Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Twitter was madness tonight. A joke about someone's death. Our dear Indian friend. Click on the picture to see the bigger screenshot. Wtf man they got me.

At first we thought they were kidding, because they put :'( overload and if your friend died you wouldn't be busy updating twitter, you'd be busy grieving. But then everyone was saying Vinoth got involved in a car accident and he's not here anymore. Brandon, Amad, Shaun. !@%!

Amad sounds a little more suspicious because he kept insisting "I'm serious" and put ":'(". Brandon was pro one, went "wear your fucking seatbelt" somemore. Vinoth's friends were all like, let's meet up at McD and see him one last time.

Raimi was the one who broke the hoax. And then everyone realised they got pranked and got pissed. AHAHAHA. The trolls were like, "sorry lah, trials stress, wanted to release tension a bit". Ding was supposedly the master of this plan.

The people who cared were the one who got mad the most. I wonder if anyone cried. Nazri was like, "our Indian is dearly loved". Lol.

But some people were really pissed. Death's not a joking matter, which is true. WTF Vinoth was like "I'm back" after the hoax was revealed like a freaking Lazarus. And then they say it would be really pitiful if someone's dead and everyone thinks it's a joke.

So that's that. :)

School was anti-climatic today, Malaysia Day celebration or something. But it didn't feel like we were seriously celebrating. The performances looked very rushed. More like rehearsal. Violin wad also cannot hear. But at least they did something, la!

And yes very little people came. Some even went back after the performance. Aiks. Form Five hor, big already. Can fly already. I told my Dad there wasn't even teachers around in class but he just wants me to be in school. But I have to suck it up because I need something from him in return. Wheels.

Hmm. Stay at home boring, go to school also boring. :/ Go school can see friends, but cannot do whatever you want. Exams quickly be over please!

So funny four of us bitch-slapping each other today. Jin Fye pretended to slap Theng Loo and then he bitch-slapped Jin Fye. And then JF slapped back. And then TL was like, grabbing JF shoulders and apologizing with his head down. And then PAP his hands landed on JF's face. AHAHAH WTF that was surprising since TL is know for being turtle-ish.

And then Sim Kuan kept slapping TL to test how long he can stand it. "You're lucky your a girl". But then PAP, SK slap again. And then TL warned, "one more time I slap you". PAP. "You serious?! ONE MORE TIME I REALLY SLAP YOU". PAP. AHAHAHAHHA.

And then finally he cannot take it. Slapped back. But not the hard kind la. :) Like kids only. And then Daniel dragged Jen Ling and shuffle together. Hold hands shuffle one round with Cheng How and King Jiat.

SEE? Can you see how bored and lifeless are we?!?!

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