Sunday, 21 August 2011


Ho-hum. I was so filled up with Chuckie I didn't bother to write about shopping trips. Tomorrow, post big ass one filled with Chuckie's photos! Hmph. I will aggressively salvage what's left.

OKOK! On Saturday, went to Chic Pop with Sim Kuan. It's a rare market bazaar at Jaya One. Was supposed to go with Xuan but she MIA!!!!!! Her phone retarded one.. AAHAHAH!

Okay the bazaar was a bit dissapointing :( I didn't buy anything. It was hard to shop as well because it was like buying fast food or something. No size, hard to try on bla bla bla. So in the end I didn't get anything though Sim Kuan did. ;(

I THINK BLOGGER SHOULD HAVE SOME EMOTICONS. >:( WHAT KIND OF LAO YA BLOG PLACE!!!! Express emotions also need to do it manually. !@&^*&

Okok and then we ate at Kissaten before leaving. Sim Kuan knows the place because her family comes here to eat. The restaurent was really cute, Japanese-y and cosy. Ordered teriyaki burger. Very enormous but quite easy to eat because it looks healthy. Mango smoothie tasted like liquid play-doh though. =.=

So next I suggested to go Sunway Giza! There's a lot of boutiques there!

It kind of looks like this, shoplots and all. Walk around and you'll get the feel! Don't wear heels there or anything too warm. You have to jump from shop to shop and the sun will be up there. Intimidating you.

The thing is the clothes are pretty cheap and chic. OKAY. Anything also should be cheap and chic. There are quite a few which sells cocktail dresses but some of them are pretty expensive. Like few hundred. =.= Better you go get it from a decent shopping mall.

Yep, yep. I did buy stuff there. It used to be having too little clothes and wearing the same thing too often. Now it's the reverse. Good for me, bad for my parent's wallet. Umm. I checked my wardrobe and realised there's ... several thingies that hadn't seen the light of the day yet. :( Actually more than 10. AHAHAH. I colour-coded my wardrobe too. #likeaboss

Now for Sunday...

Okay so today I went KLCC with family. Getting bored with KLCC. :(( I want Pavillion moreee. Because you can actually jump to other shopping complexes. GAH.

I was feeling a little bit down but okay I don't want to groan about Chuckie too much here wait for my emo-ness in the next post. :) So you know, wanted to indulge in retail therapy and make myself feel better through material goods.

Jumped from shop to shop. GAHH I must say I feel kind of ripped-off now when buying clothes above a hundred and fifty. Usually it's the norm, but after trying boutique shopping and getting clothes like 5 pieces for the same price WTH I'm in.

But then... sigh. Should also have some of the merchandise-y stuff you know? Some labels have stuffs they're known for, signature pieces. Those are good to invest in. Burberry trench coat, Chanel 2.55, Hermes Birkin, Jimmy Choo stilettos.

Umm. Just bought stuff at Guess. Everything in leopard print. All five of them. Ahemmmm... My dad was wondering what has gotten into me. Okayokay now no more leopard prints.

I'm only gonna stuff that are flowery boho glimmery pink glamorous. Any above la. :D No leopard print. Or boyish clothes because it doesn't work for me.

Ohyeahyeah the salesperson at Guess was pretty hot too. AHAHAH! And he was the friendly and helpful type. He's tall and looks like Korean. But buff. :D

Bought bustier. Have no idea how to wear it yet. And a cocktail dress. They have nice ones there, especially those sexy clubbing types. I called Sim Kuan to ask her if I should buy it because it was heartbreakingly expensive.

She was like, "Nooo, think of what you can buy with that kind of money." And I almost readied to let go but then I thought it was heartbreakingly expensive but also heartbreakingly sexy and I was pitying myself over Chuckie so WHYYYNOT. AHAHAHAH.

Sometimes it's just like something feels right when you try it and you know you shouldn't let go. Hard to find something that flatters you like a second skin okayy! The part I like of shopping with friends is getting opinions.

Get into the same dressing room and see what gets trashed and what gets in. Clothes also need auditon. AHAHAH!

Ohhh got a watch too. I usually wear the same watch for several months. Before that was the Emporio Armani one and I bought it I think because of the brand. Sometimes you just feel spendthrift and you see something and think... why not?

BUT THEIR WATCHES QUALITY NOT THAT GOOD. The glass and metal part had scratches. So fragile. HMPH.

Lol. Leopard print again. I like bling bling.


Oh yeah on the way home and going there I tried to remember the route, when to turn left and shit. Because I have been going KL all my life but I never paid attention. Just leave it up to the driver to lead the way.

But, no more being lazy now. ;) Not ifff I want to drive. Of course, need to remember essential shopping places.

  1. 1 utama
  2. The Curve
  3. Sunway Giza
  4. Sunway Pyramid
  5. Kepong Tesco
  6. Kepong Jusco
  7. Bangsar Village
  8. Solaris
  9. Midvalley
  10. KLCC
  11. Pavilion
  12. Times Square
Okay okay. That's about it. Shit you people who already know the way. :( I struggle with directions and maths. GAH. My left brain, powerless. But hey I might conquer it if I try! :D Usually I just don't care about learning the roads because I thought never gonna needadrive soon. BUT BAM! Time flies.

Sungai Buloh Kepong Mutiara Damansara okayokay conquer surrounding areas. Actually driving is like playing game. Video game. :D Gain experience level up become chio driver and then avoid obstacles on the way.

Except... it could be fatal.

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