Sunday, 9 October 2011

Driving here and there

Oh damn. I just realized I went out everyday except for Monday this week. Why stay at home when you have a car?

Hahahha kidding! Was eager to practise driving. The main point of going out used to be shopping, now it's about getting driving experiences. Drove to 1U and I only spent RM20! :) On Tutti Fruity. So ridiculously expensive. I'd rather make my own yogurt for a fifth of that price. !@#%

Went to 1U because Sim Kuan wanted to get revision books. I went because I wanted to drive and she's my driving partner. HOHO. She browsed books at Popular while I sat with some magazines. Talked on the phone for a while.

I have Facebook, I have handphones, but I'm always a little too hesitant and lazy to find people first. SHY ALSO LAH. So find me, I will be as friendly as a big fat Santa :)

I don't think you can ever be in 1u for more than an hour without bumping into someone you know. Saw Siet Yen and Qi Yao. Macam husband and wife. Qi Yao was holding a packet of pasta and some groceries. HAHAHAH. Siet Yen wore a pink cardigan. I can imagine them going home and cooking together. And then Siet Yen was about to leave. She's going to Thailand next week! See, self-proclaimed holiday. Got school also, NEVERMIND! Bestarian style ^^

And then dinner at The Curve. Bought back issues of ViVi magazines, they were so cheap they cost next to nothing. RM3 each. DAMN!

Well this was yesterday.

I tried blogging on Friday but apparently blogger ate my post. !@!^@&*!^ Start from square one. Drove with Shao Yang to SS2. He brought me some shoplot thingy. And I kept complaining saying I want somewhere high-class. Plastic chairs, out. No air-cond, even more out.

Hahahah! Can be arrogant and picky a bit with him. Went to Wong Kok in the end. He eats with a very... particular style. Everyone has their own style when doing things.

SY drives like he doesn't care. Slumped in his seat, hand plopped on steering. Sim Kuan drives like the car is her pet. Especially when she turns her steering. She pets it. Ping Kuang drives like a bull, like he's charging with his car. Theng Loo drives like a turtle, safe and steady. He whispers endearments to his Volkswagen Polo. Weng Hock drives like he's simply doing it, but somehow he never bangs anything. Qi Yao drives very smoothly, like a calm Buddha.

The way I drive? Umm. I don't think my style has emerged yet, busy correcting my driving. I swear a lot. Remember I said I wanted to stop swearing? It worked for a week. Then... my car arrived. :/ I use English words first. Fuck is the easiest because it's so versatile. But English doesn't have a lot of swear words... I switch to Cantonese, and once I do it's like the point of no return.

My goodness. Cantonese and Hokkien could be the coarsest language/dialect on Earth, I tell you. It's never-ending. CCB, MCB, SH, LJ, D**. @#*!&@#@!#&(&@#(!@#(

Sim Kuan drove with her Peugeout. Finally. It suits her much better than the previous car. It's a convertible, made her take the top down and went for a ride around BSD. So windy. Radio went "put your hands up in the air sometimes", I did and it felt WHOOOSH. Rubbed it in Sim Kuan's face that she couldn't put her hand up. Busy driving, ahahahah!

But convertibles aren't really practical, especially in Malaysia. Bad air quality, too hot, too rainy. For a short drive, SHIOK LAH. ^^

My car keys. I need the big-ass keychain beside it. Before, I keep forgetting my keys. It's so... forgettable. My eyes literally ignore and skip black and white things. They're like, "whatever, I can't decide what colour I want to be today".

Driver's cockpit. Bwaahhaha. I love the wings. Ohhh my freedom.

And then after SS2, came back and went to DPC. Rakuzen with Siet Yen, Yih Wern, Hui Yee, Shu Yin and Sim Kuan. Siet Yen was supposed to "study" but went to Giza with Sim Kuan and I in the end. ^^
Qi Yao came halfway. They shy shy to take photos.

So I asked them to move and give space to the people who actually want to take photos (me and Sim Kuan). HHAHHAHA! Got nice setting, don't waste.

Shopped around the boutiques at Sunway Giza. Sometimes you get great finds, other times you need to save your money. Bought two belts and a pair of flowery wedges. So far I've spent RM120 on petrol. !@^!@ Go out so much.


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