Wednesday, 7 September 2011

To get used to school


Orite yesterday was the first day of school after holiday. I didn't want to wake up man. :( Arrived at school about 9 o clock. The good thing about private school is that they never close their gates. BWAHAHAH! Today improve a bit okay, arrived at school before 9...

What if I lived like that? :( Wait it's only a bottle of coke. Why is Coco Rocha looking so intoxicated?! Okay take away the way she's holding to the coke so desperately and addictedly. Leave the nerdy frames. Put a book in her hands. Oh that should me. ^^

But sadly no. :( I'm not used to doing introverted stuff. Right now I feel like sitting beside people and pulling Calvin-ish faces. CALVIN & HOBBES! And I couldn't stop playing Sims Social on Facebook. Oh my God lifeless. Last year it was my deary Pet Society.

Seems like I'm not destined to wear contact lens. Spoiled the previous due to the stolen lens cap, and then yesterday I got stabbed in the eye. I got really mad because the dude who did it kept running away when I wanted to hit him back. It was in the classroom and the bell rung. Almost time's up for school. I shouted for him to stand there and everyone was quiet.

Oh boy, that happens. When people sense drama waiting to happen, they stay still and watched. And then he stood there stunballs. AHAHAH GIRL SHOUT SO LOUD. And then I whacked him. Jin Fye was the nice one taking out his mirror and eye drops to help me. <3 After that he was like sorry but you know when you're annoyed it's better to leave me alone. BUT OF COURSE YOU NEED TO SAY SORRY WHEN YOU'RE WRONG.

Yesterday night was dinner with my relatives. Hoho, my cousins are really wacky. They've lived a hard life but they can tell it out as a matter-of-fact and make fun of it on the way. How hard? As in live-with-your-grandparents and work for a living when you should be studying. The part of when you should be studying is... from kindergarten age.

So funny when they recalled that they got whacked for playing with candles. Her story? Normal kids had toys to play with, they had newspapers to sell and oysters to crack.

And then there was maid drama, I'm so tired of caring. She stole the souvenirs my brother bought for his girlfriend and the baffling part was watching her deny, deny, deny. Once you've seen someone lie right through your face, the trust that's lost can never be gained back. I'm not just saying her, saying many other people I've seen lying. I like catching people lie.

What else? :/ I know this is odd but I think... I like guys who are poor.

Poor. Dirt poor. No not dirt poor. Not impoverished, but definitely not some rich tycoon's son! I don't know. Reverse. It's like when you're in a hot country and you want cold weather. Being in a private school, I can see a lot of rich and even spoiled kids. Umm. I dunno. I might be spoiled sometimes. :( Maybe that's why I want to be with someone who's not spoiled. Make sense ah?! :D

I like those who... spend their lives fighting to live. Always away from home, visiting pubs and loitering at billard clubs or whatever. AHAHAHAHAH shit. Twisted mind. I don't want someone pampered. I want someone who's experienced hardship. But we all have it in the some way or other. Maybe we don't lack material wealth, but we may lack love or a sense of identity.

So that's it. Who knows, maybe after a while suddenly reverse again.

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