Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Went swimming!

At DPC, King Jiat brought us in again! ^^ The last time it was at The Clubhouse with Xuan and King Jiat. This time it's at The Condo. With a lot of other people. Didn't know everyone just decided to skip school!

Last Saturday's:

It's rainy nowadays, but not like it'll stop me from anything. Very romantic to see the dried leaves getting blown like sakura by the wind. Bwhahaha! Xuan is my swimming partner. So ON, I like. <3 The only thing is I have to fetch her, but I don't mind. When I'm the one who had the intention to ask you out, it means I want you out and I'll bring you out. :)

Otherwise, I hate being driver. Hate driving alone, hate feeling used. If I know you can fetch me back someday and you're my close friend then of course I don't mind. I'm getting more honest... and rude. I dunno. SY's virus. I don't like it when people have something they're not satisfied of and they don't tell, and they just hate someone secretly. I'd want people to point out my flaws so I can improve it! :)

Called out Vivian Loh. From SMK KB. She lives near to my place. ^^ It was raining when we were going out. Before, I asked King Jiat if his place was raining and he said no, faster come, sorei's here too. But then later he called while I was on the way and confirmed, ta-da, it was raining! But wtf too late, went anyway.

Actually they were saying maybe Weng Hock and Xian Jiong would come. And then Xian Jiong said he'll do study group at DPC. In the end there was Theng Loo, Weng Hock, Xian Jiong, Chee Khoon and Jason Chin studying at Coffee Bean. Went to King Jiat's house before going there.

And then later Qi Yao and Siet Yen came. With huge accounts file. And then the rain stopped and I told King Jiat let's go to the condo! Played my favourite UFO swing with Vivi and I was sweating. Sun, sun. And then everyone packed up their books, moved!

5 cars omg. Qi Yao, Chee Khoon, Xian Jiong, Mine, Weng Hock. So many! 10 people 2 cars enough actually ^^ And then all the 5 cars went into DPC Condo parking lot. I was the first because the boss with the card(KJ) was in my car.

Saw a Porsche Cayman. Straightaway parked beside it. Bwahahaha. Xian Jiong was the next to come in. After he got out of the car, he stood in the middle of the road and blocked whichever car that came next. Qi Yao horned him like shit.

The horn is very nice to use. To express frustration. HAHAHA! But of course you should only use it when you're in the right or when you really need someone's attention. To stop. Or whatever. I was passing by the Maxvalu and a woman was walking on the road. Almost middle.

Sim Kuan thought me those are "cockblockers". They just block you. Only a car or something bigger can block a car on the road. Motorcycle cannot. Humans cannot. Disappear to the side please. I was swearing like woman get off the road. And then I remembered I could use the horn. Damn it feels so nice. Sim 7.

King Jiat brought us to his condo first. It was really high up. Take lift also so long, I don't know who can manage to climb the stairs over 30 floors. Great exercise (Y). I've been wanting to swim, because I want to exercise. In a funnnn way.

The dudes. Didn't take the pictures. I was busy swimming at the pool. ^^ King Jiat took my camera from me.

The pool.

We got out of the pool because it rained until we can't ignore it. But at least we swam enough! :D The mini pool at the side also has a slide. It's not big, but at least there's a slide. I like water slides. The guys didn't bring shirt but they just jumped in. Guys ma. They came to study, but went to swim instead. I feel like such a bad influence lolol.

After swimming, sure will get hungry. Shao Yang wanted to ask King Jiat to makan but haven't decide where. Kept asking us for suggestions. It was raining hard. I wanted to faster get it over with. And then SY called KJ. Halfway they talked, I asked KJ to give me the phone. "Jibai say you want to eat but know how to call dunno where to eat la". HAHAHA OMG. Being rude is... like... you can be rude to people you're close to. Jimui can become jibai.

We went to Tesco in the end.

The girls. All four of us have belly piercings. Siet Yen was the one who wanted to take this. I passed by the mirros section of Tesco and you know la mirros attract me like magnets. And then Siet Yen was like, all have belly piercings! I change belly piercings more often than I change earrings.

I want more swimsuits. Bikini, monokini, tankini, give me all.

I went Tesco to buy sushi! And then took the sushi to Subway. Yum yum! I like sushi, man. It's... magical. Well food is very, very nice on the whole. Ate a lot of stuff. Chips. Sushi. Cookies. Seaweed. But at least there's in there's out! I don't mind pigging out if I've exercised.

And then, drove home. Home sweet home. Tired. Have to study too. 25 more days, as Sim Kuan said. And then after SPM, no more worries. Wait there's college. See life's worries are never-ending. That is why you should never worry. Once you do, you can NEVER STOP.

Forget about it, shut up and relax. ;)

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