Thursday, 13 October 2011

Independent ^^

***This is not my car. This is how I imagine my car will look like after adding stripes and checks. (But 100% steady only think about adding accessories... For now? Sao pei. ^^)

Finally drove to school. Dad came home late and I wanted to drive so he can sleep later (how considerate ^^) More convenient for him if I drive to school, of courseee. I like getting fetched around though. :( But nevermind la, already fetched around for a decade. HAHAHAHAH. Bad thing is cannot drag parents to buy food after school. Have to do everything by myself.

But... just about 1 month more until school ends. SO QUICK! Last year, I was reluctant and nostalgic for school to end. Now?! I can't wait. I'm getting too old for school. Form 4 is no honeymoon year, Form 5 is. Especially if you drop subjects. Hehe. I learnt more in Form 4.

First time I drove right after waking up. DROWSY. Need music to keep me awake. But the thing about having music is you can't hear the sensor and you might scratch your car without hearing it. Bitch. I hate scratching my car. You scratch my arm better. :( ... At least my skin can heal. AHAHAHA.

When I arrived to the side of the road (where all the P license park their cars illegally... no choice), it was just beautiful. So beautiful. 7:30. No car except for Jin Fye's black Saga. It was parked around the middle. Ppl ponteng sumore. I thought I had to do side parking. Nope, just go straight. AHAHAHA. Then a moment after Ping Kuang came and parked behind me.

That bimbo. He parked near my butt to scare me. So hard to get out! @#%@&# Later teacher asked me for my trial papers. I don't know why the eff did I have to bring, it was at home. Hahaha! Teacher said it was urgent, I told himI give you after school, lah. He asked me if I drove. I said yes. DAMN MISTAKE I TELL YOU. HE ASKED ME TO GO HOME AND TAKE... :(((((

He told the guard and helped me to get out la. Was wedged between Ping Kuang and Fye's car. In the end, 8:20 only came back!!!! ERGH! But later the test results were posted in our class. I forgot mine. But I know, I need to studyyy T.T

Okay, I found my parking spot. Right in front of the small door where the ice cream man comes. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE LIKE A QUEEN. HAHAHAH. I hope it doesn't get scratches. :( My babyyyy. Really, so heart-breaking when it does.

AHAHAHAH SHIT. ...:( I don't think I should drive Mini Cooper first. I wish I had a Kelisa to practise for like 6 months and then throw away. Lol oh damn I talk like a jerk. ^^

I hope my car wouldn't end up like this. Theng Loo so shitty! That time I drove his Polo, he said "you die nevermind! important thing my car okay!". But he was kidding la. Ahem... that time he asked me why I drove his car so slow... I said my car step a bit then fly. AHAHA OMG I bet he felt like punching me. ^^ KID KID

Aww so cute see side scuttles can be customized too ^^

On the race track. Sighhh. Mini Cooper is still my dream car. I have it, but I still dream about it. It's so nice. It's the one. I will have a Mini Cooper in my house forever. AHAHAHA! But so odd, 4 seater. My childhood car. I am completely satisfied, I can't think of wanting anything else. :3 Thank you PAPA

Mini Cabrio the convertible version. It's soft top, it looks nicer when it's down. I hate seeing the black thing when it's up, it looks so fragile and hastily made. Convertibles are shiok la. Impractical in Malaysia too.

Mini Cooper Black and Blue. The black one's called Checkmate. How to tell if it's Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper S? The hole in the middle of the bonnet and the marking "S" on the side scuttles. So eat petrol !@%#

Special version interior. LUXE. I love the wings.

Okay that's about it enough about cars. Bwahahah! Drive safe everyone. And of course need to have a picture of me. I feel left out.

Laughing like a mad goon. Cherish your life, byee! :)

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