Sunday, 18 September 2011

DPC & Zhi Qi

Hello :)

Thought today would be one of those rare Saturdays I spend staying at home. Silly me, I didn't even last one whole afternoon... ended up calling Xuan to go DPC! :D *ahem to study, ahem*

Because, studying=quite boring + staying home=quite boring and being outside=less boring. Once I get used to going out, that's it. I can't stand being cooped up. Sim Kuan is different though, she prefers the solitude when studying.

But we did get distracted. :3 *embarassed face* Went to get sushi... and then shopped at Cats Whiskers and finally plopped our asses down to sit in a cafe and study. But then half-way...

Lol. :3 XUAN LAH! She suddenly wanted to camwhore. Take a breathe of fresh air. And then I was like, "OKAY LET'S GO". So we left a note on the table and went to camwhore. AHAHAH! Photo-shoot session among the rocks.

See the picture I took for Xuan. So artistic. BWAHAAH! Forced her to look down. Got the emo feel a bit, no? So many cute, fluffy-assed dogs made appearances around the park. Haiyur. If I stayed in DPC, I wouldn't be able to refrain from getting a fluffball myself. DIE.

Xuan sister, Jia Huan, was also there. Form 1 gang! Amazing, just so young but already so mature! For me la, that's what I think. Because when I was Form 1 I was a dutiful kid, after bell ring straightawaygohome that kind. :))) As good as an angel.

Oh ya saw May Chee with Wei Hong. And Jason Yap and Sheryl Bong. WALAOMAN DPC is crowded with familiar people. That's why even if you're just going there to Maxvalu buy groceries, still have to avoid looking like "ah sum/hag". HAHAHA!

But okay after we were satisfied with camwhoring we went back in obediently. But by the time... the mood to study has already dissipated. WHAT IS THIS KAREN TAN! TRIALS ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!




I just realized how quick it is !@%$!@^

Wait nevermind see somemore camwhore pics first. Lolol! OKAY. Have to potong already. I can't keep this attitude anymore, I will use my (almost) 3 months to study nicely, I hope my mood will cooperate with me and my brain will absorb everything like a greedy sponge. OH YES PLEASE BABY.

At night, went to Zhi Qi's memorial. It's almost a year now. And it's amazing how time heals everything. Before that, you'll see people break down crying remembering her. But now we've all come to accept the fact.

A lot of videos and pictures, done by friends and families dedicated to Zhi Qi. That sampat girl, so many people adore. Bwaahahha! The kiddy videos were the cutest.

I was ashamed to see like no other Bestarians other than Xuan and I until lucky Ding came with his whole gang- King Jiat, Xian Jiong, Weng Hock them. AHAHAH! At least!

Saw the Vivian Loh and the Janice Kam! Bwahahah! Janice Kam memang friendly lor, gave me a big hug when she saw me. Damn flirty, keep calling me her girlfriend. AHAHAHAH! I like I like. Another sampat lady. Vivian Loh is from SMK KB! Her make up was gooood! :D

I had temporarily stopped using eyeliner. My shaky hands don't cut it. Will use eye shadow for now. :D I hate it when things expire before I get to use it though!

Ho-hum that's about it. :) I pray I can wake up for churchie tomorrow. A-men.

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