Sunday, 25 September 2011

Denim days

Infect me with your love and fill me with your poison.

Illuminati songs are so addicting. You know what's Illuminati? It's the cult of the devil and their stuff will eat your brains out. Lolol serious :) Read here. Hahahha!

I did go to church today, but late. It's not the problem of waking up, it's getting out of my bed that's the problem. It's so comfortable I wanna marry it. Ohhh baby.

YOU KNOW IT'S SO HARD TO CONTROL ANGLES AND BE IN THE FRAME AS WELL?! Lucky my camera has dual LCD. Hahhaha! The first few shots ended up looking a bit slutty because I kept contorting myself to fit the frame. Alololo.

And also after going to church, I have henceforth decided that I will abstain from swearing by today onwards. Because it's rude, it's not lady-like, it's not polite, it's not christian-like. But boy, is it lovely for expressing yourself. Sometimes. In the mean time, I will use "tut" to replace the urge of swearing.

I did stop for a while before this. But then, you know when you're with people who regularly pepper conversations with vulgar words, you'll do the same. I'm like that with people, I absorb their habits and interests. Like an unbiased sponge. :3

Hahhaha! An I'm a tit for tat person. If someone swears to me I'll throw them !@%@& back. But, an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. So I shall stop.

And if you need help with breaking a habit- here's one. Wear a bracelet on your wrist. When you repeat the habit that you wanted to break, you have to switch it to another wrist. The point is to keep the bracelet on the same wrist for 21 days (the time it takes for most people to break a habit properly).

So, say I want to stop swearing. When I swear, I have to switch the bracelet to another side. If I've gotten through 7 days but then sweared, I'll have to change sides and start over again. Poo poo!

As usual, went to KLCC today. Was so surprised to see Balenciaga hatching in KLCC!

Their clothes is not really my style- more like Sim Kuan's. Edgy and sharp with sleek silhouettes. Mine is like... girly and flowy. But that's the thing, you're supposed to mix things up and not stick to the same same thing.

I only remember it was made popular suddenly by Lindsay Lohan. Ages ago during her golden years. I get excited when well-known brands make their way here. Not just because I can have access to them, but that Malaysia is well-known enough to have well-known brands want to open a branch here. OH COME Van Cleef & Arpels. Lanvin. Valentino. Luella Bartley.

But hmm. KLCC is only nice if you have unlimited flow of cash. Pavillion, at least if you're poor you can sheepishly walk over to the Fahrenheit 88 opposite.

Hohoho! The place where Mirrorcle lives. :))) It was after I discovered boutique shopping that I found it silly to buy high-street clothes (Top Shop, Forever 21, Zara). For the same price, you can get 5 items. High-street isn't even designer. I don't like that some of their clothes are just disposable fashion but they cost so much.

But more baffling, is when designer clothes look like rubbish. It happens. Expensive rubbish. A black nondescript sack. Casual printed tees. And even more baffling, that the expensive rubbish gets sold. I really hate it when expensive stuff without quality gets sold !@*!@.

But okay designer tees, there's the expensive ones but the ones with extra touch, extra details and embellishment. Even the fabric has a different feel. And then there's the expensive ones but the ones which looks half-assed. And some polyester shit. Wait shit and ass not swearing right? Or my standard too low and acceptability too high? HAHAHAHAH! .... probably. Okay sorry :(

So you get?! Lolol sorry I tend to get lengthy when talking about things I like. Fashion fashion baby.

Wore Mirrorcle denim top today. I seldom touch denim, because, no jeans. Hahahaha! But that's also good, because some people get lazy when they wear jeans. They count on them for everything because it's so versatile. Soon, you will imagine in your head that the bottom-half of their body always stays the same-covered in jeans. HOW CAN?!

The top was about RM50-ish? But most top from Mirrorcle are about 30 bucks a pop. THAT'S WHY. CHEAP & CHIC OH MY! But- you have to check properly. Some of them with embellishments can come off. So, value for your money. Sometimes it is worth it to get high-street ones.

Skirt was from Armani Exchange. I think I bought it when I was Form 3? I don't know. I still have another white one I bought when I was Form 1. Still fits. Wait that was CK. HAHHAHA. But the point is that some designer pieces are worth investing because you can wear it over and over.

It's like, RM 500 skirt but you wear it for few years. About 30 times. So it's only RM 16 per wear. Compared to getting a RM 50 skirt and it breaks after 2 wears. GOT USE?!

Hahaha okay you get the point. The bag is the Prada one from Australia. One thing is that I only get to buy designer bags when I'm overseas because it's much cheaper and parent's wallets are definitely looser that time. Otherwise, NO, NO, NO. Lolol xD Continuing the expensive bag and cheap clothes theme. AHAHAHAH! The bag can buy about 60 of the same top. But the bag can be worn with more than 600 outfits. GOOD REASONING? HAHAHAH!

I need heels. And I forgot. Christian Louboutin. Please come to Malaysia. Any designer label worth it's salt would have a memorable and instantly recognisable trademark. Whether it's the double C clasp, the burberry tartan, the LV monogram, the Mulberry oval buckle. For Louboutins, it's the red sole.

Stuart Weitzman is also nice. But I think if Louboutin comes to Malaysia, I won't even get to buy it. See also nice. BWAHAHAH! Stuart's price range is like, RM1000- RM3000. X.X

I used to not care about shoes. Because it's the lowest part of our outfit and our line of sight doesn't extend to it that often. So why bother. But I was wrong- shoes are more than capable of making a statement, especially when you show some skin to get attention there. And, shoes make or break an outfit. Accessories are important to take your outfit to the next level.


Another important thing it affects is your walk. They give you the swagger, the strut. Enough said.

Miu Miu platforms. :))) Platforms really help to give comfort when you need the height in high heels. Anything under 4 inch is amateur.

Alexander McQueen. Not at all practical, but since when does Art has to be?! Famous too, for the Lady Gaga lobster heels in Bad Romance. Or Armadillo heels in formal sense. Honestly though, don't be too ambitious with heels. Take what you're ready. If you aren't then practise at home first.

Because, you'd never want to fall down in public. Me? I HAD. :))) Luckily no one saw. Wait, two people. My subconscious has shielded me from remembering.

The third thing with heels is also about having that extra height. And petite girls need it. First thing is to elevate the outfit. Second thing is to give you the strut and swagger. Doesn't matter number what, just these three important reasons to wear heels.

Valentino lace heels. Reminds me of Black Swan. Very badly.

Yves Saint Laurent heels inspired by teh Eiffel Tower.

HAHAH! Okay done drooling about shoes. Another thing, heels aren't always suitable. The one big thing NOT to wear heels is when you need comfort. Don't be so stubborn and make your poor feet suffer. Do fashion safely! HAHAHAH! I will always put a pair of slippers in my car.

Tata! Hope you guys had a nice weekend! ;)

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