Monday, 8 August 2011

Under the weather

Leopard prints. My style will henceforth be geared towards "sexy glam". Hohoho. I think Xuan was the one who put it into words. When putting outfits together, you always need to push it to the maximum impact and bring the swagger out.

I'm glad I'm not dependent on jeans. Everyone wears them, it's easy to be boring. Mirrorcle at Fahrenheit 88 was awesome to shop. Sigh, so nice of me to promote this gem. Everything in there is chic and cheap, cheap and chic. Some of them even look like they came straight out of ViVi magazines. 4 pieces for like... RM 130.

I overspent on books lately(mostly magazines). Popteen. ViVi. And then Marvel comic books. Gah. The heartbreaking part was that I found out I spent over 1k when I was recording my expenditures for these two weeks.

Little things do add up, and it's no wonder my wallet is always so empty. Boy. Be more wary of where my money goes. Stupid greedy fingers.

I didn't go to school today. Dad thought I was faking my sorethroat but WTF I was really unwell! It's the weather. People are falling sick. But I'll be up and running soon enough.

Sim Kuan brought me out quite a lot this week. That Kepong Jusco. Ramadhan Pasar. The Curve and Giza. Ho-hum, I wish I could drive. Got license, no car. Got car, either too big or too fast. I hope my car can drop out from the sky soon.

Nnnnngh my snot is coming out.

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