Monday, 19 September 2011

Instagram and recollections

Oh hello! :)

Instagram was my obsession- for the evening. Because I finally resurrected my iPhone's wifi. I thought it was dead and helpless but all it needed was a software update. And it takes damn long. Like an hour. Had to go KLCC without it.

And you know not having a phone when going out is classified as being an OKU-Orang Kurang Upaya. Which is true since you're tied to mummy's apron strings so you won't get lost. But I borrowed my Dad's phone, lah! Saw Daniel and his girlfriend at KLCC. Shopping at Gucci. AHAHA! I was window-shopping.

Checked out the Mulberry's Alexa Mini. RM3410. Hmmmmmmm. Nevermind, buy in ang moh countries sure cheaper. Maybe cina countries also due to tax refund. Okok don't think about this first.

Was excited to be able to use wifi, but once I take my phone upstairs it's dead again. Weak. Supposed to study but whatsapped for like... 2 hours. And today played with Instagram for about 2 hours. AHAHAH! Lomo-fied some old pictures. I don't want to use phone pictures, blur!

OhhhHHHhhhh... let's reminisce.

The first party I attended of the year! Hohoho! Theng Loo's birthday party. And Weng Hock too. "Dap pang" lar that guy. Met some new people there! Ming Chun and Rysher. Tc Chong was from last year's halloween. Qi Yao was from Zhi Qi's memorial. These few people, not from our school but close to our students. Hahahah!

All have some sort of connections. I love to analyse them, find where people come from. Hohoho. Ming Chun used to study in SSB primary and I was in the same class with him when I was Standard 3. I think. But he so lame lor, class photo day absent. Rysher was same school from Ding. SMK Kepong! And then Ding came to SSB(shit shit)! Rysher is also Xian Jiong's neighbour. Tc Chong is Jason Chin's buddy. They used to go gym together. Qi Yao was Chun Moon's friend and Chun Moon was from Bestari before going to BSD 1.

Get it? :D It's confusing if you don't know them though. AHAHAHAH! See I keep track of everything. I wish I had assignments to stalk people. Like a dirty spy. COME LAH!

And oh yeah, Theng Loo's party was the only one we had to pay for ourselves! Hahahahaha! But it was fun. :) In the end Theng Loo still had to fork out quite a bit. Taxes was about RM400. WTF right?!

The party marked the beginning of my "going-out" ness. I mean, once you try something fun, you'll just want to repeat it lah! :D Came home quite late that night, about 1. That time it was unusual for me. And slowly everyone knew how to drive, how to "pou/lepak".

My birthday always feels early thats why I'm always not ready to celebrate it. I DUNNO. But I did have a party. For like the first time. Buffet at The Curve. Thank God Dad gave me money to settle it myself. Ahahahah! The night I got drunk badly. For the first time. See, not bad what! Seventeen years old only got drunk for the first time! *pats self on back*

Okay I don't want to remember that night. ^^

And then Sim Kuan got her license. The first time when she drove around my house area using Qi Yao's car it was like... really stiff and slow like how I am now. Like how beginners are. But look at her now, one hand on the steering wheel, still doable. I don't know many proficient female drivers in our form. Or at least those who are proficient and can always go out!

Hahahha! Sim Kuan and I are born early. Quite. March lah! A bit "pantang" because if you like someone in your own form, you have 75% chance of them being younger than you. NO, NO, I don't like dating anyone younger.

Okay wait cars. Siet Yen and Li Chen they all still haven't get their license yet. The one I know is Shian Wey, Kar Man. And then soon me lah. Sim Kuan is the ideal driving partner because she likes to nag and she's careful about things. Xuan is the daring one, Harrier also dare to drive. Me, I'm the clumsy one. Pray before you get into my car. Amen!

This was taken during Concert Day. Or prize-giving day. Whatever shit. I like this pic. :D Sim Kuan did the eye makeup because I have clumsy hands and possibly butterfingers. Li Chen is surprisingly the kind who looks better without makeup, the natural beauty kind.

Basically I was happy to get the prize for highest score in Commerce. For those smarty-pants high achiever it's nothing, but for me it's like a rare gem. HAHAHAH!

Singapore's Hard Rock Hotel. I think it was Form 4? Universal Studios wasn't even opened yet at the time. Casino life over there. Las Vegas > Macau > Singapore. I remember I was in Victoria's Secret looking at their stuff and then I heard some "vroom vroom" engine sounds. Being the "pat po" that I was, I quickly went to check it out. A slew of Lamborghinis outside. Fifteen, maybe? In lots of different colours. And so, Lamborghini became my favourite car. Gallardo, lah. That origami look. But I don't think it suits me to drive, I just like looking at it.

Okay enough dreaming :D

This is what I'm facing tonight. <3 I'm prepared. You were quite fun last night, surprisingly. The textbook is too thick and too much of BM words confuzzles me. Sim Kuan is being very serious about studying and fortunately it's rubbing off on me. She's treating this like SPM because she's using trial results to apply college.

Which worries me once again, I'm lost. I don't know what effing college I'm going. Last time, I wanted to study in Europe straightaway. But then now I don't feel so ready, plus I have a car and friends and after SPM fun and all. HAHAHAH! I was keen on UK because studying fashion design here is a bit... dead.

I want to do twinning, lah! Spend one or two years here and then go UK. I don't need to worry going there because I'm going to work there anyway. Spend a lot of time there. VISIT PARIS ITALY, COME BACK AND DO TAX REFUNDS FOR HANDBAG. But they do have a time limit!

Okay, concentrate on SPM now! Just 2 more months, babeh!

Oh yaya add me on Instagram! Bubuchahchah. And this for twitter.

BYES! ;) excuse me if there's any typos. I'm in a hurry to study hohoho!

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