Saturday, 24 September 2011


Today is the weekends and I love weekends OHMY! Life is balanced. Monday to Thursday for being responsible. Friday to Sunday for letting loose.

Once you have your own car, you'll eat out often because you know you can. Like that Sim Kuan. Hahaha! Grabbed brunch with her and Kok Leong at 1U. Kept singing "Peacock, cock, cock" to Mister KOK. Sim Kuan cooperated with me and did the peacock dance.

I am really really really afraid of getting fat once I start driving. The ease of eating out plus walking may start to seem like a waste of time... TAK BOLEH! I will drive, TO DO GYM and balance out things! I WANT SLIMMER LIMBS DIE THOSE OF YOU WITH SLIM LIMBS.

And then yesterday was DPC and Sunway Giza with Sim Kuan. WHAT IT'S LIKE TRIALS ALREADY OVER. One more week actually. Study lah bitch. Bought blue dress from Cats Whiskers. I'm loving dresses for casual outings now.

It's like this- debut your dress to parties (different parties with different people) and then use it for casual outing once it loses it's novelty. Otherwise dresses rarely get used! So in a way I will tend to overdress. My trademark ahahahahah omg.

I heard the radio deejay saying your life will be pretty suffering if you have to put makeup just for a short trip for buying groceries. Like you're so insecure and concerned about looks. Well, I won't be that concerned, but it's important to look good.

When people don't dress up, their lives looks boring. I dress up for my life. My life is the event. Get it? AHAHAHAH! There are no ugly girls, only lazy girls. And that the world is your runway and everyday is a fashion show.

Luckily I dressed up. Went to the wedding dinner without going home to change. Sim Kuan was nice to send me there, was rushing badly. Dressing up means you're prepared for anything. A random hot guy, a party, a formal event. When I go out, I want to spend the day fully. Anything goes. Free plans.

Wedding bellsssss. Ooooohhhh <3

Shit man went to wedding dinner and came home dreaming. At first I thought it was boring and stuff, the formal need to wait for each dish to come out one by one. But then I realized this is not just a dinner, this is about a person finally finding their other half.

I take marriage seriously, I hate it when I see people divorce and get married as easy as buying a dress. YOU CRAZY?!?!?! It's a freaking lifetime commitment! It was sweet seeing Shi Yong and Wei Xian celebrate their 3 years anniversary!

The wedding dinner was at Sin Choi Wah. This restaurant in Kepong known for holding wedding dinners. They have many rooms and a few floors. I DON'T LIKE THAT. See next door, oh another couple is having married same as me. DOESN'T FEEL SPECIAL ANYMORE!

The "dai kam jie" shout until I felt headachey! I definitely won't have one at my wedding. SO NOISY. YOU THINK PASAR AH! Ma de. A young-ish girl sat beside me. She was nice, helped me to take food too. I thought she was my age. She was 20. Anything above 20 feels old when you're a teen. I don't want to stop being a teen. And I wore four and a half inch heels for 7 hours. GAH. Luckily it was wedges and the wedding dinner didn't take much walking around!

As usual, the bride was pretty. Some relative. Aunt. Hahahah. I'm not sure. But she's pretty. And it was so cute seeing my dad's car wrapped in ribbons and Snoopy plushies in the wedding video. If the couple is generous, you'll get a nice ang pau for borrowing them your car. Last time, another couple gave RM300 for borrowing the car. NAIS.

The most grand wedding I've been to was my aunt's. ALL ALSO AUNTS. It was at Renaissance Hotel. They had 100 tables, which was... 1000 people attending. HAHAH OMG. Yam sing until midnight also won't finish. There were also celebrities. Malaysian ones.

Okay, my time to dream. Every girl will plan their weddings at some point. I'm at the perfect age for dreaming, the sky is my limit. Having hope in your heart can pull you nearer to what you want to achieve, nearer than you think.

The main, main thing about a wedding is about your partner. The Mr.Right. But since I have no fucking idea what he's like, I'm going to focus on other bits. Might as well dream about it now.

My wedding has to be memorable, not entirely formal. Grand, very pompous-assed grand, but not with the strict formality. I want some intimacy, some goofiness. One thing it cannot be- boring.

It has to be in a hotel ballroom. I need the high ceilings and chandeliers. I want to arrive in a white Rolls Royce Phantom. My wedding dress, I will buy it and keep it forever, display it. I want a huge train and when I walk it it will be like 20 feet and take up everything like a fucking blackhole. It will be custom-made.

I want to do a runway show for the entrance. Like before I come in. Play some pumping music and then the bridesmaid will strut their stuff. I don't need bridesmaid to be in the same dress, it's like making them clones. They just need to have something in common so things will look uniform- maybe just the colour. And then choose whatever style they want.

AND THEN!!! I want to make a grand entrance, and also a grand farewell. I will leave in a helicopter and then the helicopter will bring me to the airport where I will sit first-class and jet off to my honeymoon destination. Or is it a must to sleep at home on the first night?!

I want a tiffany engagement ring. The one above costs like half a million? HAHAHAH DREAMINGGG. I don't know why but I like square ones. So princess cut or emerald cut. I like the clear flat centre and the sharp corners. More defined rather than all prickly inside like round diamonds. I want them to be surrounded with a band of pavé diamonds. 1 to 3 carats can already. D colour can already.

Van Cleef & Arpels is also a master of fine jewellery, but tiffany is like the trademarked for wedding rings. AND THEN AND THEN, for every five years anniversary, I want a diamond ring. Van Cleef & Arpels one can already, I don't mind. HAHAHAHAH OMG. And jewellery is more meaningful when someone buys it for you. Maybe I'll buy a car for my husband if I'm rich enough.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Diamonds are forever.

Wait. You're saying what if I don't have a rich husband? Nah it's alright. A grand wedding is exhilarating, but finding your true man is a dream no grand wedding can match. And I was kidding about diamonds being a girls best friend.

A materialistic, tangible thing can't be my friend. It wouldn't laugh with me nor tease at me. I love friends more than I love money- I'll always remember that. Even if you're poor, you can get bailed out if you have friends. Being rich and having no friends is pointless. On the other hand, diamonds could definitely be my best accessory.

HOHO ALRIGHT DONE DREAMING! I think I got stressed from exam until I've leaped away from reality. But it's alright.

A girl can dreammmmm!

never listen to people when they tell you it's not possible. it is, everything is.

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