Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Hello. :))

Today is holiday for me. Hehehehohoho shiok! Some schools don't have, because they're counted as Wilayah or something. Different states.

Was supposed to go shopping with Siet Yen but she flied the aeroplane. Went out with Sim Kuan to Pavilion instead. She wanted to get something for her mum. Bwahahaha here's Sim Kuan.

Hmmm. I wanna do boho glam now. More girly. Flowery flowery pinky flowy things. I used to dislike bohemian style, the one that Sienna Miller does. It looks so dull and tawdry. Very... ageing.

See! Look like she's staying at a ranch or something. If I wear like this, confirm will look like ah po. But okay now I like bohemian, just have to do it my style. So flowy and summery. :DD

Umm. I was rather lazy to get out of the bed in the morning. Because it was holiday and I wanted to lay splattered on my bed. Woooo. So I had to ask Sim Kuan to come in and wait for a while. Sorry ah. She wasn't afraid of Lucian the Siberian Husky when he came out. Ahahahha. He smells better now after he got his bath.

Okay blah blah blah get ready. Sim Kuan is driving for the day. Going to KL is always hectic busy jam. =.= So glad I'm not the one driving. Bwahahaha! I realise I don't know how to go to KL eventhough I've been there almost every week for my life. Why me so bad with directions. :(

Oh ignore the heart thingy on the pic pretend it's my heartbeat or whatever. HAHAHA! A bit of wardrobe malfunction, better cover it up. Later too sexy I burn your eyes.

I like Pavilion. :) Because you can walk over to Fahrenheit 88. Was hungry went with arrived. Dragged Sim Kuan to eat sushi. Aiyer cannot help when going out I like forcing friends to eat sushi.

Had Sushi Zanmai. Sushi chains; great food, poor service. The insolent dude was like, "you have to stand behind". WTF nothing in front of us also. I want to talk to you of course I go in front lah you want me to shout issit.

Wait becoming cina capalang ingrish. HAHAHAHA. And then om nyom nyom and then blang when to Mirrorcle chi bao bow shop shop shop. 5 pieces for hundred plus. Tehehehehe. Found a cute blazer. Bought a top which is obviously Sim Kuan-influnced. Boyish and loosely hung.

Mmm, it is more fashionable to make cheap clothes look expensive. Polish your look with quality accesories. Handbags high heels.

I have an SM relationship with high heels. I am the masochist as I willingly get tortured being in heels. My feet was breaking but I need to walk in heels. Flats are for commoners. No strut. No swagger. HOW CAN?!

OH YA! Tokyo street very nice. :) They had Click Shop somemore!!!!!!!! They sell lomography cameras. Fujifilms too. I WANT THE INSTANT ONE. !!!!!!!!!!! WANT WANT WANT. Okok on my shopping list.

There was a lot of cute food. Mochi. Bubble tea. Ate some grape yogurt aloe vera. Ice cream. Creamy buns. Had a green tea one. Nyom nyom nyom.

Bumped into Hwa Wee and Chen Ping the ex-form fives. Woah they came in like a big big group! She was like, "Ohhh I saw you check-in!". AHAHAH. I like it when I check-in somewhere and someone else is there. We can be like, let's meet up! Like that time with Weng Hock at KLCC. Hahahah!

And then after a while I was too lazy to shop. No more money sumore. I know very selfish one, money finish, ready to go home. :D I fell asleep in the car car while Sim Kuan drove. So nice, the car like a big cradle moving and swaying. It was raining as well.

Okay that was my day! :) Study tomorrow! Bullshit lah said wanted to stay at home study today. AHAHAHAH. Probably because I was suppressed of going out before reaching Form 5. Now suddenly chi bao bow out out out.

Hmm. Stay at home study also hard. Need to practise driving. :D I study at school. Pay attention in school. Got test. MUST, MUST. Wake up wake upppp!

Okay tata! :D

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