Sunday, 14 August 2011

Han's party


I like going to parties. The dressing up and taking photos tralalalalla. Yi Han's birthday at TGIF. <3 <3 <3

Hahahah! First time going to a party outside my own form. I think. Was supposed to go with Xuan but she couldn't make it last minute. Thank goodness Sim Kuan could come. :DD

We arrived pretty late, so we sat at the end of the row. One bigggg table. Hohoho. Ate some Tennesee Chicken thingy. Yum. It's like chicken steak. And I've never tried any steaky like before because I'm not too partial to meat. :D

Other Form Fives who came were Vinoth that gang. After everyone was done eating came the cake! Surprise for Yi Han. :D Wendy sneaked up behind her with the cake. Yi Han Wendy Joey Shi Yong are like as tight as sisters. It's nice to have friends who are so close with you. :) Their boyfriends were there too.

Joey looked hot in her bodycon red dress. Shi Yong had chio hair. Wendy had sexy eye makeup. Yi Han was the star of the day. :D SHE SOOOO FRIENDLY. HAHAHAHHA. I like that! Ee Inn Corinne that gang also looked gorgeous. Hehehehe I like to see people dress up.

Some random picca. Going to upload them soon. Heheheh. Thank goodness I know how to edit photos. Turn rubbish into gold. MUAHAHAHAH. Vincent and I look a bit alike in the photo. Maybe because we both also Tan, hor? But Tan is a very common surname in Malaysia. All related, one big ass family :D

I get flattered when people are excited to take pictures with me. Teeheehee taking pictures one of my hobbies! :D Some of them got surprised of the dual LCD. Buying the camera was like one of the best christmas presents I've got. Super duper fit for a camwhoring perasan person. ;DD

And then there was second round, they went to Laundry. I wanted to drink, but didn't! Went home early and be a good girl instead. Sim Kuan was being wary because it's the ahem... Ghost Festival and alllll. It feels weird and incomplete when I don't do second rounds after party.

It's like, they have this momentum. And they take time to peak. Usually it's like, just before the party ends. Blablabla. I liked beginning of the year when everyone was so ON doing outings and parties. Now it's like toned down, more studying. :( I don't want. I want to play hard and work hard.

Okay lah wth I only do the playing part I'm lazy as a pig. Cannot! Must think about my future! Got some magazines before we left. Popteen heheehe. It's my favourite magazine now. Because it's so cute and girlish and they reveal a lot and give you a peek about how japanese gals live. Can improve my chinese also! :D And I'm always curious about people.

Oh yeahhh, a bit of drama over the weekend as well. Car crash. Couple fights. But it's overrrr! And everyone is safe and sound. :)

Take care of yourselves!

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