Sunday, 23 October 2011


Bibla bibla.

Today's Sunday, I didn't go out. Lazy day. Managed to resist sore throat for 3 days. Guarantee get if I do this combo- eat a lot of fried food + lack of sleep. ^^ I just hate it when it comes inconveniently. Come on weekdays, at least I'll have a viable reason to skip school! Come on weekends, I have to suck it up and go on with outings. >:(

Saturday was going down to KL with a bunch of people. Shao Yang's plan. To eat some fishball mee thing. Yes, drive down to KL just to get a bowl of mee. Drive further, more "feel". Hehe. He estimated that 20 people were going, in the end only 12 came. And then Siet Yen asked him why the numbers so exaggerated. He told her, "any numbers I give, divide it by half- that is the correct number".

Xian jiong and I were the first to arrive at SY's house. Meet up there. SY gave all the drivers morning calls. So... dutiful. Asked xian jiong to fetch me because he's the nearest option. BUT HE SO PICKY. TALK A LOT. He said, "You know, so suffering to fetch you.". Two minutes away only. Reluctant until like this. Shit I talk like cina already. But I'm in his car.. shut up only lo. Driver has the power.

Played the master lock button in his car. Unlock car. "Get out la Xian Jiong". Lock car. Repeat. The sound very cute. Xian Jiong's the only form five I know who drives exclusively manual. I asked him if Daniel was good with manual cars: "He thought me".

The next to arrive was Oscar. In his BMW. He swerved all the over the place to find parking. Gary walked to Sy's house. And then Qi Yao and Siet Yen came. Theng Loo was the latest to come. Ummm who went.. Xian jiong king jiat daniel theng loo weng hock oscar gary shao yang qi yao siet yen ci min.

Took 3 cars. Qi Yao's Fiesta, Shao Yang's nigger (black Harrier) and Theng Loo's Victoria ( his cheesy name for his Polo). Daniel drove Theng Loo's car in the end. Because Theng Loo drives... very slowly. Daniel can keep up nicely, but almost too good. So funny when he got stucked in the middle of a zebra crossing. Traffic light too fast. ^^

SY's car led the way followed by Qi Yao's and Daniel's. I am explaining everything in detail because I have a lot of time on my hands now. ^^ Lucky. BIBLA BIABLA. SY is suited to be the car which leads because he drives fast. That over-confident bitch.

Arrived in the end. I don't know if the mee was good or not. I don't know how to appreciate chinese food... :( SUSHI I KNOW! ^^ Wasting to feed mee on me. But I still like travelling for food. So free. The meal was only like RM13 each. Cheap cheap.

And then back to the suburbs. Qi Yao dropped Daniel off. Xian jiong said he loved the way Daniel greets his guard and I wondered why. And then I saw. Roll down the window- Daniel: Kan lanjiao? Guard: *sticks o0o with stone face*. That's how he rolls with his guards. And then xj dropped me off at home.

-End of KL outing-

I thought I had enough of outing but wtf at night drove to Kota Damansara. For Snowflake. Fetched SY because he had enough of driving that day. His nigger's petrol half-gone after that excursion. And Sim Kuan was in my car too.

Driving out of LDP is like danger zone, still horrible with directions. Need people to guide me. AND OMG SY and SK are like east and west. They have two different ways in mind. She says right he says left. But I took SK's advice because she was in shotgun.

Close shaves at LDP. The touch N go had something wrong. I had to reverse all the way, and then slip into the cash booth which was four lanes away. AND THAT IS LIKE SHIT when there's cars rolling behind you at 80km/h. But I made it.

And then I went to right lane after LDP because it was the lane with least cars and I wanted to be quick, it was getting late. And then they shouted, get into the middle lane! Almost banged right there and then. Moved to the other lane, almost kissed the Wira's bumper.

There was a motor beside me, behind the Wira. He was on the most left lane but he went into the middle one. I thought he would stay at the side of the lane because that's what motorcycles are supposed to do. They're too small to take up one whole lane and cockblock everyone. So I went into the middle lane, and the motorcycle went into the middle. WTF.

But luckily he saw me. Somehow I didn't bang. I always think that luck will be on my side and it's only close shaves. But I need to learn my lesson. I didn't think it was that dangerous but Sim Kuan was really freaked out. And then later Sim Kuan mimicked the way I drove. Yeah I was scared. :( Switched positions.

The driver doesn't feel the danger because he'll think it's all under his control. When you're the passenger, you know how to fear more. So that was that. Have to be more careful next time. SY's the one who thinks nothing bad will happen. SK's the one who's scared that everything bad will happen. She tells me she always says a prayer before she gets into my car. My driving is that scary. :(

AHAHAH! Will get better in time, promise. I like driving. But I hate dropping off people and being alone. Close friends nevermind though! It's also good that I don't have GPS yet, I have nothing to rely on.

Snowflake was really crowded. We did take-away. And went to Siet Yen's house to watch movie. Colombiana. It was nice, the action, thrilling sort. It was 2 by the time we finished and 3 by the time I reached my house. I got lost in Sierramas and SK came to find me. I'm glad she did. I should be scared but somehow I'm not, eventhough it's 2 in the morning.

Because she'll come and get me. Bwahahah! On the phone on SY while I was waiting. Shit Sim Kuan. She told me about this thing where a guy looked into his back mirror and saw a ghost. Ma de. Made me paranoid to look into my back mirror.

After I got out my house, it only took... 4 minutes to reach my house. The road was so, so empty. Like I owned the city. Bwahahahah.

-End of Giza outing-

On Friday, skipped school and went out with Mei Yen. Get sushi. Hohoho. Went near SY's nasi lemak to get facial stuff. He called right at the time. So he joined us for sushi. And! This boutique named Jorya, it's really a place which conducts daylight robbery.

I saw the same Cats Whiskers heels. It was exactly the same, the satin strap and cork heels. Just that they pasted "Jorya" at the soles. And raised RM100 bucks to it's price. o0o Go fuck yourself, seriously. NOBODY SHOULD BUY FROM THAT SHOP. Wendy told me hers was RM83, bought it from Cats Whiskers. The same thing from Jorya, same fucking thing(100% confirm, history shit I might not remember, fashion shit I sure remember), RM189 my god. I must blacken the boutique's name to suit its black market style dealings.

Phew and yeah I said that I wanted to stop swearing and I did for a week, and then my car came. It was impossible not to swear on the road. Weak excuse it is, but it's my habit, a part of me. It's how I express myself. I might change in the future, but for now I'll let it be.

I know I'm not those polite, sweet and decent girls. I'm always fuck this fuck that. I'm too direct to be polite. But I'm alright with that, after all the world needs a variety of people. Polite people, rude people, funny people, quiet people. Love yourself for who you are. BUT WAIT I'm not saying swearing is good! Just that it'll be a part of how I speak, temporarily. I think. ^^

After I got home from Kepong Jusco I thought I would just stay home. And then Xuan Xuan called me to go Giza. At first she said she didn't want to drink, get Snowflake only. Shit youuu! Snowflake also didn't get, drink got. Hahahahah! But I did have fun! <3

The Form Fours damn ON. Went to Movida. But okay what happens in a club, stays in a club. After all, no one remembers what they've done when they're under the influence of alcohol. And hohoho. Pieces of me and you. That was nice to read bou bou. ^^

-End of Giza outing II-

That's about it. I've managed to typed so much because I'm cluelessly free. Oh boy. Have fun trying to read everything.

Tata! ^^

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