai. Sushi chains; great food, poor service. The insolent dude was like, "you have to stand behind". WTF nothing in front of us also. I want to talk to you of course I go in front lah you want me to shout issit.

Wait becoming cina capalang ingrish. HAHAHAHA. And then om nyom nyom and then blang when to Mirrorcle chi bao bow shop shop shop. 5 pieces for hundred plus. Tehehehehe. Found a cute blazer. Bought a top which is obviously Sim Kuan-influnced. Boyish and loosely hung.

Mmm, it is more fashionable to make cheap clothes look expensive. Polish your look with quality accesories. Handbags high heels.

I have an SM relationship with high heels. I am the masochist as I willingly get tortured being in heels. My feet was breaking but I need to walk in heels. Flats are for commoners. No strut. No swagger. HOW CAN?!

OH YA! Tokyo street very nice. :) They had Click Shop somemore!!!!!!!! They sell lomography cameras. Fujifilms too. I WANT THE INSTANT ONE. !!!!!!!!!!! WANT WANT WANT. Okok on my shopping list.

There was a lot of cute food. Mochi. Bubble tea. Ate some grape yogurt aloe vera. Ice cream. Creamy buns. Had a green tea one. Nyom nyom nyom.

Bumped into Hwa Wee and Chen Ping the ex-form fives. Woah they came in like a big big group! She was like, "Ohhh I saw you check-in!". AHAHAH. I like it when I check-in somewhere and someone else is there. We can be like, let's meet up! Like that time with Weng Hock at KLCC. Hahahah!

And then after a while I was too lazy to shop. No more money sumore. I know very selfish one, money finish, ready to go home. :D I fell asleep in the car car while Sim Kuan drove. So nice, the car like a big cradle moving and swaying. It was raining as well.

Okay that was my day! :) Study tomorrow! Bullshit lah said wanted to stay at home study today. AHAHAHAH. Probably because I was suppressed of going out before reaching Form 5. Now suddenly chi bao bow out out out.

Hmm. Stay at home study also hard. Need to practise driving. :D I study at school. Pay attention in school. Got test. MUST, MUST. Wake up wake upppp!

Okay tata! :D

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Han's party


I like going to parties. The dressing up and taking photos tralalalalla. Yi Han's birthday at TGIF. <3 <3 <3

Hahahah! First time going to a party outside my own form. I think. Was supposed to go with Xuan but she couldn't make it last minute. Thank goodness Sim Kuan could come. :DD

We arrived pretty late, so we sat at the end of the row. One bigggg table. Hohoho. Ate some Tennesee Chicken thingy. Yum. It's like chicken steak. And I've never tried any steaky like before because I'm not too partial to meat. :D

Other Form Fives who came were Vinoth that gang. After everyone was done eating came the cake! Surprise for Yi Han. :D Wendy sneaked up behind her with the cake. Yi Han Wendy Joey Shi Yong are like as tight as sisters. It's nice to have friends who are so close with you. :) Their boyfriends were there too.

Joey looked hot in her bodycon red dress. Shi Yong had chio hair. Wendy had sexy eye makeup. Yi Han was the star of the day. :D SHE SOOOO FRIENDLY. HAHAHAHHA. I like that! Ee Inn Corinne that gang also looked gorgeous. Hehehehe I like to see people dress up.

Some random picca. Going to upload them soon. Heheheh. Thank goodness I know how to edit photos. Turn rubbish into gold. MUAHAHAHAH. Vincent and I look a bit alike in the photo. Maybe because we both also Tan, hor? But Tan is a very common surname in Malaysia. All related, one big ass family :D

I get flattered when people are excited to take pictures with me. Teeheehee taking pictures one of my hobbies! :D Some of them got surprised of the dual LCD. Buying the camera was like one of the best christmas presents I've got. Super duper fit for a camwhoring perasan person. ;DD

And then there was second round, they went to Laundry. I wanted to drink, but didn't! Went home early and be a good girl instead. Sim Kuan was being wary because it's the ahem... Ghost Festival and alllll. It feels weird and incomplete when I don't do second rounds after party.

It's like, they have this momentum. And they take time to peak. Usually it's like, just before the party ends. Blablabla. I liked beginning of the year when everyone was so ON doing outings and parties. Now it's like toned down, more studying. :( I don't want. I want to play hard and work hard.

Okay lah wth I only do the playing part I'm lazy as a pig. Cannot! Must think about my future! Got some magazines before we left. Popteen heheehe. It's my favourite magazine now. Because it's so cute and girlish and they reveal a lot and give you a peek about how japanese gals live. Can improve my chinese also! :D And I'm always curious about people.

Oh yeahhh, a bit of drama over the weekend as well. Car crash. Couple fights. But it's overrrr! And everyone is safe and sound. :)

Take care of yourselves!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Under the weather

Leopard prints. My style will henceforth be geared towards "sexy glam". Hohoho. I think Xuan was the one who put it into words. When putting outfits together, you always need to push it to the maximum impact and bring the swagger out.

I'm glad I'm not dependent on jeans. Everyone wears them, it's easy to be boring. Mirrorcle at Fahrenheit 88 was awesome to shop. Sigh, so nice of me to promote this gem. Everything in there is chic and cheap, cheap and chic. Some of them even look like they came straight out of ViVi magazines. 4 pieces for like... RM 130.

I overspent on books lately(mostly magazines). Popteen. ViVi. And then Marvel comic books. Gah. The heartbreaking part was that I found out I spent over 1k when I was recording my expenditures for these two weeks.

Little things do add up, and it's no wonder my wallet is always so empty. Boy. Be more wary of where my money goes. Stupid greedy fingers.

I didn't go to school today. Dad thought I was faking my sorethroat but WTF I was really unwell! It's the weather. People are falling sick. But I'll be up and running soon enough.

Sim Kuan brought me out quite a lot this week. That Kepong Jusco. Ramadhan Pasar. The Curve and Giza. Ho-hum, I wish I could drive. Got license, no car. Got car, either too big or too fast. I hope my car can drop out from the sky soon.

Nnnnngh my snot is coming out.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I was trying to smile with sushi stuffed in my mouth there. Om nyom nyom! HEHEHHE. Went to Kepong Jusco with Sim Kuan. I always thought it was called Metro Prima. Umm. Turns out I've been using the wrong name all this while. :( Metro Prima is the shoplots. HAHAHAHA. Bimbo!

Spontaneous outing again. Mostly the ones after school are very casual, less time to spend and more tired. People are saying that I'll go outings like crazy after I've got my license. LOL :)

I was very tired when I came back home. And then very hungry and I ate like mad foraging whatever food I could find in my house. And then Sim Kuan came with her car and I asked if I could drive but she didn't let me. Hahahha.

And then the first thing we saw in Kepong Jusco was Sushi King and I dove inside it. I drag everyone who goes out with me to eat sushi. I can't help it. Because my family seldom eats sushi, so I pry on opportunities with friends.

Ordered an ice cream because the weather was sizzling. BAH. Spent my money on books. Until my last 3 bucks which I used to buy some stuff for class deco. Sim Kuan's mission for going out was to get class deco materials but I ended up delaying and distracting her.

I don't think I'm a good person to be around with if you want to get things done. Unless it's something I'm passionate about to, like art or fashion. Then, I'm your lady. But otherwise, I just flop around like a carefree pig. I need someone who's concerned with restraints and stuff to put me in my place.

The creepiest thing, was having this guy follow us around. A guy in pink shirt and spectacles. I was buying waffles and the cashier kept warning me "that guy is watching you!". He did. He was a crazy psychotic nympho stalker. YOU KNOW?! He went around the mall, and then came back, stared, and then went into Jusco and came out downstairs and stalked again. MY GOD.

The cashier says that that dude often frequents around the mall and stalks girls. WTH. SERIOUSLY. Lucky nothing happened. Just some creepy staring. I'm going to remember to bring my pepper spray, everywhere.

Oh lookie :D Some of the makeup tidbits I got at SASA. HAHAHAH! So cheap! 200 hundred bucks can buy like 6 items. If you buy from department store with all the brands like Dior and Lancome, you can merely and barely afford two items. Makeup ain't cheap.

So the trick is I won't buy so many expensive makeup anymore because I'm still practising. Those expensive ones, get online! No need to use my own money. HEHEHEHEH! <3

Oh yeah, both of us also bought some chinese books. Sim Kuan is trying to learn chinese. Good start alololo! I used to be total banana until Form 1 when a lot of new students from chinese school came in and I was forced to talk in chinese.

It used to feel awkward speaking chinese. Like when I was in primary. But when you speak chinese often you can get mixed up and apply some of your CINA accent indirectly. :( Not something you'd want. But! You can control it and it's important to know your own language and culture. I'd feel shameful being a banana.

So Form 1 I started watching Taiwanese idol dramas and read kiddy kiddy chinese books with pin yin and found their meanings one by one and repeatedly write each of the ones I wanted to remember 10 times. Very lost in the beginning but it paid off! HAHAAH! I kept a diary in Chinese too.

I am glad to say I am not a banana now. I can read chinese. HOHOHO. Write also can. But! There's limitations. Give me the normal basic ones in the daily conversation ones lah. Nouns are harder. Hmm sometimes I wished I went to chinese school for primary. But WTH also nice that my English isn't broken (not too).

Still having MINI Fever. Sigh. I fell in love with you. I'm intoxicated with you, there's no way out. I have to have you. I wanted to settle for Myvi but I just... couldn't. You were the one. The Mr. Right.

HAHAHAH OKAY SHHHHH.... Hope I can see my red Mini Cooper soon. Sighhhh!!


Monday, 1 August 2011

The P License

Veni, vidi, vici.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

HAHAHAHA. Sooooo happy I passed my driving test today. All those worrying and practising has paid off. Did the hill part first, then the parking and three-point turn. Lol. I was running so excitedly when it was time to get back the papers. Gonna blabber a lot of crap because I'm excited.

Before starting, talked to a girl. She told me that the examiner on the other side for parking and three-point turn was more lenient. Another one was a lady, she failed a few people. I didn't think my three-point turn was perfect, but he was like, "boleh pergi"! Thank God!

I had the last session. I think everyone was tired. Muslims going into puasa. Going on the road was easy. Before getting into the car, I asked the previous driver if the tester was okay. And then the tester was like, "You tanya dia saya okay ke tak?". Lolol. He was fat and friendly. Asked me to ignore the speed limit and just keep taking the right lane because he wanted to finish quick.

The examiner during three-point turn said that the hill part was like SPM and on the road was like PMR. Went at 12, finished at 4. Talked to whoever was beside me along the way, because it was so boring. But nervous at the same time.

The first girl was the one I talked to before I did the test. Lucky to talk to her! :) She just finished hers and gave me some tips. Like the exam cars have clutch that are higher and needs to be let go more. And especially the new, silver Kancil. I got that Kancil. Lol. Lucky I passed. She graduated from SMK KB. Studying in college now. HAHAHAH I asked her who she thought the most handsome guy in KB was. A guy who plays badminton. Gonna go spy muahhaha.

The second one was a little quieter. A girl who was same age as me. I took the car she just got off from for on the road.

The third one was a lady in her thirties. She failed for the third time! She was nice. She failed on the road. I saw it. We were at the junction and her car was hanging at the edge of it. She wanted to turn right but the lights turned red before she was able to. JPJ tester straight away got out and switched seats with her. ;(

The fourth one was an Indian guy. He is the epitome of 1Malaysia. He speaks Tamil, Bahasa Melayu, English... and Chinese. He came from a chinese primary school. I heard the driving academy manager talking to him in Chinese. I was like... "Do you speak Chinese?". And then he started talking. It was so fun talking to him and hearing him speak Chinese. HAHAHAHAH. So fluent. I think he puts Bananas to shame.

He doesn't know how to drive a car, but he's driving airplanes. How ironic is that! Studying in Australia to be a pilot. Graduated from KB too. He was just beside me hiking up the hill. His car rolled back, because of the clutch. The clutch is different than usual driving lesson cars. Higher, higher! So he failed that part but passed on the road.

But! He's only taken 2 lessons on driving which is 4 hours. My brother did that too. He passed. Lucky !@$^&. There used to be Manual car last time so my bro could use that to practise. I'm glad my 16 hours of lessons paid off.

Tolerated with the driving instructor. And I don't know why, but it seems like there's always some sort of sexual harassment. WTF. I hear it from my friends. Okay good lah mine wasn't anything physical, just verbal. Things he says that made me feel uncomfortable. Bleurgh. I don't even want to write it here lest it may traumatize your driving experience.

But it's not that big of a deal, and it's over now. Sacrifices for the greater good. Just really glad I passed, you know? So over with lessons. Getting my license on Wednesday. Snapped a new picture for it!


All those worries. Gone. All that burden. Lifted. It was a big deal for me, because for sure I wouldn't pass if I did it half-heartedly. I'm not gifted with road sense. But whatever! I got license. MUAHAHAHA. Legal.

Kok Leong failed. :( He went to the same place too. Good luck for next time!!

And now... for the car. There are a few cars at home, but a few of them is too big and the one that isn't big, is too fast. My dad warned me not to try my brother's car. He said he'll buy a new one for me to drive(and only that car). And It shouldn't be too expensive so it won't be so heartbreaking to Dad when it goes BEE-BLANG!

Give me a couple of months to become a stable driver okay! Now still... ahem. Need someone beside me as guidance. Enter my car at your own risk. And I need to download the map of KL in my head. My God. I'm a sucker when it comes to recognising roads.

I know how to go 1u. I don't know how to go KLCC. Even I've been going there almost every Sunday. Weekdays home is Sekolah Sri Bestari. Saturday home is The Curve. Sunday home is KLCC. Kepong know a bit lah my driving academy was there.

HAHAHA. Drivers please help. Guide me. Use outings as practise. A few people SMSed me to see how my driving went. :D I lied to my Dad at first and said I failed. Because he'll believe I fail easily. HAHAH. Buttttt I passsssseeed.

I want my car to be small, for maneuvering tight spaces. Easier to control. Parking easy. What also easy. But I might fly if I get hit. And I want it to be bright. It's boring not to standout. And I have to be conspicious to give a warning that I'm here. Harder to hit. Right?

Honda Jazz? Smart? Perodua Myvi? Mini Cooper? Volkswagen Beetle? Suzuki Swift?

At first I wanted just to ask for a Myvi. The new purple one!

But then... I bought a copy of Motor Trader and fell in love with Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper S, to be precise. My goodness, that baby is so gorgeous. Everything about it is so cute and detailed. The wheel spokes. The sports kit. The bonnet stripes. Sighhhhhh.

Barbie doll version! Lol. Looks super cute, but I wonder if it might risk being a target for road bullies. Because... pink is not what you'd categorize as a "tough" colour.

I want purple! But I this is photoshopped. Hmm. Dad says original paint will always look better than a modified one. ;(

So cute. The thing is. I hate polyester/cloth/nylon/whatever seats. Cars with those seats are always accompanied by bad air-conditioning. I don't know why, but that's that. Leather is always the most comfortable. Though I wonder about the animals. :(

And Myvi is not bad, but it's very, very common. I hate common things. It's so common it's like it's given out free. Like Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 handbags. Or Damier Neverfull. Even it's expensive or good, its value will be like... dwindled by the reduced exclusivity.

So yeah. Gonna see how!

Proton has really ugly cars btw. I DON'T KNOW MAN. Waja, Proton, Saga. My dad used to have a Proton way back. But I still love that car. How sentimental. Perodua is a bit more okay. Having local cars is good. Cheap options! National pride! ALOLOLO.

Mini Cooper's speedometer gauge is placed at the side of your steering though, not in front. Odd. I wonder if it might be inconvenient. Hmm. Learning new auto mechanic terms on my hunt for my car car. HAHAHA. The interior still looks cute. And I definitely want Auto.

Heheheh. That's all! Ask me anything about driving test if you're curious/unsure. :D

Good luck to anyone of you future drivers! And... to myself.