Monday, 22 August 2011


I am glad that I used to force Chuckie to camwhore with me. Sometimes he's up to it while other times he enjoyed moving the moment I press the shutter. What a sarcastic dog.

Dreaming, dreaming.

Chuckie is so photogenic. My cute little dog. People have been suggesting for me to get a new dog, but I don't think I'm ready yet. Nah. The only one I want now is Chuckie and I don't want to get another dog and take him as Chuckie. That's unfair. :(

If I'm going to get a new dog, I'll make sure that I'm fresh and ready to love a new dog and not using it to replace Chuckie. Plus, soon I will be busy with college and driving whatnot. Maybe's it's time. Sigh. Come back in half a decade or so. I still have Lucian. But that one under my brother, lah! ;)

You know you may think that this was something that could be brushed off but losing a dog you've had for 7 years is not as easy as finding a fish on its belly in an aquarium. Chuckie was always there.

Something feels so missing. A hole, a gap. I'm so used to him being around that sometimes I forget to do something and realize I don't have to do it anymore. Look at the bowl of water and see it's empty. I have to fill it! Ohwait, Chuckie is not here to drink anymore you silly. Pigging out on the couch and realizing I don't have to do it discreetly anymore because Chuckie's not here to beg for food.

:( Bitch. I miss my dog. I miss being able to hold it. Miss it, miss it.

No more going to walks and seeing your fluffy ass strut and strut. You're always so friendly and curious. Even to guard dogs which looked like they wanted to snap your face off.

This is him yawning. Well dogs do all the same bodily function. Yes he farted before. Where that smell coming from? Ohhh, it's the dog. Use this excuse if you plan to fart at someone's house. Providing that there's a dog there. Dogs can't deny. ;)

And he used to do this hiccup while he's dreaming. I recorded it somewhere before. Damn cute one okay. Sighhhh. You know I'm glad that I was this left, all the memories, photos, videos. Whatever shit.

Always a part of my teenage life. The background of my each day.

The time we had to shave him because he had fleas all over. That didn't stop me from hugging him though. Gross, I know. :) That was shot on the dining table. He very daring one loh, like a fat ass looking for food, he'll climb anywhere for it.

Lucian & Chuckie! :D And Lucian wasn't even fully-grown yet. They used to fight like cats and dogs. The bigger but younger dog trying to maul the small fluffball. =.= Saliva all over the scruff of Chuckie's neck, eeeee, dogs play dirty.

Hey there cutieee. :) I miss you badly but there's nothing I can do to bring you back except appreciate the memories. And you were always there.

Lucian was having some tummy problems and after what happened to Chuckie, bro quickly brought Lucian to the vet. Lucky he did. Turns out Lucian had heartworm.

In heartworms, a mosquito serves as the intermediate host for the larval stage of the worm, also known as the microfilariae.The worms grow and multiply, infesting the chambers on the right side of the heart and the arteries in the lungs. They can also lodge in the veins of the liver and the veins entering the heart. The first sign of heartworm infestation may not manifest for a year after infection, and even then the soft cough that increases with exercise may be dismissed as unimportant by the owner.
Okay. So I'm pretty sure now that Chuckie died due to heartworm. Mosquito pass virus-> infects the heart. The symptoms aren't that obvious and it may be months when you find it out. Take note if your dog is tired easily, has difficulty breathing, experiencing diarrhea/vomiting.

And! Remember to vaccinate your dog! That was my mistake, learn from other people's mistake. Don't wait until you do your own have to learn from yourself. There this thing called Heartguard or whatever.

Go to the vet, he'll know what to do. It's expensive, but can you put a price on a life? They're not out there to cheat your money, it's to make your dog stronger. Also surprising they said if you think you can keep your dogs indoors and that it will be safer, you're wrong.

Dogs which have been outdoor would be in contact with all types of virus and their body's immune system will actually get stronger to protect themselves. On the contrary, indoorsy pets make break down the moment they catch the virus.

Exercise your dog and yourself!

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