Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Mom mom mom. Food brings people together, it's the best excuse to go out. So reasonable. I mean you need food to survive!

Drove to DPC with Xuan on Sunday. Dined at La Casa with some chicken tortilla and creme brulee as dessert. AND YES, HAVE CAR, MONEY WILL DISAPPEAR LIKE THE WIND. T.T That's why... if you drive, the main point of outings cannot be shopping. You need to clamp down your wallet.

The thing about me is that I can drive the car, but don't know where to bring the car. Noob with directions. SY asked if I was sleeping all this while, and what he said was... accurate. Driven around, snoozing in the back seat everytime on the way to KL ^^ But luckily, technology has devised something precisely to help people who are clueless with directions.

..... GPS! :))))))

As good as having a Doraemon. But I still haven't got it yet. (T^T) Fixed brake disc, RM500. Get Garmin GPS, RM500. Petrol(half-tank!), RM50. WHAT ALSO MONEY @!#^(!@

Tuesday was going to DPC, again. Lucky that I don't stay there... I'll become fat so easy. No further than 5 minutes, lies a multitude of yummy food... Too tempting damn. But then but then! You can always work away the calories by exercising at the clubhouse.

AIYOR so long never go to my clubhouse. Need to exerciseeeee. Swimming. Badminton. Treadmill.

What if I follow this comic? ^^ (Literally translated: Don't eat full, where got energy to exercise?!)

Lying on my favourite UFO swing. But it's always so crowded there. :( HAHAHAHAH. I remember I went with someone once and a little kid was using the swing. I said I wanted to play with the swing. He went towards the swing and the little kid got off.... Intimidated? Lolol poor kid.

Sim Kuan's bag and my bag. Black is so easy to match. It's not a colour at all.

AND TODAY. Today is Wednesday.

I wanted to blog earlier but I kept getting distracted... for 4 days since Sunday ^^. To blog nicely, you need to have the 3MS- The Mood, The Momentum and The Memory. Hahahah! That's why it's best to blog while it's still fresh. But sometimes you can't do it fresh because when you come back from an outing, all you wanna do is rest.

I have stamina for outings, but not stamina for studying. For my social life, that's good. For my academic life, not so... :(

Ate sushi for 3 days in a row now. YUM. Because I have car car. It's not even the weekend. Kept eating out. Monday- Kepong Tesco. Tuesday-Rakuzen. Wednesday-Kepong Jusco.

Went to Kepong Jusco today with Mei Yen. So surprising that she called me out. Usually she has tuition. But she did, she just skipped. She came to my house. Still wasn't ready to drive alone. And then we drove to Kepong Jusco.

Watched Johnny English. Best to watch comedy with Mei Yen, her laugh alone is funny enough. Muahahah! The movie was okay okay. Lame a bit! xD

And then I drove Mei Yen home. That wasn't the problem. The problem was going back home alone. I was so scared YOU KNOW. I've been to SS2 but I've never driven out of BSD alone. == But okay I did it in the end! <3 Hahahah! It was okay, the road home was just all the way straight. You just have to ignore the bridges.

See! Sometimes you have to force yourself to do things. Push yourself harder and get yourself out of your comfort zone to learn. But this is just a tiny matter la. But I still proud. HAHAHAH. Because driving doesn't come naturally to me. But I'm learning, especially with so many friends who are good at outings. ^^ Mei Yen also drew me a map omg.

Hohoho that's about it bye! ;)

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