Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Get on with it

Ello :)

Trials is next week isn't it? Too lazy to check. With things I'm not interested in, I ignore it until I'm forced to deal with it. And you know what? I hate it when people want to plan things and say, "wait until after exams".

NO. Life does not revolve around exams, it doesn't pause so that you can be a hermit and tremble at the thought of not scoring As. What's the point of sitting at home? For me, none, because I hate touching books at home. School time is meant for studying and 8 hours for most days is enough. More than enough, unless you chat and sleep the time away...

But if you always wait until after exams, it's never going to be enough. Life is one trial after another, so live a little. You say wait until after UPSR. And then PMR. Then SPM. Then STPM and God knows what.

Though I must say I've lost interest in studying a little. But it's about time man I've been in school for around a decade. !@$!%^ Form threes or whatever please focus on your studies ^^ I slacked off only, only only starting from this year.

So everyone is planning what to do after SPM. Oh boy. I'm imagining it to be like that. :3 Having a party is easy. Lights, music and booze. Andddd, the right crowd. Wait that's for getting high. At least the front part. The important one is the friends you're with, lah!

Okay I'm gonna keep things under the wraps. More surprise when it happens, and I don't have to feel the anticipation so much. Spontaneous outings for nawww.


and I mounted myself on a ladder to camwhore

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