Sunday, 4 September 2011


Hello! :)

Went to Australia for 9 days during the holidays. Yummy. I like travelling, can busybody with other people's culture. Bwahahah! Went to Brisbane and Gold Coast before, but I was really little. Like 4. This time it's Melbourne and Sydney.

Chilly and breezy. The leather jackets I bought with Xuan just the day before were life-savers. Winter fashion is more somber because it actually has a function other than covering you up; that is to keep you warm. Definitely more expensive but also definitely more functional.

I found new angles to camwhore. :DD Desperation transformed into creativity, ta-da! A new way to fit my body while holding the camera. I WANT TO BE IN THE PICTURE AND BE ABLE TO CONTROL THE ANGLE. !!$@^$!^@.

I'm vain... I like taking pictures of people but I like it even more when I'm in it. ;(

LOLOL what a cute bugger of koala behind me. This was on the way to some famous place with a lot of rocks but I found the koala to be more interesting than the mountain. Basically it was long sleeve leather jacket skirt leggings boots for the whole trip. Teehee!

The thing with cold weather is you're not supposed to fight it. Don't be afraid of the cold, embrace to breeziness. Mmm. But wth after I did that, came back to Malaysia so so so so hot.

Oh yes the Western's people Art of Doing Nothing. IN MALAYSIA CAN PLOP DOWN YOUR BELONGINGS AND LAY ON A PATCH OF GRASS OR NOT?!?!? People sure think you siao!

The air is also very the fresh. Australia is a nice country but I still love Malaysia more. I prefer Melbourne more than Sydney. If you wanna go study there, go Melbourne! If I took something other than fashion, I would. Straightaway fly there! But fashion must be in Europe only boom boom boom happening! And Sydney is more quiet. They say that Sydney was where prisoners were exiled to... ahem.

What makes life exciting is friends. What makes life secured is family. When you're out alone in another country, you won't have that. Building from zero takes time. But I'll try that one day, dare to spread out your wings and fly. Hohohho. If you want to live, there's no place to be afraid.

I want all the big cities. Milan. Paris. New York. Actually fashion capitals lah! Big cities with a lot of people and people who dress up. Mmmm. Fashion is what I like. The art of pretence.

Since I cannot do both, I will do expensive accesories and cheap clothes. WOW REALLY. Some cheap ass lowly clothes can look damn high class if you know how to accessorize and wear it with attitude. :))) Plus, accessories are a good investment because they can be incorporated to many different outfits. Dresses are expensive but bought more for the novelty factor. How fun to jump into a new dress and twirl around in it weeeee.

This is Federation Square. The building of the future.

You cannot see it in the picture, but there was a lot of greenies to lie on where I perfected the Art of Doing Nothing. I kept eating chocolate when I was there. Nice to in cold weather. Your body works harder to maintain its body temperature and you get hungry more. And also pee more because your blood circulate faster. Actually that was my own conclusion but macam yes. Hoho. And I was finding the lomography shop and I did but they didn't have the camera I wanted. :(

Australia what also burn-your-ass expensive man. :( I shall now be ever so grateful for all the cheapskate stuff in Malaysia. Twisties RM10. Fujifilm Mini 25 here RM440 there RM600 plus. CRAZY CRAZY. Currency gap?!?!? Taxes?!?! Import fees?!?!? WTEJWFEJFW sooooo expensive? But I did not waste money buying mineral water. Had fun with tap water. Weeeeee free and abundant, free and abundant.

The people there have high wages but also high income tax. Really really high. 40%, 50%, earn more give more. So... sad. Their salary comes every week though, not every month like ours. Every Thursday. On Wednesday your friends may want to borrow a little money. On Thursday the salary comes and so does shopping day! Shopping malls close later on that day. Usually they close at 5 in the evening which is shitty and lame. I really want to give money for you to earn, you don't want?!?!

Lolol oh yeah the iconic Sydney opera house. Darling harbour. And oh I gotten a little bit more street-smart already! We followed tour but there was a couple of free days and one of them I went exploring the streets myself. :D

Melbourne is easy lah! Their streets are very organized. Learnt to use maps. Rented a bike to ride around Yarra River. That was nice because I hadn't cycled for a long time let alone cyled in another country.

But I got freaked though by a stranger. I don't know if he was simply being friendly or what... I'm very of strangers, you have to be in a country like Malaysia. Especially... banglas. I DUNNO WHY LAH. Some people just have that stalker look.

He was around the park and he said something about cycling being great exercise when I passed by him. And then when I sat to rest he kept asking me questions, if I was lost or not bla bla bla. Where was I from. Quickly left some excuses and left, lucky he didn't follow or anything. Or maybe I was being paranoid. :/

But otherwise it was fun to cycle. Saw a skate park as well with all the skids and ramps. Skater boys, scene boys.

Oh yeah my brada! So long never take pic with him. I kept forcing him to take pics for me since he's honing his photography skils anyway.

And also utilized the Fujifilm Instax nicely! :DD Shiok! Heartbreakingly high-maintenance but shiok!

Can you tell I took those pics by myself? :D I plopped the cam on the floor weh oh weh and set the timer then ran to the spot. AHAHAHA. I like having creativity control. And I got told of by the guard for that picture. Because I was on the staircase pillars and didn't notice how high it was.

Random: the bird from Finding Nemo. Mine mine mine.

Random: A girl under coconut tree. ISSIT?! COCONUT TREE RIGHT?! LOOK LIKE SUMMER OR NOT?!

Random: girl in front of light house.

It's nice to have a lot of light when taking pictures. Outdoors always work well when there's sunlight. Yum. Pimples also cannot see. Bwahaha! And also one of the stupid housekeepers threw away my lens cap so it was either being half-blind or wear specs. And then everytime I wanted to camwhore, I quickly removed my specs like 123.

And for me, the Penguin Parade and Dolphin Cruise was very very shiok. :D It's not like seeing animals in zoos, it was visiting animals in their own natural habitat. Penguin Parade was seeing penguins returning home from shore and you can follow them up to their burrows.

The Australians really care about animal conservation and have a sense of ecological care. The money you pay to see the penguins goes toward conserving them anyway.

Dolphin Cruise was like watching them swim right beneath at the boat. The sea is beautiful, I could stare at it forever. And I did, until the cruise reached the shore. Lolol.

Well I had hopes for shopping but I conserved my money right until the last 2 days. And then, boom! 70% gone in the last 2 days. Paddy's market was good for getting cheap clothes. And the normal clothes are like few hundred. Not even special, high fashion ones. High street got la! I hate buying expensive clothes. I like buying expensive accessories. No actually if I have money I will do both.

Overall I am happy I got to travel. :) Very happy and thankful. :D Thanks to daddy. ^^

Travelling is like $$$$={poof}

But $hiok! Teehee! Good day mate! Bye darling! (how the Aussies roll)

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