Sunday, 25 September 2011

Denim days

Infect me with your love and fill me with your poison.

Illuminati songs are so addicting. You know what's Illuminati? It's the cult of the devil and their stuff will eat your brains out. Lolol serious :) Read here. Hahahha!

I did go to church today, but late. It's not the problem of waking up, it's getting out of my bed that's the problem. It's so comfortable I wanna marry it. Ohhh baby.

YOU KNOW IT'S SO HARD TO CONTROL ANGLES AND BE IN THE FRAME AS WELL?! Lucky my camera has dual LCD. Hahhaha! The first few shots ended up looking a bit slutty because I kept contorting myself to fit the frame. Alololo.

And also after going to church, I have henceforth decided that I will abstain from swearing by today onwards. Because it's rude, it's not lady-like, it's not polite, it's not christian-like. But boy, is it lovely for expressing yourself. Sometimes. In the mean time, I will use "tut" to replace the urge of swearing.

I did stop for a while before this. But then, you know when you're with people who regularly pepper conversations with vulgar words, you'll do the same. I'm like that with people, I absorb their habits and interests. Like an unbiased sponge. :3

Hahhaha! An I'm a tit for tat person. If someone swears to me I'll throw them !@%@& back. But, an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. So I shall stop.

And if you need help with breaking a habit- here's one. Wear a bracelet on your wrist. When you repeat the habit that you wanted to break, you have to switch it to another wrist. The point is to keep the bracelet on the same wrist for 21 days (the time it takes for most people to break a habit properly).

So, say I want to stop swearing. When I swear, I have to switch the bracelet to another side. If I've gotten through 7 days but then sweared, I'll have to change sides and start over again. Poo poo!

As usual, went to KLCC today. Was so surprised to see Balenciaga hatching in KLCC!

Their clothes is not really my style- more like Sim Kuan's. Edgy and sharp with sleek silhouettes. Mine is like... girly and flowy. But that's the thing, you're supposed to mix things up and not stick to the same same thing.

I only remember it was made popular suddenly by Lindsay Lohan. Ages ago during her golden years. I get excited when well-known brands make their way here. Not just because I can have access to them, but that Malaysia is well-known enough to have well-known brands want to open a branch here. OH COME Van Cleef & Arpels. Lanvin. Valentino. Luella Bartley.

But hmm. KLCC is only nice if you have unlimited flow of cash. Pavillion, at least if you're poor you can sheepishly walk over to the Fahrenheit 88 opposite.

Hohoho! The place where Mirrorcle lives. :))) It was after I discovered boutique shopping that I found it silly to buy high-street clothes (Top Shop, Forever 21, Zara). For the same price, you can get 5 items. High-street isn't even designer. I don't like that some of their clothes are just disposable fashion but they cost so much.

But more baffling, is when designer clothes look like rubbish. It happens. Expensive rubbish. A black nondescript sack. Casual printed tees. And even more baffling, that the expensive rubbish gets sold. I really hate it when expensive stuff without quality gets sold !@*!@.

But okay designer tees, there's the expensive ones but the ones with extra touch, extra details and embellishment. Even the fabric has a different feel. And then there's the expensive ones but the ones which looks half-assed. And some polyester shit. Wait shit and ass not swearing right? Or my standard too low and acceptability too high? HAHAHAHAH! .... probably. Okay sorry :(

So you get?! Lolol sorry I tend to get lengthy when talking about things I like. Fashion fashion baby.

Wore Mirrorcle denim top today. I seldom touch denim, because, no jeans. Hahahaha! But that's also good, because some people get lazy when they wear jeans. They count on them for everything because it's so versatile. Soon, you will imagine in your head that the bottom-half of their body always stays the same-covered in jeans. HOW CAN?!

The top was about RM50-ish? But most top from Mirrorcle are about 30 bucks a pop. THAT'S WHY. CHEAP & CHIC OH MY! But- you have to check properly. Some of them with embellishments can come off. So, value for your money. Sometimes it is worth it to get high-street ones.

Skirt was from Armani Exchange. I think I bought it when I was Form 3? I don't know. I still have another white one I bought when I was Form 1. Still fits. Wait that was CK. HAHHAHA. But the point is that some designer pieces are worth investing because you can wear it over and over.

It's like, RM 500 skirt but you wear it for few years. About 30 times. So it's only RM 16 per wear. Compared to getting a RM 50 skirt and it breaks after 2 wears. GOT USE?!

Hahaha okay you get the point. The bag is the Prada one from Australia. One thing is that I only get to buy designer bags when I'm overseas because it's much cheaper and parent's wallets are definitely looser that time. Otherwise, NO, NO, NO. Lolol xD Continuing the expensive bag and cheap clothes theme. AHAHAHAH! The bag can buy about 60 of the same top. But the bag can be worn with more than 600 outfits. GOOD REASONING? HAHAHAH!

I need heels. And I forgot. Christian Louboutin. Please come to Malaysia. Any designer label worth it's salt would have a memorable and instantly recognisable trademark. Whether it's the double C clasp, the burberry tartan, the LV monogram, the Mulberry oval buckle. For Louboutins, it's the red sole.

Stuart Weitzman is also nice. But I think if Louboutin comes to Malaysia, I won't even get to buy it. See also nice. BWAHAHAH! Stuart's price range is like, RM1000- RM3000. X.X

I used to not care about shoes. Because it's the lowest part of our outfit and our line of sight doesn't extend to it that often. So why bother. But I was wrong- shoes are more than capable of making a statement, especially when you show some skin to get attention there. And, shoes make or break an outfit. Accessories are important to take your outfit to the next level.


Another important thing it affects is your walk. They give you the swagger, the strut. Enough said.

Miu Miu platforms. :))) Platforms really help to give comfort when you need the height in high heels. Anything under 4 inch is amateur.

Alexander McQueen. Not at all practical, but since when does Art has to be?! Famous too, for the Lady Gaga lobster heels in Bad Romance. Or Armadillo heels in formal sense. Honestly though, don't be too ambitious with heels. Take what you're ready. If you aren't then practise at home first.

Because, you'd never want to fall down in public. Me? I HAD. :))) Luckily no one saw. Wait, two people. My subconscious has shielded me from remembering.

The third thing with heels is also about having that extra height. And petite girls need it. First thing is to elevate the outfit. Second thing is to give you the strut and swagger. Doesn't matter number what, just these three important reasons to wear heels.

Valentino lace heels. Reminds me of Black Swan. Very badly.

Yves Saint Laurent heels inspired by teh Eiffel Tower.

HAHAH! Okay done drooling about shoes. Another thing, heels aren't always suitable. The one big thing NOT to wear heels is when you need comfort. Don't be so stubborn and make your poor feet suffer. Do fashion safely! HAHAHAH! I will always put a pair of slippers in my car.

Tata! Hope you guys had a nice weekend! ;)

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Today is the weekends and I love weekends OHMY! Life is balanced. Monday to Thursday for being responsible. Friday to Sunday for letting loose.

Once you have your own car, you'll eat out often because you know you can. Like that Sim Kuan. Hahaha! Grabbed brunch with her and Kok Leong at 1U. Kept singing "Peacock, cock, cock" to Mister KOK. Sim Kuan cooperated with me and did the peacock dance.

I am really really really afraid of getting fat once I start driving. The ease of eating out plus walking may start to seem like a waste of time... TAK BOLEH! I will drive, TO DO GYM and balance out things! I WANT SLIMMER LIMBS DIE THOSE OF YOU WITH SLIM LIMBS.

And then yesterday was DPC and Sunway Giza with Sim Kuan. WHAT IT'S LIKE TRIALS ALREADY OVER. One more week actually. Study lah bitch. Bought blue dress from Cats Whiskers. I'm loving dresses for casual outings now.

It's like this- debut your dress to parties (different parties with different people) and then use it for casual outing once it loses it's novelty. Otherwise dresses rarely get used! So in a way I will tend to overdress. My trademark ahahahahah omg.

I heard the radio deejay saying your life will be pretty suffering if you have to put makeup just for a short trip for buying groceries. Like you're so insecure and concerned about looks. Well, I won't be that concerned, but it's important to look good.

When people don't dress up, their lives looks boring. I dress up for my life. My life is the event. Get it? AHAHAHAH! There are no ugly girls, only lazy girls. And that the world is your runway and everyday is a fashion show.

Luckily I dressed up. Went to the wedding dinner without going home to change. Sim Kuan was nice to send me there, was rushing badly. Dressing up means you're prepared for anything. A random hot guy, a party, a formal event. When I go out, I want to spend the day fully. Anything goes. Free plans.

Wedding bellsssss. Ooooohhhh <3

Shit man went to wedding dinner and came home dreaming. At first I thought it was boring and stuff, the formal need to wait for each dish to come out one by one. But then I realized this is not just a dinner, this is about a person finally finding their other half.

I take marriage seriously, I hate it when I see people divorce and get married as easy as buying a dress. YOU CRAZY?!?!?! It's a freaking lifetime commitment! It was sweet seeing Shi Yong and Wei Xian celebrate their 3 years anniversary!

The wedding dinner was at Sin Choi Wah. This restaurant in Kepong known for holding wedding dinners. They have many rooms and a few floors. I DON'T LIKE THAT. See next door, oh another couple is having married same as me. DOESN'T FEEL SPECIAL ANYMORE!

The "dai kam jie" shout until I felt headachey! I definitely won't have one at my wedding. SO NOISY. YOU THINK PASAR AH! Ma de. A young-ish girl sat beside me. She was nice, helped me to take food too. I thought she was my age. She was 20. Anything above 20 feels old when you're a teen. I don't want to stop being a teen. And I wore four and a half inch heels for 7 hours. GAH. Luckily it was wedges and the wedding dinner didn't take much walking around!

As usual, the bride was pretty. Some relative. Aunt. Hahahah. I'm not sure. But she's pretty. And it was so cute seeing my dad's car wrapped in ribbons and Snoopy plushies in the wedding video. If the couple is generous, you'll get a nice ang pau for borrowing them your car. Last time, another couple gave RM300 for borrowing the car. NAIS.

The most grand wedding I've been to was my aunt's. ALL ALSO AUNTS. It was at Renaissance Hotel. They had 100 tables, which was... 1000 people attending. HAHAH OMG. Yam sing until midnight also won't finish. There were also celebrities. Malaysian ones.

Okay, my time to dream. Every girl will plan their weddings at some point. I'm at the perfect age for dreaming, the sky is my limit. Having hope in your heart can pull you nearer to what you want to achieve, nearer than you think.

The main, main thing about a wedding is about your partner. The Mr.Right. But since I have no fucking idea what he's like, I'm going to focus on other bits. Might as well dream about it now.

My wedding has to be memorable, not entirely formal. Grand, very pompous-assed grand, but not with the strict formality. I want some intimacy, some goofiness. One thing it cannot be- boring.

It has to be in a hotel ballroom. I need the high ceilings and chandeliers. I want to arrive in a white Rolls Royce Phantom. My wedding dress, I will buy it and keep it forever, display it. I want a huge train and when I walk it it will be like 20 feet and take up everything like a fucking blackhole. It will be custom-made.

I want to do a runway show for the entrance. Like before I come in. Play some pumping music and then the bridesmaid will strut their stuff. I don't need bridesmaid to be in the same dress, it's like making them clones. They just need to have something in common so things will look uniform- maybe just the colour. And then choose whatever style they want.

AND THEN!!! I want to make a grand entrance, and also a grand farewell. I will leave in a helicopter and then the helicopter will bring me to the airport where I will sit first-class and jet off to my honeymoon destination. Or is it a must to sleep at home on the first night?!

I want a tiffany engagement ring. The one above costs like half a million? HAHAHAH DREAMINGGG. I don't know why but I like square ones. So princess cut or emerald cut. I like the clear flat centre and the sharp corners. More defined rather than all prickly inside like round diamonds. I want them to be surrounded with a band of pavé diamonds. 1 to 3 carats can already. D colour can already.

Van Cleef & Arpels is also a master of fine jewellery, but tiffany is like the trademarked for wedding rings. AND THEN AND THEN, for every five years anniversary, I want a diamond ring. Van Cleef & Arpels one can already, I don't mind. HAHAHAHAH OMG. And jewellery is more meaningful when someone buys it for you. Maybe I'll buy a car for my husband if I'm rich enough.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Diamonds are forever.

Wait. You're saying what if I don't have a rich husband? Nah it's alright. A grand wedding is exhilarating, but finding your true man is a dream no grand wedding can match. And I was kidding about diamonds being a girls best friend.

A materialistic, tangible thing can't be my friend. It wouldn't laugh with me nor tease at me. I love friends more than I love money- I'll always remember that. Even if you're poor, you can get bailed out if you have friends. Being rich and having no friends is pointless. On the other hand, diamonds could definitely be my best accessory.

HOHO ALRIGHT DONE DREAMING! I think I got stressed from exam until I've leaped away from reality. But it's alright.

A girl can dreammmmm!

never listen to people when they tell you it's not possible. it is, everything is.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Instagram and recollections

Oh hello! :)

Instagram was my obsession- for the evening. Because I finally resurrected my iPhone's wifi. I thought it was dead and helpless but all it needed was a software update. And it takes damn long. Like an hour. Had to go KLCC without it.

And you know not having a phone when going out is classified as being an OKU-Orang Kurang Upaya. Which is true since you're tied to mummy's apron strings so you won't get lost. But I borrowed my Dad's phone, lah! Saw Daniel and his girlfriend at KLCC. Shopping at Gucci. AHAHA! I was window-shopping.

Checked out the Mulberry's Alexa Mini. RM3410. Hmmmmmmm. Nevermind, buy in ang moh countries sure cheaper. Maybe cina countries also due to tax refund. Okok don't think about this first.

Was excited to be able to use wifi, but once I take my phone upstairs it's dead again. Weak. Supposed to study but whatsapped for like... 2 hours. And today played with Instagram for about 2 hours. AHAHAH! Lomo-fied some old pictures. I don't want to use phone pictures, blur!

OhhhHHHhhhh... let's reminisce.

The first party I attended of the year! Hohoho! Theng Loo's birthday party. And Weng Hock too. "Dap pang" lar that guy. Met some new people there! Ming Chun and Rysher. Tc Chong was from last year's halloween. Qi Yao was from Zhi Qi's memorial. These few people, not from our school but close to our students. Hahahah!

All have some sort of connections. I love to analyse them, find where people come from. Hohoho. Ming Chun used to study in SSB primary and I was in the same class with him when I was Standard 3. I think. But he so lame lor, class photo day absent. Rysher was same school from Ding. SMK Kepong! And then Ding came to SSB(shit shit)! Rysher is also Xian Jiong's neighbour. Tc Chong is Jason Chin's buddy. They used to go gym together. Qi Yao was Chun Moon's friend and Chun Moon was from Bestari before going to BSD 1.

Get it? :D It's confusing if you don't know them though. AHAHAHAH! See I keep track of everything. I wish I had assignments to stalk people. Like a dirty spy. COME LAH!

And oh yeah, Theng Loo's party was the only one we had to pay for ourselves! Hahahahaha! But it was fun. :) In the end Theng Loo still had to fork out quite a bit. Taxes was about RM400. WTF right?!

The party marked the beginning of my "going-out" ness. I mean, once you try something fun, you'll just want to repeat it lah! :D Came home quite late that night, about 1. That time it was unusual for me. And slowly everyone knew how to drive, how to "pou/lepak".

My birthday always feels early thats why I'm always not ready to celebrate it. I DUNNO. But I did have a party. For like the first time. Buffet at The Curve. Thank God Dad gave me money to settle it myself. Ahahahah! The night I got drunk badly. For the first time. See, not bad what! Seventeen years old only got drunk for the first time! *pats self on back*

Okay I don't want to remember that night. ^^

And then Sim Kuan got her license. The first time when she drove around my house area using Qi Yao's car it was like... really stiff and slow like how I am now. Like how beginners are. But look at her now, one hand on the steering wheel, still doable. I don't know many proficient female drivers in our form. Or at least those who are proficient and can always go out!

Hahahha! Sim Kuan and I are born early. Quite. March lah! A bit "pantang" because if you like someone in your own form, you have 75% chance of them being younger than you. NO, NO, I don't like dating anyone younger.

Okay wait cars. Siet Yen and Li Chen they all still haven't get their license yet. The one I know is Shian Wey, Kar Man. And then soon me lah. Sim Kuan is the ideal driving partner because she likes to nag and she's careful about things. Xuan is the daring one, Harrier also dare to drive. Me, I'm the clumsy one. Pray before you get into my car. Amen!

This was taken during Concert Day. Or prize-giving day. Whatever shit. I like this pic. :D Sim Kuan did the eye makeup because I have clumsy hands and possibly butterfingers. Li Chen is surprisingly the kind who looks better without makeup, the natural beauty kind.

Basically I was happy to get the prize for highest score in Commerce. For those smarty-pants high achiever it's nothing, but for me it's like a rare gem. HAHAHAH!

Singapore's Hard Rock Hotel. I think it was Form 4? Universal Studios wasn't even opened yet at the time. Casino life over there. Las Vegas > Macau > Singapore. I remember I was in Victoria's Secret looking at their stuff and then I heard some "vroom vroom" engine sounds. Being the "pat po" that I was, I quickly went to check it out. A slew of Lamborghinis outside. Fifteen, maybe? In lots of different colours. And so, Lamborghini became my favourite car. Gallardo, lah. That origami look. But I don't think it suits me to drive, I just like looking at it.

Okay enough dreaming :D

This is what I'm facing tonight. <3 I'm prepared. You were quite fun last night, surprisingly. The textbook is too thick and too much of BM words confuzzles me. Sim Kuan is being very serious about studying and fortunately it's rubbing off on me. She's treating this like SPM because she's using trial results to apply college.

Which worries me once again, I'm lost. I don't know what effing college I'm going. Last time, I wanted to study in Europe straightaway. But then now I don't feel so ready, plus I have a car and friends and after SPM fun and all. HAHAHAH! I was keen on UK because studying fashion design here is a bit... dead.

I want to do twinning, lah! Spend one or two years here and then go UK. I don't need to worry going there because I'm going to work there anyway. Spend a lot of time there. VISIT PARIS ITALY, COME BACK AND DO TAX REFUNDS FOR HANDBAG. But they do have a time limit!

Okay, concentrate on SPM now! Just 2 more months, babeh!

Oh yaya add me on Instagram! Bubuchahchah. And this for twitter.

BYES! ;) excuse me if there's any typos. I'm in a hurry to study hohoho!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

DPC & Zhi Qi

Hello :)

Thought today would be one of those rare Saturdays I spend staying at home. Silly me, I didn't even last one whole afternoon... ended up calling Xuan to go DPC! :D *ahem to study, ahem*

Because, studying=quite boring + staying home=quite boring and being outside=less boring. Once I get used to going out, that's it. I can't stand being cooped up. Sim Kuan is different though, she prefers the solitude when studying.

But we did get distracted. :3 *embarassed face* Went to get sushi... and then shopped at Cats Whiskers and finally plopped our asses down to sit in a cafe and study. But then half-way...

Lol. :3 XUAN LAH! She suddenly wanted to camwhore. Take a breathe of fresh air. And then I was like, "OKAY LET'S GO". So we left a note on the table and went to camwhore. AHAHAH! Photo-shoot session among the rocks.

See the picture I took for Xuan. So artistic. BWAHAAH! Forced her to look down. Got the emo feel a bit, no? So many cute, fluffy-assed dogs made appearances around the park. Haiyur. If I stayed in DPC, I wouldn't be able to refrain from getting a fluffball myself. DIE.

Xuan sister, Jia Huan, was also there. Form 1 gang! Amazing, just so young but already so mature! For me la, that's what I think. Because when I was Form 1 I was a dutiful kid, after bell ring straightawaygohome that kind. :))) As good as an angel.

Oh ya saw May Chee with Wei Hong. And Jason Yap and Sheryl Bong. WALAOMAN DPC is crowded with familiar people. That's why even if you're just going there to Maxvalu buy groceries, still have to avoid looking like "ah sum/hag". HAHAHA!

But okay after we were satisfied with camwhoring we went back in obediently. But by the time... the mood to study has already dissipated. WHAT IS THIS KAREN TAN! TRIALS ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!




I just realized how quick it is !@%$!@^

Wait nevermind see somemore camwhore pics first. Lolol! OKAY. Have to potong already. I can't keep this attitude anymore, I will use my (almost) 3 months to study nicely, I hope my mood will cooperate with me and my brain will absorb everything like a greedy sponge. OH YES PLEASE BABY.

At night, went to Zhi Qi's memorial. It's almost a year now. And it's amazing how time heals everything. Before that, you'll see people break down crying remembering her. But now we've all come to accept the fact.

A lot of videos and pictures, done by friends and families dedicated to Zhi Qi. That sampat girl, so many people adore. Bwaahahha! The kiddy videos were the cutest.

I was ashamed to see like no other Bestarians other than Xuan and I until lucky Ding came with his whole gang- King Jiat, Xian Jiong, Weng Hock them. AHAHAH! At least!

Saw the Vivian Loh and the Janice Kam! Bwahahah! Janice Kam memang friendly lor, gave me a big hug when she saw me. Damn flirty, keep calling me her girlfriend. AHAHAHAH! I like I like. Another sampat lady. Vivian Loh is from SMK KB! Her make up was gooood! :D

I had temporarily stopped using eyeliner. My shaky hands don't cut it. Will use eye shadow for now. :D I hate it when things expire before I get to use it though!

Ho-hum that's about it. :) I pray I can wake up for churchie tomorrow. A-men.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

It Bags

This big-assed post will be about handbags because it's what I'm drooling for recently. My friend said it would be better to have sons than daughters because daughters will want to splurge a baffling amount of money on fashion, especially handbags. Then I retorted, "Guys are even worse. They want to splurge on sportcars that can buy 60 chanel bags!". I would know, I have a brother. :)

But if you don't have materialistic kids then it's okay. Chill, chill. When I grow up I want to earn a lot from being in the fashion industry and then spend a lot on fashion. Make sense, no?! Give and take. For me money is useless until you spend it for something. Even if I save, it is to spend on something.

Designers handbags cost a bomb, can buy an economical car at times but people still want to own it. Hèrmes Birkin bag? There's freaking waiting list for it, which can range for six months to five years depending on how lucky or famous you are.

The legendary story has it that the Birkin bag was born when Jane Birkin(the actress) sat beside Jean-Louis Dumas(Hèrmes CEO) on a flight and complained how difficult it was to find a leather weekend bag she liked after the contents from her straw bag spilled from the overhead compartment.

How much? 30k. At least. ^^

They say that the perfect It bag is the only handbag that you'll ever need and the Birkin handbag is touted as that. But in my opinion, it is more fun to have many, many, many handbags. They can be displayed as works of art and store our most intimate things. Art and functionality. If you know how to make these two come together, you can be a millionaire.

There's something exhilarating when you carry a designer handbag, especially an iconic one. It makes you feel like you're part of something big. Not to mention that in Malaysia, salespersons all have that judgy eyes, at least those in high-fashion boutiques. Some won't even bat an eyelid at you until they spot the usual garb of LV and Gucci. But it's natural considering they need to select fruitful potentials for earning comissions.

Oh boy the Chanel 2.55 in caviar.

It takes 6-15 people working up to 18 hours (depending on material) to produce a Chanel 2.55. The workmanship is exquisite and the details are meticulous.

I MEAN WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE GETTING A PETALING STREET BAG AND AN AUTHENTIC ONE?!?!?!? A friend of mine says this before. I hope she doesn't read this. Lolol. Hi Natalie.

For me I can always tell, and I always feel a tinge of shame for the person carrying a fake bag. It's like you want to wear a hat that's too big for you. If that's the case, don't wear any hat at all! You won't die without a designer handbag, there are plenty of fashionable people who can do without the latest It bags. It's something I pursue because. Well. I see them as work of art, as icons.

And oh yeah details. Read around on the internet and you can tell how to spot a fake from a real. The best ones are grade 9A 1:1 replicas. But manufacturers still leave out a tiny detail that will reveal its fakeness. Because in simple truth, when one aren't able to discern the real and the fake, why buy the real? The fake depends on the real to sell, so they give some space for the real to maintain its authenticity. Plus, some things can't be faked.

For some it would be details like the twist-lock back plate on Chanel flap bags. They should have regular screw heads, not Phillips (+) screw heads. In some authentic models there's Phillips screw heads, but only for those made of non-metal materials like tortoiseshell and whatnot.

The top-right C should always overlap the left C and the the bottom-left C should always overlap the right C. I can go on more but I think I'm starting to sound confusing. :3 WELL YOU GET MY POINT?! That the authentic stuff always reign superior. Always.

Sex colours. OMG Union Jack. Prettiest flag. Other flags I like are Australian, American and Italian. Hohoho. And every girl should have a bloody red bag. Dripping blood.

Sweet colours :3 I tend to lean towards pink when buying... everything. AND BEING TOO SWEET CAN BE GROSS OKAY?! I don't want that. But boy they are so lovely to look at. That dreamy lilac shade looks rare. Seldom see it!

Chanel bags are most common in black. Buy one black one. And then go crazy with all the fashionable shades. Of course I am just fantasizing. I wonder if I will be rich enough or not. But I guess by the time I get to the point where I have enough money, these bags wouldn't be as iconic. :/ Dilemma. AIYAH NEVERMIND FANTASIZE FOR NOW. I have the time.

Marc Jacobs Stam satchel! Born when the model Jessica Stam wanted to find a bag big enough to fit her portfolio as well.

Why so expensive? High quality control and expertise.

Another iconic handbag named after a lady is Mulberry's Alexa satchel. That veejay Alexa Chung. :) I have no idea how she got so famous. Mulberry's iconic point is always the oval lock. And they don't come cheap. Very, very expensive surprisingly.

Mulberry sounds like Burberry but they're completely two different things. Emilio Pucci and Gucci as well. But Jimmy Chia and Jimmy Choo is too imitative. His shoes are pretty but it looks obvious he's trying to feed off Jimmy Choo. Of course you can't help if you're named almost similar with someone more famous in the same line of work as you and therefore may live in his shadow but it seems obvious in this case that he's using the similarity to his advantage.

Satchel- bag with strap
Tote- medium/large bag with two handles
Clutch- without handle
Duffle- big and cylindrical, for travelling

Suprisingly, spotted a lust-worthy D&G handbag on Tumblr. I want the red one. I wish I had a Doraemon or had the ability to grab things I see on my monitor. Boy I'd never need to shop again. Ever.

Sweet bag. :)) Prada and Miu Miu makes different handbags, but you can tell notes of similarity sometimes. Especially the scrunched leather look. I wonder if Miuccia Prada woke up one day and thought, why not I have not one but two fashion lines? Like a boss. Lol. Turns out Miu Miu is meant to be the "less expensive" cousin. Not the apostrophes very carefully. IS THAT HER MEANING OF LESS EXPENSIVE !@!^%@$

The fairy bag, collaborated with artist James Jean. Limited edition. :( I like seeing collaborations because they inject a fresh air to an old brand. I remember seeing a lot of these when I was in Italy like 2 years ago. Spanish Steps is the place to shop. A shopping heaven so beautiful you'll get dizzy. AHAHAH!

Italy and France are really the best place to get handbags. LV Chanel cheapest in the world at Paris. Gucci, Prada, Valentino- Italy. MY GOD. Two places where high-fashion is born. Fashion breeds fashion, and Europe is a culture hub of Arts. And get this, when you bring the handbags back to Malaysia you'll get 30% tax refund. Crazy, crazy.

Say a Chanel 2.55. Here it's 10k. In Paris, 7k. Minus 30%, 5k. CAN SEE HOW MUCH YOU'LL SAVE?

And I can't remember when I've ever blogged for this long. And I'm not done yet. ^^

This mini Prada bag. I did a little research. I actually wanted to get this one in Australia, but luckily I didn't. It's really small!

OKAY KIASUNESS, PEOPLE. I searched their online shop. Pretended to be Italian and then American. AHAHHA.

Italy- Euro 485/ RM 2077
USA- USD 690/ RM 2132

Okay wait Australia I remember it was around 900 but AUD 890= RM 2838. WHAT! SO BIG DIFFERENCE! And then snop Malaysia price too. But I don't think they have this bag. It's supposed to be Christmas limited edition but then it was a hot favourite so they didn't discontinue it.

Sigh Malaysia will always lag a few seasons behind. OKAY EXAGGERATING MAYBE.

This backpack looks classy for school. Or travelling. I'm glad I used a backpack instead of handbag for the Australia trip. So you can be handsfree always.

Lady Dior Cannage Bag. Undying classic, something you'll never go wrong with. I think Xuan and Mimi's mummies have it. But other than the classics, you should always have some fashionable ones at your disposal in your handbag arsenal.

Sigh. I wish I had a mum who splurged on handbags and gave me her leftovers. Culprits in point- SIM KUAN. JI MUN. Okay nevermind, should be grateful for what I have too! Hmm, I think when grown-ups own designer handbags it's nothing, but when a teen own it it's more outrageous. Because it's obvious they don't have the means to buy it at their age.

This is cute. :3 Reminds me of Paris Hilton somehow. A bit costume-ish and girly.

Gucci joy boston bag! My favourite from Gucci. So... sublime. Brown gucci bags have a tendency to look on the "old" side though. Especially the one with bamboo finishings!

And last, the brand that was once ubiquitously coveted but now so common. I bring you...

Louis Vuitton!

Damier Azur Speedy 30. The brown one, I assure you, you can never be in a shopping complex without at least spotting one. AT LEAST. ESPECIALLY PAVILLION. But it looks like a nice everyday bag.

Murakami Beverly MM

Vernis Alma MM. Bloody sex red. It looks hot and intimidating. Reminds me of Victoria Beckham. Other iconic handbags are Cèline's boston tote, YSL Muse, hmm.... Chanel PST, Chanel GST. They're all pretty big though, and grown-up.

I like don't like bags that are too bulky, otherwise it will be too much of a burden to carry. The basics to carry are just handphone, purse and camera. If I have space I would ideally fit a continental wallet, my fujifilm, a mini book, iPod, basic make-up. But most of the time I can do without them. Sometimes carrying more things just makes you feel... safer.

But. One but. At the end, no matter how much I adore It bags, I'd choose friends over money any day. The good old topic. Because you can have all the money in the world and still feel empty. What's the point of having good things when you have no one to show off to, no one to share with? None.

but, I'll do a job I love and buy shit I don't need but want so much, maybe it becomes a need. hoho. tata suckers.