Sunday, 2 October 2011


I didn't turn on my laptop for four days straight. Clap for me? :))) Can't remember the last time I stayed away from the internet for so long. HOHO.

Partly because my baby arrived oh finally! On Tuesday :)))

front view
back view
side view

YES I AM GRATEFUL FOR GETTING MY DREAM CAR <3 Mini Cooper S. When you have a dream car, you have a radar for it. Other people will not realize, but you can feel it coming. For Sim Kuan it's GTI. I like spotting other Mini Coopers on the road.

Mini Cooper is not common. Hehehoho :)))))) That's why I feel lucky spotting it. AIYAH SO CUTE LAH. My car is conspicuous but for safety reason too. I MEAN PEOPLE CAN'T BANG ME AND SAY THEY DIDN'T NOTICE. It's chilli red! The second nicest colour is blue (for me lah!). :D

I got very frustrated of waiting for my car to arrive and drove like a bull the first two days I got it. :( But didn't dare afterwards because I damaged my baby. Sigh. Friends, please don't rush me. Shushhh. It's hard enough controlling myself not to bring the car out. I'd rather not damage my car permanently. Wait until I'm steady first!

Need to do it step by step. Steering. Reverse. Parking. BLA BLA. Have to drag friends to teach me. My dad and bro are the ones who are too pro, they don't understand how to help a beginner. == My mum is too scared to sit in my car. !@&!@(&*! My dad said my driving was scary too. And my friends. HAHAHAH! Sim Kuan and Ping Kuang are the helpful ones when it comes to teaching.

And then second reason I kept coming home around midnight was because of SIMKUAN. THING SIM KUAN. Pou kia, you know? Always go out and drag me along. Most of the time I like it, but it's hard to study when I keep going out! HAHAHA sounds so... fake.

Wednesday was Karaoke. Thursday was The Curve right after exams. Friday was 1U and BBQ Night. Saturday was Vincent's gathering.

Had no exams on Wednesday but my Dad didn't believe me. He thought I skipped school because I got my car! =.=

Guys always have a natural kick for driving. For girls, it's talking. Ping Kuang can drive his Harrier through narrow lanes like it was nothing. Sigh. And I'm struggling there with my MINI. Shao Yang has been driving since Form 2 and he's the first to get license. Sim Kuan is the female driver of Form 5. Because she's the outing type and she drives. SY is a pig, he's not good with the idea of "carpooling". Xuan is the daring one who hantam sahaja. Hehe. I'm the clumsy and daring and now careful and scared.

Guys who can drive like they own the car is sexy. Those who drive like they own the whole freaking road is too much! Obstentatious road bully types. Hahah! And Nissan Skyline GT-R is bee-eu-ti-fulllllll. It's not as flashy as Ferrari or Lamborghini but it's more powerful than them. AIYOH. Die if my boyfriend drives it.

Oh wait back to Karaoke. Planned to go SS2 for Chatime only at first. Sim Kuan doesn't mind driving all the way just for a drink. HAHAHAH! Shao Yang drove my car to SS2 Mall and he drove like shit. He's very good at driving but so over-confident. That could get you into trouble! Careful of my baby <3 HAHAHAH! He overtakes without signal, speed like petrol is free. But he parks really beautifully :(

Sim Kuan drove my car back from SS2 and she's careful with people's car, not like Shao Yang. When she drove back her car she was so relaxed and kept stepping on the accelerator. And then we picked Xuan up to go 1u and changed to Sim Kuan's car. Shao Yang got kidnapped by us. Didn't let him leave for tuition and dragged him along with us.

And then meet up with Qi Yao and Chun Moon, sang karaoke at Da Zui Ba. The one at 1U was freaking expensive. Daylight robbery type of expensive! Da Zui Ba was goood. Singing karaoke is good for relieving stress.

1U thing on Friday.

Went to Sim Kuan's house with Kok Leong. And then we meet up with Jin Fye to go to the condo for Scout's BBQ Night.

iPhone gang. Except for the guys on the side. Hahaha! The BBQ was organized by Ee Inn. Cliques in form four, they come in fours! Chloe, Jasmine, Ee Inn and Corinne. And then Yi Han, Joey, Shi Yong and Wendy. The outing types. Hoho!

Pushed people into the pool while waiting our food to get barbequed. Jin Fye was the most comical one. Pandai pandai ran away to avoid getting pushed into the pool, but dropped in it himself trying to avoid an insect on the narrow ledge. HAHAHAHAH OMG. SO CUTE.

I forgot who dragged me in. Vincent? Kok Leong? Kok Leong almost ripped my arm off. Sim Kuan's leg got scrapped because we failed kidnapping her to the pool. She flailed like an angry cat. Li Chen got both of her shirt wet, she changed her backup shirt too early. Got pushed in again. Hohohoh. I got pushed in only after I changed into my swimming suit.

The thing with wearing bikinis is once you've gone black you can't go back. After the Sunway Lagoon pictures got posted, there's not a point of trying to act decent keeping it all in because PEOPLE CAN SEE YOUR BIKINI PICTURES FLOATING AROUND THE INTERNET.

Haiyo what to do. Already done it. Since I'm still young. I got that bikini from Sydney's airport. Australia flag :D I want a Union Jack one when I go UK. HOHOHO. Union Jack is a pretty flag.

And wearing goggles plus contact lens actually worked. The water didn't get into my eyes, and so the contacts didn't drop out. Hoho! Reminded me a little of Xian Jiong's party. Except his party was more wild because there was BOOM BOOM BOOM and more people. Guys ma, rough lo.

Mushroom plus honey plus butter barbequed is (Y) (Y) (Y). HAHHAHA. Yummmmm. And then went to Chatime next.

Saturday was Vincent's gathering at his house. Didn't take much pictures. Ummmmmmm. A lot of shit happened, but I won't write it down. Later their reputation get ruined. :D

Sunday, went to Church. Didn't go out. I've gone out enough.

Will take care to study in school. Practise driving more. Stop coming home so late. Unless it's like a big party that's worth it. But haiyor probably keep going out anyway.

Heee :)

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