Friday, 7 October 2011

On the road


Been busy ever since I've got my car. My car is my boyfriend now. I must learn to control it. :) Hehe, good thing to have friends. It's good to find friends to teach you. My style is to learn driving, after getting my license.

With an instructor it's formal and you can't fuck him back when he fucks you. Friends don't have to care about offending each other. You know you're close with someone when you can insult them without being afraid of them getting seriously offended.

My dad warned me not to take the main road until a month of driving around BSD. YOU KNOW? Drive round and round a radius of like 5 km. Waste petrol ma de. Ahem.

So after a week, I went to Desa Park. Shao Yang taught me. He said I'll bang if I go alone. True true. Drove out for three days in a row now, a few close shaves each time. Like almost bang. When overtaking, when steering. ALMOST BUT DIDN'T THANK GOODNESS. Because sometimes my driving partner help me to steer too. Ahahahah!

Desa Park City was on... Tuesday. Right after school. Wednesday was fetching Sim Kuan from school. Somewhere in the Sungai Buloh. First time my Mini Cooper went into Sekolah Sri Bestari. Hohoho! Hahaha! I saw a few of my dear friends staring. The red mini cooper with P sticker. Alolo. Oscar was the one who stared like an owl.

The close shave for that day was my car going backwards because I didn't put in the gear properly. It was in N and I thought it was in D. Released brake. *OMG WHY IS IT GOING BACKWARDS* Brake and quickly switched gear. Ahhahaha! Was at traffic light, lucky didn't let anyone horn. I hate it when people horn. It's so accusive. But horning people feels nice when other people are being retarded.

But then I bet people behind me get pissed when I'm driving. Hehe ^^ Especially when I overtake. Step by step, fine as long as there's a driving partner beside me. I trust anyone who has a P license and has driven frequently for more than 3 months. Practising on main road really helps.

Today was going to Kepong.

With Sim Kuan and Kok Leong. Sim Kuan was my driving partner. Hahahahahahah. I asked Kok Leong to shush. When I drive I need to focus, can't stand distractions. I hate it when people touch the switches on my car. Open my compartments. Ma de. I hate it. Like molesting my baby.

I remember thinking why did Jin Fye drove like he was anal. Now I understand. Hahahhaha! Driving is not something that comes naturally to me, but it's coming along. Hehehohoho. Practise, practise. You can't watch people drive, you have to try it yourself.

Another thing I can't stand is when my phone rings when I'm driving. Usually I make it mute. I shouted halfway on a phone call once because I got distracted parking and got too close to a divider. I was like, "Fuck. Bye. Call you later." I can't concentrate when I'm on the phone.

Ho. Sim Kuan wearing my clothes head to toe. So fun to dress her up. The front view looks nicer. She has the same top. But the one she's wearing is mine. ^^ So cute, shiny dress topped with casual top.

And I used to think my nose was too big for my face, but now I don't mind at all. YOU KNOW WHY?! Big nose means you can accumulate wealth and you don't receive orders easily from people. High-ranking positions, comeeee. Hahaha! But of course you have to depend on yourself to get yourself up there!

Mmm. There are a lot of things that happened and I can't remember them all. What I know now is that I'm grateful that I have a car, grateful that I can spread my wings, grateful to have friends who help me along the way. Just grateful. And praying that I don't get anyone or anything hurt.

Things are changing. What suits you half a year ago may seem foreign to you now. The only constant in life is change. And all you need to do is go, go with the flow! ;)

Hor hor. Till then! :D

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