Friday, 28 October 2011


Happy Halloween :3

Valencia's the place to go for Halloween. No trick or treat this year though! But we still went there, Jason Chin invited us. Even if he didn't invite me, I'd invite myself in. ^^ Wanna have fun must be shameless muahaha. And his house- very big.

Hmm who went? Xuan Sim Kuan Siet Yen Mei Yen Yvonne Li Chen Ji Mun Sizo King Jiat Yen Shen Xian Jiong Theng Loo Ding Chun Moon Kong Fong Qi Yao Shao Yang Kok Leong Kwok Shien Yew Hoong Weng Hock Desmond. Lol! About 22 including Jason Chin and I. That's all I remember. More people last year, because it was more official and no SPM. No SPM. NO SPM.!!

SKIP SKIP SKIP like happy retards eventhough there's no candies. Sim Kuan and I wore the same. White dress. Even same black wedges. == She's snow white. I don't know what I am. I just wanted to look pretty. I know I pretty.

AHAHA SHIT. I kid I kid, gei wo perasan yi xia.

How it looks in real-life:


DSLR is harder to camwhore. More for people who really wanna take pictures than for people who wanna be perasan. It's good for full-body shots though :D Glad that Xuan brought her camera. Edit until not bad, but I don't wanna praise her... later she perasan kao kao. ;(

Stone face. Lol, easiest pose! Just don't blink, part your mouth a bit and look dazed.

I want to update my blog but I keep forgetting. Upload pictures but never manage type anything. Because when I come home, it's too late. I went out everyday this week. Gah! Motto for SPM-ers- time to settle down!

When I was Form 4, I went out once a month. At the beginning of Form 5, I went out twice a week and that was quite a lot. Half a year later I go out almost everyday. =.= Am also broke. Savings reserve habis. Need to save RM500. To keep.

It should be easy, but it's just that sometimes I don't think much when I buy something- and then it adds up. It always does. I know I don't have to worry about not having enough clothes. There's more than enough!

All the ladies! Sang karaoke a while, but a few didn't have mood. Went out and walked around Valencia. The clubhouse was CROWDED with teenagers. There was a band playing. Saw Form Fours. Shauqi driving in Tijan's yellow Polo. Hwa Suan was in freaky make up and carried a doll around. Reminded me of Jun Wen's make up last year.

Went to Chatime after that. Their purple background is so nice. Reminds me of Barney. I feel like singing along with him now. Chatime is overrated. I don't mind going there with friends, but I wouldn't purposely drive to Kota Damansara to get Chatime. For Kissaten though, I WOULD.

I didn't want to drive. My petrol was running low, and later if I have to send people back I'd hate it more. I don't like it when the outing ends and I have to see everyone home. It makes me feel so sad and lonely. >:( Miss getting driven home sometimes. But fuck it, I can go wherever I want now. FLY! ^^

So... Qi Yao's Ford Fiesta. Xian Jiong drove Vios this time. Weng Hock also Vios. Ding was Honda City. Kwok Shien drove his dad's Volkswagen Passat. Qi Yao was the one leading the way, wanted to use the BRP shortcut.

Was supposed to U-turn before toll but Xian jiong went and queue up to pay toll instead! That asshole. And then he reversed and went to the other side. Same thing like me last time, trying to go over horizontally when cars are rolling up at you at 80km/h.

I was in Weng Hock's car. He waited for Xian Jiong to U-turn. And then when he wanted to tail Qi Yao, he was gone. The BRP/Valencia gang was all in the car. The ones who knew the way. So in the end, used LDP. SY asked Weng Hock if he had Smart Tag. He replied, "Live on mountain top, how can don't have Smart Tag..? :)". SY and I were speechless. SO LC omg, I like. And then..!

Weng Hock almost hit the barrier at the toll. Was going fast, Smart Tag didn't work. == After that we were quiet because we were freaked out. Lolol almost hit. Weng Hock was like, it's nothing, I know how to brake! Ma de.

It was my Dad's birthday on that day. I managed to celebrate Halloween anyway. Lolol. Because he went to Bentong and would be coming back late for dinner. So today, I bought him a cake. I got stalked buying the cake, you knowwww!

Bought it at Isetan KLCC. I was trying something at Vincci. And then this big fat huge Arab-ish guy said excuse me. I moved aside to let him pass through but he stood there. He said excuse me to get my attention =.= And then he said the thing I was trying on didn't suit me and he was a designer. Wtf, designer how can dress like shit!

He said it didn't suit me. I was like oh yeah? and then went over to another mirror. He followed. Wtf. Straightaway went to pay for my stuff. He waited. I went to Giordano, he followed. I went to Isetan, he followed. MA DE!!!!!!!!! So creepy you know. And he was so fat and conspicuous and obvious. Fail stalker. Gross. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhHHhh

Now, I don't feel safe walking around shopping malls. This... 3rd time I got followed this year. First time was in Australia, another big fat guy. Second time was with Sim Kuan, this nerd in pink at Kepong Jusco. Third time.. is this.

First thing I did, I called my dad. "DADDY?", I answered. MUST LOUD A BIT LET HIM HEAR. ASSHOLE. Asked him where he was. After I hung up, the fat idiot was still there. Went to the guard and talked to him. Someone's following me, bla bla bla. That's when he left. =.=

I will always remember to carry pepper spray next time. ALWAYS. I don't like this. Seriously, what do you want by following me?! I'm not interested in knowing a stalker. Gee!


Oh yeah I wrote the message on the cake. :)) Cute a not?! Heee :) And! When you want to do something- there's a will, there's a way. Plan. Scheme. Persuade. Negotiate. Successful people are the ones who make things happen.

This one was Kepong Jusco with Xuan on Friday. Went to DPC but Rakuzen was closed for annual dinner, potong stim! =.= Got Sushi King instead. I ate like a king.

Unagi set thingy. There was steamed rice, udon, tempura... MUAHAHAHAH. This was only like RM26. Want something like this at Rakuzen? Prepare to fork out RM40. ^^ Sushi King's sushi's less fresh, but more economical. Boleh tahan la!

Before that I ate dessert at SY's Brilliant Nasi Lemak. Didn't want to eat lunch there because I was afraid of sorethroat- everything spicy and oily! With SY, Ping Kuang and Theng Loo. Drove TLoo's Polo. He said my driving improved hohoho! :D

His car is nice to drive. Very smooth handling, quiet engine. And now I know why his brake is so powerful! Front-wheel drive, that's why I can feel it more lol. But if you press too hard the car will jerk.

How to eat like a king and look like a princess?! Exercise it off. T.T Go swimming. But... swimming can make your arms big! I don't like sweating though. Sometimes. Went to King Jiat's house on Thursday. SY cycled to his house using electric bike.

I tried it. It was so fun. T.T Cycle a little, fly a little. But I had to use one hand to pull down my dress. The wind kept blowing it up... And then and then! Drove Xian jiong's Satria. So long didn't touch manual car. 2 months? I know I'll forget it easy, because I only learnt it for a while. It's better to drive manual, real driving. GAH.

Satria is much better than Kancil. Seriously. Kancil feels like a dead cow compared to it. I only mati engine once! I was so happy when I was done, thinking I didn't mati engine(before that him and KJ bet how many times I would mati engine) and then I forgot to put into free gear when I remove my foot from the clutch... Mati engine. =.=

After King Jiat's house, went to Sim Kuan's house to go KL. Pavilion. Her sis fetched, I quickly went horizontal and dozed off. I like sleeping at the backseat. So nice, you know? Somemore when it's running, you feel like you're being rocked in a cradle. At least I feel that way. ^^

Bought dresses from Discreet. Nail buffer. Sim Kuan said the salesperson tested on the wrong person. I saw how shiny her nails got and I went back to get the nail buffer. SHINY NAILS MUAHAHA. LIKE PRINCESS. I tell you when SPM's over my nails are going to be more colourful than the seven shades of rainbow.

Eee! That's about how my week went.

Love friends ^^ sincerely, retard.

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