Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I was trying to smile with sushi stuffed in my mouth there. Om nyom nyom! HEHEHHE. Went to Kepong Jusco with Sim Kuan. I always thought it was called Metro Prima. Umm. Turns out I've been using the wrong name all this while. :( Metro Prima is the shoplots. HAHAHAHA. Bimbo!

Spontaneous outing again. Mostly the ones after school are very casual, less time to spend and more tired. People are saying that I'll go outings like crazy after I've got my license. LOL :)

I was very tired when I came back home. And then very hungry and I ate like mad foraging whatever food I could find in my house. And then Sim Kuan came with her car and I asked if I could drive but she didn't let me. Hahahha.

And then the first thing we saw in Kepong Jusco was Sushi King and I dove inside it. I drag everyone who goes out with me to eat sushi. I can't help it. Because my family seldom eats sushi, so I pry on opportunities with friends.

Ordered an ice cream because the weather was sizzling. BAH. Spent my money on books. Until my last 3 bucks which I used to buy some stuff for class deco. Sim Kuan's mission for going out was to get class deco materials but I ended up delaying and distracting her.

I don't think I'm a good person to be around with if you want to get things done. Unless it's something I'm passionate about to, like art or fashion. Then, I'm your lady. But otherwise, I just flop around like a carefree pig. I need someone who's concerned with restraints and stuff to put me in my place.

The creepiest thing, was having this guy follow us around. A guy in pink shirt and spectacles. I was buying waffles and the cashier kept warning me "that guy is watching you!". He did. He was a crazy psychotic nympho stalker. YOU KNOW?! He went around the mall, and then came back, stared, and then went into Jusco and came out downstairs and stalked again. MY GOD.

The cashier says that that dude often frequents around the mall and stalks girls. WTH. SERIOUSLY. Lucky nothing happened. Just some creepy staring. I'm going to remember to bring my pepper spray, everywhere.

Oh lookie :D Some of the makeup tidbits I got at SASA. HAHAHAH! So cheap! 200 hundred bucks can buy like 6 items. If you buy from department store with all the brands like Dior and Lancome, you can merely and barely afford two items. Makeup ain't cheap.

So the trick is I won't buy so many expensive makeup anymore because I'm still practising. Those expensive ones, get online! No need to use my own money. HEHEHEHEH! <3

Oh yeah, both of us also bought some chinese books. Sim Kuan is trying to learn chinese. Good start alololo! I used to be total banana until Form 1 when a lot of new students from chinese school came in and I was forced to talk in chinese.

It used to feel awkward speaking chinese. Like when I was in primary. But when you speak chinese often you can get mixed up and apply some of your CINA accent indirectly. :( Not something you'd want. But! You can control it and it's important to know your own language and culture. I'd feel shameful being a banana.

So Form 1 I started watching Taiwanese idol dramas and read kiddy kiddy chinese books with pin yin and found their meanings one by one and repeatedly write each of the ones I wanted to remember 10 times. Very lost in the beginning but it paid off! HAHAAH! I kept a diary in Chinese too.

I am glad to say I am not a banana now. I can read chinese. HOHOHO. Write also can. But! There's limitations. Give me the normal basic ones in the daily conversation ones lah. Nouns are harder. Hmm sometimes I wished I went to chinese school for primary. But WTH also nice that my English isn't broken (not too).

Still having MINI Fever. Sigh. I fell in love with you. I'm intoxicated with you, there's no way out. I have to have you. I wanted to settle for Myvi but I just... couldn't. You were the one. The Mr. Right.

HAHAHAH OKAY SHHHHH.... Hope I can see my red Mini Cooper soon. Sighhhh!!


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