Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Short update

Hello :)

Updating live from Sydney. HAHAHAH. So far so good, no time to write everything. Post a big ass one when I get back. ;)

The wi-fi here never comes at a free price. I am paranoid of using cellular data now after seeing many >RM50 data roaming charges from Maxis. Or worse, RM200 !@$^!@$. But at least they notify you. ;(

Am now using the hotel's internet kiosk while waiting for the bus to come. :D RM 6 for an hour I think. That's about the cheapest so far. So funny seeing the people beside me type with one finger on each hand. BWAHAHAHHA. Like poking dots. I type #likeaboss. *proudface*

Mmm. Saw penguin parade. Went on a dolphin cruise yesterday. That was really beautiful, seeing the dolphins literally swim beneath your feet. No wait, actually under the boat. LOLOL. Probably the closest I can ever imagine with mermaids. Mermaids popped into my mind because of the Pirate of The Caribbean which I watched on the airplane.

I hate sitting on airplanes. But they get you to places you have to see to believe. And I wish every toilet had leather seats or something because it's freaking cold the minute it comes in contact with your little butt. :(

They say in Australia, there's about 1 chinese for every 10 Australians. But it's more like 3. Maybe because there's more in cities like Melbourne. A lot of eye candies. :)) MUAHAHAH. And the good thing about it is the variety, you know?

Ang mo lang leng chai also got, cina lang leng chai also got. But bugger, I lost my contact lens halfway. No actually the housekeeper threw away one of my contact lens cover and thus the contact lens dried up. =.=

Okay anyways. :) The Australians know the Art of Doing Nothing. Actually most Western people do. In Malaysia people will stare at you crazy if you try to see on a park and close your eyes. "You kena rasuk hantu ah?!". But not here. :D

Rented a bike to cycle around Yarra River. That was nice. I've never cycled in a long time and I've certainly never cycled overseas. Saw a lot of couples canoodling, laying on the grass. I JELLY. AHAHAHAH.

Mostly went I see a patch of grass I feel like gravity automatically increases to pull down. Plank plank plank I go. Plus the grass here is very clean. Or it might be fake. I dunno. AHAHAH. The people here care about conservation and animal rights. A lot. YES. ANIMAL RIGHTS.

And yeah it is colddddd. Quite. But I'm trying to get used to it, before that it's like, feel a little cold, oh no I'm gonna die. Now it's like, "oh windy? that's nice". AND I'M STILL IN SKIRTS. BWAHAHAHA. You can't put me into jeans.

Skirts and leggings, they take you everywhere. No problem. :)) Alright that's about it. Till then! :) Probably after the puke-inducing flight that I have to go through and a short hibernating period to reduce jetlag. AND I HAVEN'T SHOP. CANNOT GO BACK YET!!!


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