Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bottoms Up


Thought I would finally stay home on a Saturday. It didn't happen. Lolol. Went to Beer Factory at Sunway Giza instead. The ladies : Siet Yen, Sim Kuan, Me, Wendy, Nicole, Xuan.

Sim Kuan was at my house in the evening and wondered to go to Kong Fong's Bday thing at Giza or not. He's a guy... from BSD1. Chun Moon asked if we wanted to go. AND SIGH. I felt like going out. And then Sim Kuan and I argued on who to be the driver of the day.

I didn't want to drive because I'm not good with directions and my petrol was low. And Sim Kuan has to drive back home anyway. Sim Kuan didn't want to drive because she was always the (female)driver and she wanted to drink.

I relented in the end when Sim Kuan used the time she sent us all back home after the BBQ Night. Haiyor make me feel guilty. And then I had to get ready. I took a while. Sim Kuan kept rushing but I was like, "WHATEVER LA DRIVER HAS THE POWER". What a jerk hehe.

And then I followed behind her car car. Viva this time, the errand car. She U-turns beautifully. Had to refuel my car first. I only like using the Shell petrol station near my house. I'm picky, I hate other shell stations. ^^ Not just brand, the location matters too. Lol.

Drove to her house. Her turn to get ready, my turn to rush her. She said I took a long time too. And then I said, "DRIVER MA". Lolol. Called out Li Chen and Siet Yen. They were up for it. So last minute. Yay! I like people who can afford to be spontaneous. ^^

By the time we drove to Valencia, it was already 8 plus. Halfway through, Li Chen called and said she didn't want to go. She thought we were going Chatime wtf! She changed and went in the end hehe. Picked her up from clubhouse. Sim Kuan was like, "Clubhouse so near, for her nothing only!". She arrived sweating in her dress. Lol but it's okayyy. Li Chen got first for school marathon wad. ^^

And then Siet Yen also said she didn't want to go because it was so late. I was like WTF NO WE'RE ON THE WAY WAIT PLSSS. Hahahah! I was still in T-shirt and shorts. Changed at Siet Yen's, she lent me her dress. So many dresses, like socialite (Y)

Off we went! Sungai Buloh shortcut to Giza. Siet Yen led the way. Li Chen was scared and wore seatbelt. I was confused on how to drive you knowww. Sim Kuan keeps asking me to drive faster but I've only driven for two weeks and the brake is like shit. My brake power is a third of Theng Loo's polo. Then I realised why.

The way my dad drives, he uses the gears to slow down. I have to use that with my car but I don't know how yet. == And then I wanted to avoid the potholes. Little cars there, so deserted. Can swerve here swerve there, two lanes all mine. HAHAHAH.

But in the end... we arrived in one piece! Thanks to my driving partners hehe.

Coincidentally saw Chun Moon before going in to Beer Factory. He was with Tc, Min Limn, Kong Fong(the bday dude). And then the next group of people were Ding, Wendy and Xuan. And then we went upstairs. They had the laser thing going on like security in Ocean's Eleven. Li Chen was paranoid to walk because she thinks the lasers will stab her. AHAHAHAH.

Weird thing they don't let slippers upstairs. I WONDER WHY. I should ask the security guards why next time. Qi Yao was wearing slippers... and then he changed. Into his school shoes, with his three quarter pants. I kept teasing how gross it looked. Friends should insult each other.

We waited like idiots for a while. Surrounded the table, didn't order drinks. Camwhored during that la, what else. Hahahah! Another was coming, Chun Moon knows them. Joe Hao from Kepong Ulu. Celebrating Bday too. Saw Rysher.

And then we had cocktails. Someone got kind of... drunk. Heheheheeheh. I drank ice water. Lame, but smart. I know I can't handle alcohol well, so I have to control before it gets to my body. That I can do. Because something getting drunk is so much of trouble. So much of inconvenience and burden to your body.

Going to pubs and shit, twice a month would be the limit. It should be an occasional thing, always. Get drunk and get wasted all the time for what?! You need to stay awake for reality.

More camwhore:

Stone face:

I'm too lazy to pose sometimes. Better just look at the camera stoned, easiest. Hahahahah! Sometimes I smile, eyes look too small. Sometimes I pose, look so awkward. Better just stone.

Got home a little past midnight. Well weekends are for going out, weekdays are for school.

Work hard, play harder! teehee!

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