Thursday, 15 September 2011

It Bags

This big-assed post will be about handbags because it's what I'm drooling for recently. My friend said it would be better to have sons than daughters because daughters will want to splurge a baffling amount of money on fashion, especially handbags. Then I retorted, "Guys are even worse. They want to splurge on sportcars that can buy 60 chanel bags!". I would know, I have a brother. :)

But if you don't have materialistic kids then it's okay. Chill, chill. When I grow up I want to earn a lot from being in the fashion industry and then spend a lot on fashion. Make sense, no?! Give and take. For me money is useless until you spend it for something. Even if I save, it is to spend on something.

Designers handbags cost a bomb, can buy an economical car at times but people still want to own it. Hèrmes Birkin bag? There's freaking waiting list for it, which can range for six months to five years depending on how lucky or famous you are.

The legendary story has it that the Birkin bag was born when Jane Birkin(the actress) sat beside Jean-Louis Dumas(Hèrmes CEO) on a flight and complained how difficult it was to find a leather weekend bag she liked after the contents from her straw bag spilled from the overhead compartment.

How much? 30k. At least. ^^

They say that the perfect It bag is the only handbag that you'll ever need and the Birkin handbag is touted as that. But in my opinion, it is more fun to have many, many, many handbags. They can be displayed as works of art and store our most intimate things. Art and functionality. If you know how to make these two come together, you can be a millionaire.

There's something exhilarating when you carry a designer handbag, especially an iconic one. It makes you feel like you're part of something big. Not to mention that in Malaysia, salespersons all have that judgy eyes, at least those in high-fashion boutiques. Some won't even bat an eyelid at you until they spot the usual garb of LV and Gucci. But it's natural considering they need to select fruitful potentials for earning comissions.

Oh boy the Chanel 2.55 in caviar.

It takes 6-15 people working up to 18 hours (depending on material) to produce a Chanel 2.55. The workmanship is exquisite and the details are meticulous.

I MEAN WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE GETTING A PETALING STREET BAG AND AN AUTHENTIC ONE?!?!?!? A friend of mine says this before. I hope she doesn't read this. Lolol. Hi Natalie.

For me I can always tell, and I always feel a tinge of shame for the person carrying a fake bag. It's like you want to wear a hat that's too big for you. If that's the case, don't wear any hat at all! You won't die without a designer handbag, there are plenty of fashionable people who can do without the latest It bags. It's something I pursue because. Well. I see them as work of art, as icons.

And oh yeah details. Read around on the internet and you can tell how to spot a fake from a real. The best ones are grade 9A 1:1 replicas. But manufacturers still leave out a tiny detail that will reveal its fakeness. Because in simple truth, when one aren't able to discern the real and the fake, why buy the real? The fake depends on the real to sell, so they give some space for the real to maintain its authenticity. Plus, some things can't be faked.

For some it would be details like the twist-lock back plate on Chanel flap bags. They should have regular screw heads, not Phillips (+) screw heads. In some authentic models there's Phillips screw heads, but only for those made of non-metal materials like tortoiseshell and whatnot.

The top-right C should always overlap the left C and the the bottom-left C should always overlap the right C. I can go on more but I think I'm starting to sound confusing. :3 WELL YOU GET MY POINT?! That the authentic stuff always reign superior. Always.

Sex colours. OMG Union Jack. Prettiest flag. Other flags I like are Australian, American and Italian. Hohoho. And every girl should have a bloody red bag. Dripping blood.

Sweet colours :3 I tend to lean towards pink when buying... everything. AND BEING TOO SWEET CAN BE GROSS OKAY?! I don't want that. But boy they are so lovely to look at. That dreamy lilac shade looks rare. Seldom see it!

Chanel bags are most common in black. Buy one black one. And then go crazy with all the fashionable shades. Of course I am just fantasizing. I wonder if I will be rich enough or not. But I guess by the time I get to the point where I have enough money, these bags wouldn't be as iconic. :/ Dilemma. AIYAH NEVERMIND FANTASIZE FOR NOW. I have the time.

Marc Jacobs Stam satchel! Born when the model Jessica Stam wanted to find a bag big enough to fit her portfolio as well.

Why so expensive? High quality control and expertise.

Another iconic handbag named after a lady is Mulberry's Alexa satchel. That veejay Alexa Chung. :) I have no idea how she got so famous. Mulberry's iconic point is always the oval lock. And they don't come cheap. Very, very expensive surprisingly.

Mulberry sounds like Burberry but they're completely two different things. Emilio Pucci and Gucci as well. But Jimmy Chia and Jimmy Choo is too imitative. His shoes are pretty but it looks obvious he's trying to feed off Jimmy Choo. Of course you can't help if you're named almost similar with someone more famous in the same line of work as you and therefore may live in his shadow but it seems obvious in this case that he's using the similarity to his advantage.

Satchel- bag with strap
Tote- medium/large bag with two handles
Clutch- without handle
Duffle- big and cylindrical, for travelling

Suprisingly, spotted a lust-worthy D&G handbag on Tumblr. I want the red one. I wish I had a Doraemon or had the ability to grab things I see on my monitor. Boy I'd never need to shop again. Ever.

Sweet bag. :)) Prada and Miu Miu makes different handbags, but you can tell notes of similarity sometimes. Especially the scrunched leather look. I wonder if Miuccia Prada woke up one day and thought, why not I have not one but two fashion lines? Like a boss. Lol. Turns out Miu Miu is meant to be the "less expensive" cousin. Not the apostrophes very carefully. IS THAT HER MEANING OF LESS EXPENSIVE !@!^%@$

The fairy bag, collaborated with artist James Jean. Limited edition. :( I like seeing collaborations because they inject a fresh air to an old brand. I remember seeing a lot of these when I was in Italy like 2 years ago. Spanish Steps is the place to shop. A shopping heaven so beautiful you'll get dizzy. AHAHAH!

Italy and France are really the best place to get handbags. LV Chanel cheapest in the world at Paris. Gucci, Prada, Valentino- Italy. MY GOD. Two places where high-fashion is born. Fashion breeds fashion, and Europe is a culture hub of Arts. And get this, when you bring the handbags back to Malaysia you'll get 30% tax refund. Crazy, crazy.

Say a Chanel 2.55. Here it's 10k. In Paris, 7k. Minus 30%, 5k. CAN SEE HOW MUCH YOU'LL SAVE?

And I can't remember when I've ever blogged for this long. And I'm not done yet. ^^

This mini Prada bag. I did a little research. I actually wanted to get this one in Australia, but luckily I didn't. It's really small!

OKAY KIASUNESS, PEOPLE. I searched their online shop. Pretended to be Italian and then American. AHAHHA.

Italy- Euro 485/ RM 2077
USA- USD 690/ RM 2132

Okay wait Australia I remember it was around 900 but AUD 890= RM 2838. WHAT! SO BIG DIFFERENCE! And then snop Malaysia price too. But I don't think they have this bag. It's supposed to be Christmas limited edition but then it was a hot favourite so they didn't discontinue it.

Sigh Malaysia will always lag a few seasons behind. OKAY EXAGGERATING MAYBE.

This backpack looks classy for school. Or travelling. I'm glad I used a backpack instead of handbag for the Australia trip. So you can be handsfree always.

Lady Dior Cannage Bag. Undying classic, something you'll never go wrong with. I think Xuan and Mimi's mummies have it. But other than the classics, you should always have some fashionable ones at your disposal in your handbag arsenal.

Sigh. I wish I had a mum who splurged on handbags and gave me her leftovers. Culprits in point- SIM KUAN. JI MUN. Okay nevermind, should be grateful for what I have too! Hmm, I think when grown-ups own designer handbags it's nothing, but when a teen own it it's more outrageous. Because it's obvious they don't have the means to buy it at their age.

This is cute. :3 Reminds me of Paris Hilton somehow. A bit costume-ish and girly.

Gucci joy boston bag! My favourite from Gucci. So... sublime. Brown gucci bags have a tendency to look on the "old" side though. Especially the one with bamboo finishings!

And last, the brand that was once ubiquitously coveted but now so common. I bring you...

Louis Vuitton!

Damier Azur Speedy 30. The brown one, I assure you, you can never be in a shopping complex without at least spotting one. AT LEAST. ESPECIALLY PAVILLION. But it looks like a nice everyday bag.

Murakami Beverly MM

Vernis Alma MM. Bloody sex red. It looks hot and intimidating. Reminds me of Victoria Beckham. Other iconic handbags are Cèline's boston tote, YSL Muse, hmm.... Chanel PST, Chanel GST. They're all pretty big though, and grown-up.

I like don't like bags that are too bulky, otherwise it will be too much of a burden to carry. The basics to carry are just handphone, purse and camera. If I have space I would ideally fit a continental wallet, my fujifilm, a mini book, iPod, basic make-up. But most of the time I can do without them. Sometimes carrying more things just makes you feel... safer.

But. One but. At the end, no matter how much I adore It bags, I'd choose friends over money any day. The good old topic. Because you can have all the money in the world and still feel empty. What's the point of having good things when you have no one to show off to, no one to share with? None.

but, I'll do a job I love and buy shit I don't need but want so much, maybe it becomes a need. hoho. tata suckers.

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