Monday, 1 August 2011

The P License

Veni, vidi, vici.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

HAHAHAHA. Sooooo happy I passed my driving test today. All those worrying and practising has paid off. Did the hill part first, then the parking and three-point turn. Lol. I was running so excitedly when it was time to get back the papers. Gonna blabber a lot of crap because I'm excited.

Before starting, talked to a girl. She told me that the examiner on the other side for parking and three-point turn was more lenient. Another one was a lady, she failed a few people. I didn't think my three-point turn was perfect, but he was like, "boleh pergi"! Thank God!

I had the last session. I think everyone was tired. Muslims going into puasa. Going on the road was easy. Before getting into the car, I asked the previous driver if the tester was okay. And then the tester was like, "You tanya dia saya okay ke tak?". Lolol. He was fat and friendly. Asked me to ignore the speed limit and just keep taking the right lane because he wanted to finish quick.

The examiner during three-point turn said that the hill part was like SPM and on the road was like PMR. Went at 12, finished at 4. Talked to whoever was beside me along the way, because it was so boring. But nervous at the same time.

The first girl was the one I talked to before I did the test. Lucky to talk to her! :) She just finished hers and gave me some tips. Like the exam cars have clutch that are higher and needs to be let go more. And especially the new, silver Kancil. I got that Kancil. Lol. Lucky I passed. She graduated from SMK KB. Studying in college now. HAHAHAH I asked her who she thought the most handsome guy in KB was. A guy who plays badminton. Gonna go spy muahhaha.

The second one was a little quieter. A girl who was same age as me. I took the car she just got off from for on the road.

The third one was a lady in her thirties. She failed for the third time! She was nice. She failed on the road. I saw it. We were at the junction and her car was hanging at the edge of it. She wanted to turn right but the lights turned red before she was able to. JPJ tester straight away got out and switched seats with her. ;(

The fourth one was an Indian guy. He is the epitome of 1Malaysia. He speaks Tamil, Bahasa Melayu, English... and Chinese. He came from a chinese primary school. I heard the driving academy manager talking to him in Chinese. I was like... "Do you speak Chinese?". And then he started talking. It was so fun talking to him and hearing him speak Chinese. HAHAHAHAH. So fluent. I think he puts Bananas to shame.

He doesn't know how to drive a car, but he's driving airplanes. How ironic is that! Studying in Australia to be a pilot. Graduated from KB too. He was just beside me hiking up the hill. His car rolled back, because of the clutch. The clutch is different than usual driving lesson cars. Higher, higher! So he failed that part but passed on the road.

But! He's only taken 2 lessons on driving which is 4 hours. My brother did that too. He passed. Lucky !@$^&. There used to be Manual car last time so my bro could use that to practise. I'm glad my 16 hours of lessons paid off.

Tolerated with the driving instructor. And I don't know why, but it seems like there's always some sort of sexual harassment. WTF. I hear it from my friends. Okay good lah mine wasn't anything physical, just verbal. Things he says that made me feel uncomfortable. Bleurgh. I don't even want to write it here lest it may traumatize your driving experience.

But it's not that big of a deal, and it's over now. Sacrifices for the greater good. Just really glad I passed, you know? So over with lessons. Getting my license on Wednesday. Snapped a new picture for it!


All those worries. Gone. All that burden. Lifted. It was a big deal for me, because for sure I wouldn't pass if I did it half-heartedly. I'm not gifted with road sense. But whatever! I got license. MUAHAHAHA. Legal.

Kok Leong failed. :( He went to the same place too. Good luck for next time!!

And now... for the car. There are a few cars at home, but a few of them is too big and the one that isn't big, is too fast. My dad warned me not to try my brother's car. He said he'll buy a new one for me to drive(and only that car). And It shouldn't be too expensive so it won't be so heartbreaking to Dad when it goes BEE-BLANG!

Give me a couple of months to become a stable driver okay! Now still... ahem. Need someone beside me as guidance. Enter my car at your own risk. And I need to download the map of KL in my head. My God. I'm a sucker when it comes to recognising roads.

I know how to go 1u. I don't know how to go KLCC. Even I've been going there almost every Sunday. Weekdays home is Sekolah Sri Bestari. Saturday home is The Curve. Sunday home is KLCC. Kepong know a bit lah my driving academy was there.

HAHAHA. Drivers please help. Guide me. Use outings as practise. A few people SMSed me to see how my driving went. :D I lied to my Dad at first and said I failed. Because he'll believe I fail easily. HAHAH. Buttttt I passsssseeed.

I want my car to be small, for maneuvering tight spaces. Easier to control. Parking easy. What also easy. But I might fly if I get hit. And I want it to be bright. It's boring not to standout. And I have to be conspicious to give a warning that I'm here. Harder to hit. Right?

Honda Jazz? Smart? Perodua Myvi? Mini Cooper? Volkswagen Beetle? Suzuki Swift?

At first I wanted just to ask for a Myvi. The new purple one!

But then... I bought a copy of Motor Trader and fell in love with Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper S, to be precise. My goodness, that baby is so gorgeous. Everything about it is so cute and detailed. The wheel spokes. The sports kit. The bonnet stripes. Sighhhhhh.

Barbie doll version! Lol. Looks super cute, but I wonder if it might risk being a target for road bullies. Because... pink is not what you'd categorize as a "tough" colour.

I want purple! But I this is photoshopped. Hmm. Dad says original paint will always look better than a modified one. ;(

So cute. The thing is. I hate polyester/cloth/nylon/whatever seats. Cars with those seats are always accompanied by bad air-conditioning. I don't know why, but that's that. Leather is always the most comfortable. Though I wonder about the animals. :(

And Myvi is not bad, but it's very, very common. I hate common things. It's so common it's like it's given out free. Like Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 handbags. Or Damier Neverfull. Even it's expensive or good, its value will be like... dwindled by the reduced exclusivity.

So yeah. Gonna see how!

Proton has really ugly cars btw. I DON'T KNOW MAN. Waja, Proton, Saga. My dad used to have a Proton way back. But I still love that car. How sentimental. Perodua is a bit more okay. Having local cars is good. Cheap options! National pride! ALOLOLO.

Mini Cooper's speedometer gauge is placed at the side of your steering though, not in front. Odd. I wonder if it might be inconvenient. Hmm. Learning new auto mechanic terms on my hunt for my car car. HAHAHA. The interior still looks cute. And I definitely want Auto.

Heheheh. That's all! Ask me anything about driving test if you're curious/unsure. :D

Good luck to anyone of you future drivers! And... to myself.

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