Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Time to go?

Would you still be friends with me if I looked like that? Pretty pleaseeee...??

OKLAH FINE.... show you a more decent one.

Brought my Dad's iPad to eat eat with Sim Kuan. iPad is a device which is good for entertainment on-the-go but mostly it's a laziness-inducing device that wastes time. Honestly! Because of all the apps to play with. I'm playing Restaurant Story now. Everytime log in to collect dishes. AHAHHAA! And one more build city one.

Okay talking about cities, Sydney and Melbourne I'm cominggggg. MUAHAHAH. On Friday! HAHAHHA, shitty ungodly, have to wake up at 6am to get to the airport. I really really hate getting forced to wake up before 9.

I know for this holiday Sim Kuan would be going to Beijing and Jin Fye would be going to Thailand.

I tried if I could update blog on iPad. Failure. AHAHAH. Check out my twitter instead. I love travelling, being a tourist. The minute I step out of the airplane I'm going to squeal like a dog out of its cage and snap snap snap photos chi bao bowwww touch everything until it breaks.

Tomorrow, I have to go get some winter clothing right after school. Underestimated the weather. -.- So last minute lolol. I want Zara black aviator-style leather jacket! And some black leggings. Me, forever never wear jeans, forever not my style to wear pants. Cold? Wear skirt with leggings. Done deal.

And have to get camera. Fujifilm. Hohoho. Diana Mini, wait later first lah. Been spending too much lately. :/ But! Vacations are a good time to shop because during that time the holiday mood makes parent's wallet more loose and open-minded! Bwahhaha

Hmm, lomography has a certain charm, it's like looking life through a peephole. When the developed photo comes back it's full of surprises. Candid, spontaneous.

I found the album where I experimented my first lomo cam on Chuckie. It was just my maid and me taking out Chuckie to walk. My God. I remember it was such a routine of my life. Sun setting down? Time to walk Chuckie and Lucian. No more watching Chuckie strut his ass now.

I dunno, they seem to capture the moment more concisely. It's not like digital camera where you take a bunch of photos without much thought knowing you can delete if you don't like.

But of course I still like digital camera. Who knows, I might be the fickle aunty lugging 3 cameras at the same time. One my Samsung digital camera, one fujifilm instax, one lomography camera. AHAHAHHA. But I'd do it, I always bring a camera when I'm going out.

Because photos are precious. Bring us back in time. Create memories to relish when I'm old. But, don't take photos until you forget the point of what you were trying to do.


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