Saturday, 10 September 2011


BI BLA BI BLA. Been a long time since I went karaoke. Went yesterday with Xuan at 1u.

But of course I always do karaoke. In my room. Hahaha! I used to avoid going karaoke, I didn't know how to sing, didn't know how to get the mood. But once I've gotten used to it, that's it. :)

I still want to play pool though >:B

Fujifilm :) If it fits my handbag of the day, I'll carry two cameras. One digital and one instant. ;) And maybe one lomo. AHAHAHAH.

Spontaneous outing, this one. Xuan was at 1U with her gang and I called. She still had the energy to stay so I zoom zoom zoom went to find her.

Uh. Came back at midnight. I like taxi because it's convenient but I hate it because it feels unsafe. But nevermind, got Xuannie with me. TeeHee! Was sleepy in the car but bouncy after I showered. Skyped a little with Janice. AHAHAH she damn talkactive. xD

And then today is another spontaneous outing as well. Mmm, funny now that spontaneous outings occur more than planned outings now. Because of friends who have a car and can fly whenever they please.

HOHOHO. Speaking of which Sim Kuan let me try her Viva today. It suprisingly felt better to drive than Swift. Because the Swift I drove felt a bit "loose"! Like the tyre doesn't have enough friction! I only drove around housing area, lucky didn't take it outside. If not... I'm not sure if her Viva will still be there. ^^

Oh yeah we went out because Sim Kuan suddenly said she wanted to get Chatime at SS2 Mall. They're addiciting. I was playing Sims and didn't feel like dressing up but one thing led to another and I end up overdressing anyway. That could be my trademark. Overdressing like a peacock. My bro was like, "why you look so formal!" when he saw me.

Aiyah don't want to wear glasses, look like ah sum! Okay put on contacts. Aiyah no need put foundation. But okay put some lipgloss. Aiyah don't want denim skirt. Okay maxi skirt. Lolol. Tendency to overdress. ;(

And then after getting bubble tea we were like, don't want to go home first la. We're already out and we're dressed up. I think Sim Kuan would be the type who'll often go hi-tea with a bunch of tai tai. Pro at lepak. Said wanna study but in the end, fly out! Me. Sim Kuan. Li Chen.

Okay so we went to 1U. Sushi. Books. And then at night. Curve with family. Books. Delirium.

Pretty memories :) AHAHAH desperately thinking what other patterns to camwhore next!

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