Friday, 28 October 2011


Happy Halloween :3

Valencia's the place to go for Halloween. No trick or treat this year though! But we still went there, Jason Chin invited us. Even if he didn't invite me, I'd invite myself in. ^^ Wanna have fun must be shameless muahaha. And his house- very big.

Hmm who went? Xuan Sim Kuan Siet Yen Mei Yen Yvonne Li Chen Ji Mun Sizo King Jiat Yen Shen Xian Jiong Theng Loo Ding Chun Moon Kong Fong Qi Yao Shao Yang Kok Leong Kwok Shien Yew Hoong Weng Hock Desmond. Lol! About 22 including Jason Chin and I. That's all I remember. More people last year, because it was more official and no SPM. No SPM. NO SPM.!!

SKIP SKIP SKIP like happy retards eventhough there's no candies. Sim Kuan and I wore the same. White dress. Even same black wedges. == She's snow white. I don't know what I am. I just wanted to look pretty. I know I pretty.

AHAHA SHIT. I kid I kid, gei wo perasan yi xia.

How it looks in real-life:


DSLR is harder to camwhore. More for people who really wanna take pictures than for people who wanna be perasan. It's good for full-body shots though :D Glad that Xuan brought her camera. Edit until not bad, but I don't wanna praise her... later she perasan kao kao. ;(

Stone face. Lol, easiest pose! Just don't blink, part your mouth a bit and look dazed.

I want to update my blog but I keep forgetting. Upload pictures but never manage type anything. Because when I come home, it's too late. I went out everyday this week. Gah! Motto for SPM-ers- time to settle down!

When I was Form 4, I went out once a month. At the beginning of Form 5, I went out twice a week and that was quite a lot. Half a year later I go out almost everyday. =.= Am also broke. Savings reserve habis. Need to save RM500. To keep.

It should be easy, but it's just that sometimes I don't think much when I buy something- and then it adds up. It always does. I know I don't have to worry about not having enough clothes. There's more than enough!

All the ladies! Sang karaoke a while, but a few didn't have mood. Went out and walked around Valencia. The clubhouse was CROWDED with teenagers. There was a band playing. Saw Form Fours. Shauqi driving in Tijan's yellow Polo. Hwa Suan was in freaky make up and carried a doll around. Reminded me of Jun Wen's make up last year.

Went to Chatime after that. Their purple background is so nice. Reminds me of Barney. I feel like singing along with him now. Chatime is overrated. I don't mind going there with friends, but I wouldn't purposely drive to Kota Damansara to get Chatime. For Kissaten though, I WOULD.

I didn't want to drive. My petrol was running low, and later if I have to send people back I'd hate it more. I don't like it when the outing ends and I have to see everyone home. It makes me feel so sad and lonely. >:( Miss getting driven home sometimes. But fuck it, I can go wherever I want now. FLY! ^^

So... Qi Yao's Ford Fiesta. Xian Jiong drove Vios this time. Weng Hock also Vios. Ding was Honda City. Kwok Shien drove his dad's Volkswagen Passat. Qi Yao was the one leading the way, wanted to use the BRP shortcut.

Was supposed to U-turn before toll but Xian jiong went and queue up to pay toll instead! That asshole. And then he reversed and went to the other side. Same thing like me last time, trying to go over horizontally when cars are rolling up at you at 80km/h.

I was in Weng Hock's car. He waited for Xian Jiong to U-turn. And then when he wanted to tail Qi Yao, he was gone. The BRP/Valencia gang was all in the car. The ones who knew the way. So in the end, used LDP. SY asked Weng Hock if he had Smart Tag. He replied, "Live on mountain top, how can don't have Smart Tag..? :)". SY and I were speechless. SO LC omg, I like. And then..!

Weng Hock almost hit the barrier at the toll. Was going fast, Smart Tag didn't work. == After that we were quiet because we were freaked out. Lolol almost hit. Weng Hock was like, it's nothing, I know how to brake! Ma de.

It was my Dad's birthday on that day. I managed to celebrate Halloween anyway. Lolol. Because he went to Bentong and would be coming back late for dinner. So today, I bought him a cake. I got stalked buying the cake, you knowwww!

Bought it at Isetan KLCC. I was trying something at Vincci. And then this big fat huge Arab-ish guy said excuse me. I moved aside to let him pass through but he stood there. He said excuse me to get my attention =.= And then he said the thing I was trying on didn't suit me and he was a designer. Wtf, designer how can dress like shit!

He said it didn't suit me. I was like oh yeah? and then went over to another mirror. He followed. Wtf. Straightaway went to pay for my stuff. He waited. I went to Giordano, he followed. I went to Isetan, he followed. MA DE!!!!!!!!! So creepy you know. And he was so fat and conspicuous and obvious. Fail stalker. Gross. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhHHhh

Now, I don't feel safe walking around shopping malls. This... 3rd time I got followed this year. First time was in Australia, another big fat guy. Second time was with Sim Kuan, this nerd in pink at Kepong Jusco. Third time.. is this.

First thing I did, I called my dad. "DADDY?", I answered. MUST LOUD A BIT LET HIM HEAR. ASSHOLE. Asked him where he was. After I hung up, the fat idiot was still there. Went to the guard and talked to him. Someone's following me, bla bla bla. That's when he left. =.=

I will always remember to carry pepper spray next time. ALWAYS. I don't like this. Seriously, what do you want by following me?! I'm not interested in knowing a stalker. Gee!


Oh yeah I wrote the message on the cake. :)) Cute a not?! Heee :) And! When you want to do something- there's a will, there's a way. Plan. Scheme. Persuade. Negotiate. Successful people are the ones who make things happen.

This one was Kepong Jusco with Xuan on Friday. Went to DPC but Rakuzen was closed for annual dinner, potong stim! =.= Got Sushi King instead. I ate like a king.

Unagi set thingy. There was steamed rice, udon, tempura... MUAHAHAHAH. This was only like RM26. Want something like this at Rakuzen? Prepare to fork out RM40. ^^ Sushi King's sushi's less fresh, but more economical. Boleh tahan la!

Before that I ate dessert at SY's Brilliant Nasi Lemak. Didn't want to eat lunch there because I was afraid of sorethroat- everything spicy and oily! With SY, Ping Kuang and Theng Loo. Drove TLoo's Polo. He said my driving improved hohoho! :D

His car is nice to drive. Very smooth handling, quiet engine. And now I know why his brake is so powerful! Front-wheel drive, that's why I can feel it more lol. But if you press too hard the car will jerk.

How to eat like a king and look like a princess?! Exercise it off. T.T Go swimming. But... swimming can make your arms big! I don't like sweating though. Sometimes. Went to King Jiat's house on Thursday. SY cycled to his house using electric bike.

I tried it. It was so fun. T.T Cycle a little, fly a little. But I had to use one hand to pull down my dress. The wind kept blowing it up... And then and then! Drove Xian jiong's Satria. So long didn't touch manual car. 2 months? I know I'll forget it easy, because I only learnt it for a while. It's better to drive manual, real driving. GAH.

Satria is much better than Kancil. Seriously. Kancil feels like a dead cow compared to it. I only mati engine once! I was so happy when I was done, thinking I didn't mati engine(before that him and KJ bet how many times I would mati engine) and then I forgot to put into free gear when I remove my foot from the clutch... Mati engine. =.=

After King Jiat's house, went to Sim Kuan's house to go KL. Pavilion. Her sis fetched, I quickly went horizontal and dozed off. I like sleeping at the backseat. So nice, you know? Somemore when it's running, you feel like you're being rocked in a cradle. At least I feel that way. ^^

Bought dresses from Discreet. Nail buffer. Sim Kuan said the salesperson tested on the wrong person. I saw how shiny her nails got and I went back to get the nail buffer. SHINY NAILS MUAHAHA. LIKE PRINCESS. I tell you when SPM's over my nails are going to be more colourful than the seven shades of rainbow.

Eee! That's about how my week went.

Love friends ^^ sincerely, retard.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Hello there :)

Deepavali holiday. Off 3 days! (^3^) But I need to plan what to do with my free time or I'll let it go to waste. :( Hmph.

Went out with Xuan yesterday after school. So late minute. Heheheh, I like people who are ON. Call them up and ask if they wanna go out, and all they ask is where and when. And then I said I'll come in about 30 minutes.

15 minutes to get ready, 15 minutes to go there. Mmm. Ate at Rakuzen in Desa Park. They didn't have my favourite Kabocha Salad :( It's like a pumpkin mashed shit. And it's seasonal! Yummy things please stayyy.

Two girls sitting there. Girl chat. Ranting about things. Squealing about things. Xuan can really eat when she has the mood. Damn. I wonder where her fats goes. Bwaahahah! After Rakuzen, she wanted donuts and more junk food and 32F. Our supermarket hauls on the sofa behind. ^^

King Jiat called. DPC kia. He was at DPC and saw my car. "Why didn't call me out?!". Pattern again lolol. Went to visit him a while. In his house. I liked the older guard better. This one so... arrogant. Told King Jiat. He was like, "yala, I feel like slapping him also!".

His house was like a magnet that night. Daniel called. Xuan answered. Daniel didn't recognise her voice, damn noob. Xuan told him King Jiat was showering, can't pick up the phone. That must've sound so wrong to Daniel. Lolol. But he came a while later. House so near.

And then Xian Jiong with Qi Yao. Flopped around in King Jiat's room. Lights out, music on. Played iPad gossip gossip. Daniel showed us hot girls from his school. Xian jiong damn excited, keep stealing the iPad away. Xuan xuan's.

And then went to some cafe thing. Teenage dudes hangout. Fag fag fag. Saw Ahmad them. Saw SMK Kepong Baru people. Hahah! Said hi to Chan Yee. His friends were laughing at him. I dunno why lol. King Jiat also said hi to them, his ex-school friends. Sigh. So sad in a nostalgic way. Last time buddies, now like strangers.

Oh yeah. Daniel drives like a saint. My god. He knows his wheels. But the thing with really good drivers is that they're always over-confident. Him, Shao yang. He played the DJ app on iPad while driving wtf!

I dunno wad the cafe place was called. Xuan was kind of tired at that point, I could tell. So Theng Loo fetched us back to King Jiat's house to get my car.

That was the end. See! That's why you should always dress your best. You'll be prepared to meet anyone, and at your best. Planned to go home at 9, but arrived home around midnight in the end. Bwahahahoho

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Bibla bibla.

Today's Sunday, I didn't go out. Lazy day. Managed to resist sore throat for 3 days. Guarantee get if I do this combo- eat a lot of fried food + lack of sleep. ^^ I just hate it when it comes inconveniently. Come on weekdays, at least I'll have a viable reason to skip school! Come on weekends, I have to suck it up and go on with outings. >:(

Saturday was going down to KL with a bunch of people. Shao Yang's plan. To eat some fishball mee thing. Yes, drive down to KL just to get a bowl of mee. Drive further, more "feel". Hehe. He estimated that 20 people were going, in the end only 12 came. And then Siet Yen asked him why the numbers so exaggerated. He told her, "any numbers I give, divide it by half- that is the correct number".

Xian jiong and I were the first to arrive at SY's house. Meet up there. SY gave all the drivers morning calls. So... dutiful. Asked xian jiong to fetch me because he's the nearest option. BUT HE SO PICKY. TALK A LOT. He said, "You know, so suffering to fetch you.". Two minutes away only. Reluctant until like this. Shit I talk like cina already. But I'm in his car.. shut up only lo. Driver has the power.

Played the master lock button in his car. Unlock car. "Get out la Xian Jiong". Lock car. Repeat. The sound very cute. Xian Jiong's the only form five I know who drives exclusively manual. I asked him if Daniel was good with manual cars: "He thought me".

The next to arrive was Oscar. In his BMW. He swerved all the over the place to find parking. Gary walked to Sy's house. And then Qi Yao and Siet Yen came. Theng Loo was the latest to come. Ummm who went.. Xian jiong king jiat daniel theng loo weng hock oscar gary shao yang qi yao siet yen ci min.

Took 3 cars. Qi Yao's Fiesta, Shao Yang's nigger (black Harrier) and Theng Loo's Victoria ( his cheesy name for his Polo). Daniel drove Theng Loo's car in the end. Because Theng Loo drives... very slowly. Daniel can keep up nicely, but almost too good. So funny when he got stucked in the middle of a zebra crossing. Traffic light too fast. ^^

SY's car led the way followed by Qi Yao's and Daniel's. I am explaining everything in detail because I have a lot of time on my hands now. ^^ Lucky. BIBLA BIABLA. SY is suited to be the car which leads because he drives fast. That over-confident bitch.

Arrived in the end. I don't know if the mee was good or not. I don't know how to appreciate chinese food... :( SUSHI I KNOW! ^^ Wasting to feed mee on me. But I still like travelling for food. So free. The meal was only like RM13 each. Cheap cheap.

And then back to the suburbs. Qi Yao dropped Daniel off. Xian jiong said he loved the way Daniel greets his guard and I wondered why. And then I saw. Roll down the window- Daniel: Kan lanjiao? Guard: *sticks o0o with stone face*. That's how he rolls with his guards. And then xj dropped me off at home.

-End of KL outing-

I thought I had enough of outing but wtf at night drove to Kota Damansara. For Snowflake. Fetched SY because he had enough of driving that day. His nigger's petrol half-gone after that excursion. And Sim Kuan was in my car too.

Driving out of LDP is like danger zone, still horrible with directions. Need people to guide me. AND OMG SY and SK are like east and west. They have two different ways in mind. She says right he says left. But I took SK's advice because she was in shotgun.

Close shaves at LDP. The touch N go had something wrong. I had to reverse all the way, and then slip into the cash booth which was four lanes away. AND THAT IS LIKE SHIT when there's cars rolling behind you at 80km/h. But I made it.

And then I went to right lane after LDP because it was the lane with least cars and I wanted to be quick, it was getting late. And then they shouted, get into the middle lane! Almost banged right there and then. Moved to the other lane, almost kissed the Wira's bumper.

There was a motor beside me, behind the Wira. He was on the most left lane but he went into the middle one. I thought he would stay at the side of the lane because that's what motorcycles are supposed to do. They're too small to take up one whole lane and cockblock everyone. So I went into the middle lane, and the motorcycle went into the middle. WTF.

But luckily he saw me. Somehow I didn't bang. I always think that luck will be on my side and it's only close shaves. But I need to learn my lesson. I didn't think it was that dangerous but Sim Kuan was really freaked out. And then later Sim Kuan mimicked the way I drove. Yeah I was scared. :( Switched positions.

The driver doesn't feel the danger because he'll think it's all under his control. When you're the passenger, you know how to fear more. So that was that. Have to be more careful next time. SY's the one who thinks nothing bad will happen. SK's the one who's scared that everything bad will happen. She tells me she always says a prayer before she gets into my car. My driving is that scary. :(

AHAHAH! Will get better in time, promise. I like driving. But I hate dropping off people and being alone. Close friends nevermind though! It's also good that I don't have GPS yet, I have nothing to rely on.

Snowflake was really crowded. We did take-away. And went to Siet Yen's house to watch movie. Colombiana. It was nice, the action, thrilling sort. It was 2 by the time we finished and 3 by the time I reached my house. I got lost in Sierramas and SK came to find me. I'm glad she did. I should be scared but somehow I'm not, eventhough it's 2 in the morning.

Because she'll come and get me. Bwahahah! On the phone on SY while I was waiting. Shit Sim Kuan. She told me about this thing where a guy looked into his back mirror and saw a ghost. Ma de. Made me paranoid to look into my back mirror.

After I got out my house, it only took... 4 minutes to reach my house. The road was so, so empty. Like I owned the city. Bwahahahah.

-End of Giza outing-

On Friday, skipped school and went out with Mei Yen. Get sushi. Hohoho. Went near SY's nasi lemak to get facial stuff. He called right at the time. So he joined us for sushi. And! This boutique named Jorya, it's really a place which conducts daylight robbery.

I saw the same Cats Whiskers heels. It was exactly the same, the satin strap and cork heels. Just that they pasted "Jorya" at the soles. And raised RM100 bucks to it's price. o0o Go fuck yourself, seriously. NOBODY SHOULD BUY FROM THAT SHOP. Wendy told me hers was RM83, bought it from Cats Whiskers. The same thing from Jorya, same fucking thing(100% confirm, history shit I might not remember, fashion shit I sure remember), RM189 my god. I must blacken the boutique's name to suit its black market style dealings.

Phew and yeah I said that I wanted to stop swearing and I did for a week, and then my car came. It was impossible not to swear on the road. Weak excuse it is, but it's my habit, a part of me. It's how I express myself. I might change in the future, but for now I'll let it be.

I know I'm not those polite, sweet and decent girls. I'm always fuck this fuck that. I'm too direct to be polite. But I'm alright with that, after all the world needs a variety of people. Polite people, rude people, funny people, quiet people. Love yourself for who you are. BUT WAIT I'm not saying swearing is good! Just that it'll be a part of how I speak, temporarily. I think. ^^

After I got home from Kepong Jusco I thought I would just stay home. And then Xuan Xuan called me to go Giza. At first she said she didn't want to drink, get Snowflake only. Shit youuu! Snowflake also didn't get, drink got. Hahahahah! But I did have fun! <3

The Form Fours damn ON. Went to Movida. But okay what happens in a club, stays in a club. After all, no one remembers what they've done when they're under the influence of alcohol. And hohoho. Pieces of me and you. That was nice to read bou bou. ^^

-End of Giza outing II-

That's about it. I've managed to typed so much because I'm cluelessly free. Oh boy. Have fun trying to read everything.

Tata! ^^

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Went swimming!

At DPC, King Jiat brought us in again! ^^ The last time it was at The Clubhouse with Xuan and King Jiat. This time it's at The Condo. With a lot of other people. Didn't know everyone just decided to skip school!

Last Saturday's:

It's rainy nowadays, but not like it'll stop me from anything. Very romantic to see the dried leaves getting blown like sakura by the wind. Bwhahaha! Xuan is my swimming partner. So ON, I like. <3 The only thing is I have to fetch her, but I don't mind. When I'm the one who had the intention to ask you out, it means I want you out and I'll bring you out. :)

Otherwise, I hate being driver. Hate driving alone, hate feeling used. If I know you can fetch me back someday and you're my close friend then of course I don't mind. I'm getting more honest... and rude. I dunno. SY's virus. I don't like it when people have something they're not satisfied of and they don't tell, and they just hate someone secretly. I'd want people to point out my flaws so I can improve it! :)

Called out Vivian Loh. From SMK KB. She lives near to my place. ^^ It was raining when we were going out. Before, I asked King Jiat if his place was raining and he said no, faster come, sorei's here too. But then later he called while I was on the way and confirmed, ta-da, it was raining! But wtf too late, went anyway.

Actually they were saying maybe Weng Hock and Xian Jiong would come. And then Xian Jiong said he'll do study group at DPC. In the end there was Theng Loo, Weng Hock, Xian Jiong, Chee Khoon and Jason Chin studying at Coffee Bean. Went to King Jiat's house before going there.

And then later Qi Yao and Siet Yen came. With huge accounts file. And then the rain stopped and I told King Jiat let's go to the condo! Played my favourite UFO swing with Vivi and I was sweating. Sun, sun. And then everyone packed up their books, moved!

5 cars omg. Qi Yao, Chee Khoon, Xian Jiong, Mine, Weng Hock. So many! 10 people 2 cars enough actually ^^ And then all the 5 cars went into DPC Condo parking lot. I was the first because the boss with the card(KJ) was in my car.

Saw a Porsche Cayman. Straightaway parked beside it. Bwahahaha. Xian Jiong was the next to come in. After he got out of the car, he stood in the middle of the road and blocked whichever car that came next. Qi Yao horned him like shit.

The horn is very nice to use. To express frustration. HAHAHA! But of course you should only use it when you're in the right or when you really need someone's attention. To stop. Or whatever. I was passing by the Maxvalu and a woman was walking on the road. Almost middle.

Sim Kuan thought me those are "cockblockers". They just block you. Only a car or something bigger can block a car on the road. Motorcycle cannot. Humans cannot. Disappear to the side please. I was swearing like woman get off the road. And then I remembered I could use the horn. Damn it feels so nice. Sim 7.

King Jiat brought us to his condo first. It was really high up. Take lift also so long, I don't know who can manage to climb the stairs over 30 floors. Great exercise (Y). I've been wanting to swim, because I want to exercise. In a funnnn way.

The dudes. Didn't take the pictures. I was busy swimming at the pool. ^^ King Jiat took my camera from me.

The pool.

We got out of the pool because it rained until we can't ignore it. But at least we swam enough! :D The mini pool at the side also has a slide. It's not big, but at least there's a slide. I like water slides. The guys didn't bring shirt but they just jumped in. Guys ma. They came to study, but went to swim instead. I feel like such a bad influence lolol.

After swimming, sure will get hungry. Shao Yang wanted to ask King Jiat to makan but haven't decide where. Kept asking us for suggestions. It was raining hard. I wanted to faster get it over with. And then SY called KJ. Halfway they talked, I asked KJ to give me the phone. "Jibai say you want to eat but know how to call dunno where to eat la". HAHAHA OMG. Being rude is... like... you can be rude to people you're close to. Jimui can become jibai.

We went to Tesco in the end.

The girls. All four of us have belly piercings. Siet Yen was the one who wanted to take this. I passed by the mirros section of Tesco and you know la mirros attract me like magnets. And then Siet Yen was like, all have belly piercings! I change belly piercings more often than I change earrings.

I want more swimsuits. Bikini, monokini, tankini, give me all.

I went Tesco to buy sushi! And then took the sushi to Subway. Yum yum! I like sushi, man. It's... magical. Well food is very, very nice on the whole. Ate a lot of stuff. Chips. Sushi. Cookies. Seaweed. But at least there's in there's out! I don't mind pigging out if I've exercised.

And then, drove home. Home sweet home. Tired. Have to study too. 25 more days, as Sim Kuan said. And then after SPM, no more worries. Wait there's college. See life's worries are never-ending. That is why you should never worry. Once you do, you can NEVER STOP.

Forget about it, shut up and relax. ;)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bottoms Up


Thought I would finally stay home on a Saturday. It didn't happen. Lolol. Went to Beer Factory at Sunway Giza instead. The ladies : Siet Yen, Sim Kuan, Me, Wendy, Nicole, Xuan.

Sim Kuan was at my house in the evening and wondered to go to Kong Fong's Bday thing at Giza or not. He's a guy... from BSD1. Chun Moon asked if we wanted to go. AND SIGH. I felt like going out. And then Sim Kuan and I argued on who to be the driver of the day.

I didn't want to drive because I'm not good with directions and my petrol was low. And Sim Kuan has to drive back home anyway. Sim Kuan didn't want to drive because she was always the (female)driver and she wanted to drink.

I relented in the end when Sim Kuan used the time she sent us all back home after the BBQ Night. Haiyor make me feel guilty. And then I had to get ready. I took a while. Sim Kuan kept rushing but I was like, "WHATEVER LA DRIVER HAS THE POWER". What a jerk hehe.

And then I followed behind her car car. Viva this time, the errand car. She U-turns beautifully. Had to refuel my car first. I only like using the Shell petrol station near my house. I'm picky, I hate other shell stations. ^^ Not just brand, the location matters too. Lol.

Drove to her house. Her turn to get ready, my turn to rush her. She said I took a long time too. And then I said, "DRIVER MA". Lolol. Called out Li Chen and Siet Yen. They were up for it. So last minute. Yay! I like people who can afford to be spontaneous. ^^

By the time we drove to Valencia, it was already 8 plus. Halfway through, Li Chen called and said she didn't want to go. She thought we were going Chatime wtf! She changed and went in the end hehe. Picked her up from clubhouse. Sim Kuan was like, "Clubhouse so near, for her nothing only!". She arrived sweating in her dress. Lol but it's okayyy. Li Chen got first for school marathon wad. ^^

And then Siet Yen also said she didn't want to go because it was so late. I was like WTF NO WE'RE ON THE WAY WAIT PLSSS. Hahahah! I was still in T-shirt and shorts. Changed at Siet Yen's, she lent me her dress. So many dresses, like socialite (Y)

Off we went! Sungai Buloh shortcut to Giza. Siet Yen led the way. Li Chen was scared and wore seatbelt. I was confused on how to drive you knowww. Sim Kuan keeps asking me to drive faster but I've only driven for two weeks and the brake is like shit. My brake power is a third of Theng Loo's polo. Then I realised why.

The way my dad drives, he uses the gears to slow down. I have to use that with my car but I don't know how yet. == And then I wanted to avoid the potholes. Little cars there, so deserted. Can swerve here swerve there, two lanes all mine. HAHAHAH.

But in the end... we arrived in one piece! Thanks to my driving partners hehe.

Coincidentally saw Chun Moon before going in to Beer Factory. He was with Tc, Min Limn, Kong Fong(the bday dude). And then the next group of people were Ding, Wendy and Xuan. And then we went upstairs. They had the laser thing going on like security in Ocean's Eleven. Li Chen was paranoid to walk because she thinks the lasers will stab her. AHAHAHAH.

Weird thing they don't let slippers upstairs. I WONDER WHY. I should ask the security guards why next time. Qi Yao was wearing slippers... and then he changed. Into his school shoes, with his three quarter pants. I kept teasing how gross it looked. Friends should insult each other.

We waited like idiots for a while. Surrounded the table, didn't order drinks. Camwhored during that la, what else. Hahahah! Another was coming, Chun Moon knows them. Joe Hao from Kepong Ulu. Celebrating Bday too. Saw Rysher.

And then we had cocktails. Someone got kind of... drunk. Heheheheeheh. I drank ice water. Lame, but smart. I know I can't handle alcohol well, so I have to control before it gets to my body. That I can do. Because something getting drunk is so much of trouble. So much of inconvenience and burden to your body.

Going to pubs and shit, twice a month would be the limit. It should be an occasional thing, always. Get drunk and get wasted all the time for what?! You need to stay awake for reality.

More camwhore:

Stone face:

I'm too lazy to pose sometimes. Better just look at the camera stoned, easiest. Hahahahah! Sometimes I smile, eyes look too small. Sometimes I pose, look so awkward. Better just stone.

Got home a little past midnight. Well weekends are for going out, weekdays are for school.

Work hard, play harder! teehee!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Independent ^^

***This is not my car. This is how I imagine my car will look like after adding stripes and checks. (But 100% steady only think about adding accessories... For now? Sao pei. ^^)

Finally drove to school. Dad came home late and I wanted to drive so he can sleep later (how considerate ^^) More convenient for him if I drive to school, of courseee. I like getting fetched around though. :( But nevermind la, already fetched around for a decade. HAHAHAHAH. Bad thing is cannot drag parents to buy food after school. Have to do everything by myself.

But... just about 1 month more until school ends. SO QUICK! Last year, I was reluctant and nostalgic for school to end. Now?! I can't wait. I'm getting too old for school. Form 4 is no honeymoon year, Form 5 is. Especially if you drop subjects. Hehe. I learnt more in Form 4.

First time I drove right after waking up. DROWSY. Need music to keep me awake. But the thing about having music is you can't hear the sensor and you might scratch your car without hearing it. Bitch. I hate scratching my car. You scratch my arm better. :( ... At least my skin can heal. AHAHAHA.

When I arrived to the side of the road (where all the P license park their cars illegally... no choice), it was just beautiful. So beautiful. 7:30. No car except for Jin Fye's black Saga. It was parked around the middle. Ppl ponteng sumore. I thought I had to do side parking. Nope, just go straight. AHAHAHA. Then a moment after Ping Kuang came and parked behind me.

That bimbo. He parked near my butt to scare me. So hard to get out! @#%@&# Later teacher asked me for my trial papers. I don't know why the eff did I have to bring, it was at home. Hahaha! Teacher said it was urgent, I told himI give you after school, lah. He asked me if I drove. I said yes. DAMN MISTAKE I TELL YOU. HE ASKED ME TO GO HOME AND TAKE... :(((((

He told the guard and helped me to get out la. Was wedged between Ping Kuang and Fye's car. In the end, 8:20 only came back!!!! ERGH! But later the test results were posted in our class. I forgot mine. But I know, I need to studyyy T.T

Okay, I found my parking spot. Right in front of the small door where the ice cream man comes. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE LIKE A QUEEN. HAHAHAH. I hope it doesn't get scratches. :( My babyyyy. Really, so heart-breaking when it does.

AHAHAHAH SHIT. ...:( I don't think I should drive Mini Cooper first. I wish I had a Kelisa to practise for like 6 months and then throw away. Lol oh damn I talk like a jerk. ^^

I hope my car wouldn't end up like this. Theng Loo so shitty! That time I drove his Polo, he said "you die nevermind! important thing my car okay!". But he was kidding la. Ahem... that time he asked me why I drove his car so slow... I said my car step a bit then fly. AHAHA OMG I bet he felt like punching me. ^^ KID KID

Aww so cute see side scuttles can be customized too ^^

On the race track. Sighhh. Mini Cooper is still my dream car. I have it, but I still dream about it. It's so nice. It's the one. I will have a Mini Cooper in my house forever. AHAHAHA! But so odd, 4 seater. My childhood car. I am completely satisfied, I can't think of wanting anything else. :3 Thank you PAPA

Mini Cabrio the convertible version. It's soft top, it looks nicer when it's down. I hate seeing the black thing when it's up, it looks so fragile and hastily made. Convertibles are shiok la. Impractical in Malaysia too.

Mini Cooper Black and Blue. The black one's called Checkmate. How to tell if it's Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper S? The hole in the middle of the bonnet and the marking "S" on the side scuttles. So eat petrol !@%#

Special version interior. LUXE. I love the wings.

Okay that's about it enough about cars. Bwahahah! Drive safe everyone. And of course need to have a picture of me. I feel left out.

Laughing like a mad goon. Cherish your life, byee! :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Mom mom mom. Food brings people together, it's the best excuse to go out. So reasonable. I mean you need food to survive!

Drove to DPC with Xuan on Sunday. Dined at La Casa with some chicken tortilla and creme brulee as dessert. AND YES, HAVE CAR, MONEY WILL DISAPPEAR LIKE THE WIND. T.T That's why... if you drive, the main point of outings cannot be shopping. You need to clamp down your wallet.

The thing about me is that I can drive the car, but don't know where to bring the car. Noob with directions. SY asked if I was sleeping all this while, and what he said was... accurate. Driven around, snoozing in the back seat everytime on the way to KL ^^ But luckily, technology has devised something precisely to help people who are clueless with directions.

..... GPS! :))))))

As good as having a Doraemon. But I still haven't got it yet. (T^T) Fixed brake disc, RM500. Get Garmin GPS, RM500. Petrol(half-tank!), RM50. WHAT ALSO MONEY @!#^(!@

Tuesday was going to DPC, again. Lucky that I don't stay there... I'll become fat so easy. No further than 5 minutes, lies a multitude of yummy food... Too tempting damn. But then but then! You can always work away the calories by exercising at the clubhouse.

AIYOR so long never go to my clubhouse. Need to exerciseeeee. Swimming. Badminton. Treadmill.

What if I follow this comic? ^^ (Literally translated: Don't eat full, where got energy to exercise?!)

Lying on my favourite UFO swing. But it's always so crowded there. :( HAHAHAHAH. I remember I went with someone once and a little kid was using the swing. I said I wanted to play with the swing. He went towards the swing and the little kid got off.... Intimidated? Lolol poor kid.

Sim Kuan's bag and my bag. Black is so easy to match. It's not a colour at all.

AND TODAY. Today is Wednesday.

I wanted to blog earlier but I kept getting distracted... for 4 days since Sunday ^^. To blog nicely, you need to have the 3MS- The Mood, The Momentum and The Memory. Hahahah! That's why it's best to blog while it's still fresh. But sometimes you can't do it fresh because when you come back from an outing, all you wanna do is rest.

I have stamina for outings, but not stamina for studying. For my social life, that's good. For my academic life, not so... :(

Ate sushi for 3 days in a row now. YUM. Because I have car car. It's not even the weekend. Kept eating out. Monday- Kepong Tesco. Tuesday-Rakuzen. Wednesday-Kepong Jusco.

Went to Kepong Jusco today with Mei Yen. So surprising that she called me out. Usually she has tuition. But she did, she just skipped. She came to my house. Still wasn't ready to drive alone. And then we drove to Kepong Jusco.

Watched Johnny English. Best to watch comedy with Mei Yen, her laugh alone is funny enough. Muahahah! The movie was okay okay. Lame a bit! xD

And then I drove Mei Yen home. That wasn't the problem. The problem was going back home alone. I was so scared YOU KNOW. I've been to SS2 but I've never driven out of BSD alone. == But okay I did it in the end! <3 Hahahah! It was okay, the road home was just all the way straight. You just have to ignore the bridges.

See! Sometimes you have to force yourself to do things. Push yourself harder and get yourself out of your comfort zone to learn. But this is just a tiny matter la. But I still proud. HAHAHAH. Because driving doesn't come naturally to me. But I'm learning, especially with so many friends who are good at outings. ^^ Mei Yen also drew me a map omg.

Hohoho that's about it bye! ;)