Wednesday, 30 November 2011

KL & Swimming

Hello! ^^

Finally drove to KL on Monday. Shao Yang was the guide. I was a little scared because of what happened to Sim Kuan when she drove to KL. But it was alright!. :D Nobody horned me! You know actually it's more dangerous when you drive to places you're familiar with. You get overconfident and cavalier.

Used the Kepong way. The one which will pass by Jinjang. Just go all the way straight. But deng I cannot remember the road precisely. GPS fail. Usually my dad uses the LDP Penchala Link way. I wonder why not the Kepong way. It feels... so much easier.

The point was just to grab brunch at Chilis. SY kept saying how delicious it was. But it was just so-so! I didn't like their service. It's like they favour caucasians and wanna do their business more. Maybe because they have a better habit of tipping? :/ But Malaysians always look highly on caucasians. Typical outlook, I have no idea why we think that way. ^^

We sat by the Margarita Bar. SY said that's how caucasian chat. True true, see it in the movies often. Two "ma lat lou" sitting by the bar whining about money and women woes. We talked about crap, ji mui bonding. And then halfway through, Xuan called.

She asked if I wanted to exercise. After chowing down a whole plate burger I felt like it, too.

In the end, went swimming with Xuan, Sim Kuan, SY and Weng Hock ^^ Had fun swimming that day, first time I swam with both Xuan and Sim Kuan. 

Didn't know when this was taken. Me grabbing SY while Weng Hock cockstared. We did competitions, do a lap in the pool and see who's fastest. Shao Yang swims like a lazy cat but he has stamina, surprisingly. Weng Hock does gym but he was dead tired, lapsap. Stopped halfway. Hahahaa! Sim Kuan, ex-swimmer in competition. She still has the base. Used to do 20 laps one round. Xuan never learned swimming before, I think

Sim Kuan challenged people to somersault into the water. It made me remember of a swimming trip a long, long time. Sometimes I think when it was harder for outings to come by; I appreciate them more and tried to make the most out of it. Now it's like, ooh nevermind, the outings never stop. Quantity more than quality, alolo! Go out almost everyday, even forget which outing is which. Lucky I keep track of them in a calendar! :3

So that time was going swimming at Ji Hee's apartment. She's called Yuri now, but I'll always remember her as Ji Hee, that name feels foreign to me because I've known her by that name all this while. The Korean girl. Haahhaa! That was Standard 4, was pretty close to her then. I remember we argued at school in the morning. It was some stupid shit, but you know when you're young you have those conversations where you raise your voice and there's tension and it's awkward and you guys don't speak to each other after that. Heck, those happens now anyway, even when you get older.

In the evening, she suddenly called and asked if I wanted to go swimming. I said yes, I remember being surprised. And then we forget about what happened and swam. Sometimes when you swim, everybody minds their own business. I do that too, sometimes. Because I just wanna do laps and exercise. But it's fun when everyone messed around. In the end, we did backflips underwater, somersaults, thirly-whirly. With Ru Yuan and the neighbours. They were like part-friends, part-neighbours, part-family. 

So what happened that day reminded me of a day stuck in the past, a long way back. Where am I now? 7 years later. :) I could do somersault, thanks to my past. Weng Hock and Shao Yang? They did it, it's not hard, you just need to have the guts and believe you can do it. Guys do it easier, I think. Because they're more daring. And have big ego, don't wanna lose! Xuan was the funniest one.... no matter how many times she tried, she backed out in the end. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA!

You know you're cute. Sei bimbo. ^^

I told my dad I was going swimming before I left and he didn't believe me. "Where got people dress so nicely to swim?! Don't lie lah!". @#$%% That made me speechless. >o< Sim Kuan said where got, you overdress all the time, normal already. Bwaahahah!

The thing is, it's better to overdress than to underdress. Sometimes you want to go to places and there are dress codes. Or at least nominal ones, and if you underdress you'll feel inadequate. And I don't ever like that feeling. I need to hold zhu. I need to be ready for anything. A change of venue, a sudden hot guy.

Dresses in my wardrobe, 90% of them bought this year.

With outing's, there's always a certain flow of momentum. At the beginning, the excitement to see your friends. And then before climax, the complications. Where you can't decide what you want to do, everyone's lazy and shit. The climax, where you go hoo-hah all over the place and there's so many things you want to do you feel like exploding. And then the end, where the night is done and we bid farewell. That's the sad part. :( Going home alone is especially awful. I miss carpooling and not having a car sometimes. Everytime also Qi Yao. ahahahah!

A shadow of yesterday. :) We camwhored so much that day. Oh yeah, after swimming with Xuan and Sim Kuan that day we ate dinner at the carpark. Literally so. Sim Kuan was actually rushing home to do errands but hunger took over. 

And we were eating on a budget. Sushi sounded nice but Rakuzen was expensive... so we got sushi from Maxvalu. BWAHAHA cheapo! But I think in the end it costed more or less the same, just that we get more value for money ^^ And have to sacrifice dining tables.

Initially wanted to eat by the lake where they have all this benches. But ma de, all the couples hogging the seats. I can feel the bubble of privacy from far, sigh. Better don't intrude them, let them enjoy while it lasts. Beginning, very enthusiatic to do romantic things. After a year? Go park? Go park for what, stay home lah easier.

So we went back to our carparks. Sim Kuan popped her hood and three of us squashed inside her bonnet. Eat eat eat, chomp chomp chomp. Xuan was the dirtiest one, she tossed everything all over the place. Wrappers, leftovers. Deng. Sim Kuan was nice to let us eat on her car. Me? NO FOOD NEAR MY CAR PLEASE, THROW, PI-PLAK!

I'm scared. :( Karma. Cockroaches are always there to scare you when you get too comfortable being around with leftovers. Go away lah, creep little beast. !!

And so, we went home with our tummies satisfied.

This was yesterday. 

We planned to eat Chicken Rice at Sunway Giza. Sim Kuan doesn't mind driving far to get cheap food. For me I think it's pointless, because my car would gurgle petrol and make it cost more anyway.

And  I think I know when it uses petrol most. When you have to stop and go often, like traffic jam. Pickup uses a lot of petrol.  Deng. The meter keeps going down like gravity's too strong. But wanna drive nice car, cannot be cheapskate. :(
We planned to go at 2 but we went at 3 in the end. It's like we live in a +9 time zone eventhough we're in Malaysia. Always an hour late, the three of us. == Because it was raining heavier than an elephant's ass. Those type of rain which makes you wanna stay at home. And sometimes I feel lazy to leave; go to Xuan's house early, have to wait for her to get ready also. ^^ BWAAAHAH! But she was ready from early afternoon that day.

When we arrived at Sim Kuan's house, she so cuteeee. She thought I was driving to Giza. "Hah? Not sit your car meh?". AHAAHAH. My plan was to make it easier for her to drive to Giza, bring Xuan and myself to Sim Kuan's place. I didn't want to drive because I wasn't familiar with the Sungai Buloh shortcut. Felt lazy. Save petrol also. I like being driven. :)) HEHEHE.
Sim Kuan drove in the end. The Viva keys were misplaced somewhere so we had to take the Peugeot. Sim Kuan was like, "later very cramped eh". "OH LET XUAN SIT LAH SHE NO LICENSE". AGAGAGAG. Nolah because she petite a bit ^^ I WANT SPACE. 

I tried before sitting behind for a long distance, because I forgot Siet Yen's present. Like dog like that. Sit behind from Sungai Buloh to BSD and back. The backseats are like an afterthought, like they were too lazy to make space for it. T.T But better than nothing! Better a bit when the top's down.

And Sim Kuan's elder sister wanted to use the Peugeot as well. She yelled something. I only remember she called SK  "Hey stupid bitch!". Or something like that. AHAHA OMG so comical. Like an episode of family guy. Shout at each other regardless of guests. ^^ Sim Kuan just replied something rather nonchalantly and went. Out of the driveway!

The road to Giza was jam, damn I hate traffic jam. Inertia, natural characteristics which resists change. When I'm moving, I don't wanna stop. That's why amber light always means "charge!" instead of "slow down". And then we saw what was cockblocking! A van at the side of the road trampled and cut into half, can see its insides. Eee. Such car cruelty.

Okay, we did get our chicken rice and Xuan got her prom dress, finally. We went swimming at DPC condo right after. Was supposed to go around 5 but went around 6, timekeeping malfunction again; the three of us. Poor Siet Yen, she had to wait for me because I was the one who'll borrow her bikini.

When we arrived everyone was there already. King Jiat came down to get us. I didn't recognize him. Looked nice with his Ray Bans, that lan yeng kia. He led me to the carpark inside. Sim Kuan was unlucky, she parked later than me and the guard saw her. She parked beside me. I pretended nothing was happening when the guard came. No that's not my car, what you talkin' bout.

DPC guards getting more and more yehdiu, cari pasal here and there. It's like they have too much free-time. Go find real offenders lah, deng. Apa pun tak boleh. It's like they're here for the comfort of their residents but they bug them instead. Sim Kuan is the one who attracts trouble from the guards most, I don't know why. Attract bangla. Yesterday another guard bugged her for wearing shorts in the pool. Denim shorts, then SK said, it's just board shorts. Alololo.

So SK parked outside in the end. Who was upstairs by the pool? Jin Fye the planner, Daniel, Siet Yen, Qi Yao, Theng Loo, Ding, Weng Hock, Ping Kuang, Vincent. They were playing with this giant yoga ball. I asked where they got it from- The gym. AHAHAH!

Went to change, Siet Yen took my bikini. Gave her the orange one, thought the colour would suit her. It did. ^^ She was surprisingly not shy about being in a bikini. Everyone has their own insecurities, you just need to learn to get over it. SK still could not find her other bikini. Orange one, too. So wasted. Wore once, dunno go where already. Ahahaha!

Ping Kuang brought his camera. We took pics, but bugger hasn't uploaded it yet. That's the bad thing when you wanna blog with pictures but you relied on someone else's camera. Did laps and shit. Tried the carry on shoulders thing with Vincent but damn fail. Kept falling. Gave up after both of us hurt ourselves because Jin Fye was in the way. Lol. Carried Sim Kuan. She and Xuan fought on top. Aiyer. Xuan damn ganas. Sk toppled over, in the end. But also continued to see how Xuan failed to go somersault. You'll get it someday. ^^ 

Daniel liked to push people into the pool when they stood anywhere near the pool ledge. Started calling him yehdiu hai. The platform thing where people stood was pretty dangerous because they were glass chips all over. Vincent, Qi Yao and Jin Fye got cut until they bled. Ohhh, damn. But nevermind, it's nothing for guys. Got thing also have to act like it's nothing. Macho.

And then shower time, everyone came out with foamy hair and massaging their scalps. Like doing shampoo commercial. Qi Yao and Siet Yen was the most comical one, like landlady and landlord. Went to eat at some cina ah pek restaurant later. Everyone was tired!

Went home, another day well spent hoho.

Today? Have to stay home and study for Commerce. :)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

City and suns

 Oh hello! New photo album name ^^

This was my first album on Facebook. And so started the camwhoring craze, get more perasan day by day. AHAAHAH! Nice thing I chose to buy camera as christmas present. Precious memories hohoho. We shall not waste our youth. 

I want jewellery as my christmas present this year! :3 Real jewellery hehe. I have handbags, have clothes but no diamonds at all. That's the thing I don't have. Every girl needs one. :(

Christmas time is the perfect time to open your lion mouth and ask for presents. Parents are your santa, be nice to them!


On  Thursday, went swimming. King Jiat was supposed to take us but we asked him too last minute. He went to Bukit Bintang to check the venue with Daniel and Nazri. He said the hall was very big! Hoho. 

So I called Shao Yang instead. MUAHAHA! Sit in his car, the guard didn't notice us. No need pay. ^^


Both of us in never-before-worn swimsuits ^^ I like the feeling of wearing something new. The novelty and freshness of it, ahhh~ I have 5 swimsuits (2 more but those aren't counted, they belong to another phase of my life), a couple haven't worn yet. AHAHAHA! This one is a red monokini. I think I like monokini more than bikinis now.

Suprisingly, Shao Yang can swim without getting out of breathe easily. I feel like pinching his tummy now. Xuan? Half-way swimming, took out my camera and started camwhoring. GAHAHAHA! I want to exercise exercise!


 Camwhore here and there. Xuan is good at emulating Victoria's Secret pose. In the end, we took around 200 photos. Only posted a few though. Bikini photos are too... conspicuous.

After swimming, so funny, Yih Wern suddenly called. She said she booked tickets for Breaking Dawn for Xuan and I. Like whatttt. She never told me! And then she said after BM paper she asked if I was interested in watching in and I said yes. Wah, she so ON one. Hahaha!

Jin Fye was supposed to pick me up but he thought the deal was off because I didn't pick up his call. Nooooo. T.T We agreeeeed. I did call him back a few minutes later but he never pick up. I think he has the same habit as me. Never care about phone when driving.

So in the end, I drove. Wasn't that scared because Xuan was beside me. She's good with directions. ^^ Arrived 1U safely. Who went? Yih Wern Guat Tyng Jin Fye Jun Wen Xian Jiong. Sat between Xian Jiong and Xuan. Xian Jiong kept complaining about the movie.

Yih Wern and Xian Jiong damn sweet. I think they're special as a couple because it seems like they never lose their spark, never get out of the ai mei phase. Still so passionate and flirty, one! MUAHAHAH. Saw Yih Wern hugging Xian Jiong in the cinema. Xuan and I pretended to be them, held hands etc. #yehdiu

The movie was not bad. I think it's better to read the novel though.

 AHAHAH Friday was going to KL with the girls. I laughed like shit when I saw these photos on Xuan's blog. She edit until so perasan! I got so shocked when I saw the glimpse of newspaper and our faces. Oh damn, too cute! ^^

We delayed a lot. Girls. Suprisingly bad at time-keeping. Drove Xuan to Sim Kuan's house, then Sim Kuan drove us and Li Chen to Siet Yen's house. Siet Yen's house was the furthest so she was the last checkpoint. She prepared food for us! Good thing we didn't go on an empty stomach.

 We went to this area in KL which sells clothes. One word: cheap. Suitable for us easily-broke people. Above, Xuan, Li Chen, Sim Kuan. Siet Yen was somewhere else trying clothes.

 Sim Kuan was the designated driver of the day. Poor her. Road bullies everywhere. I think you need big cars, or fast cars to go KL. Otherwise people look down on you. :( You have to drive like a bull. Kepong is the easiest. Then Petaling Jaya. Then Kuala Lumpur. Difficulty of roads!

A few incidents, the worse one was the one with the traffic police. Didn't know what was his problem really. He gave the signal to go and Sim Kuan did, and then he changed his mind and asked Sim Kuan to stop. No point, she was already in the middle of a junction. 

The fucker tried to stop her in the middle of it. What you want, reverse all the way back? He slapped her car's mirror until it folded it. Sim Kuan didn't get what he was saying and of course didn't want to lower down her car window for a pyscho. So he banged her window once again. Like really bang, worse than discipline teachers.

And then Sim Kuan left. Nobody wants to bird him, seriously. If me, the moment his hand touches my car I would press on my horn. And not let go. And drive off. When I drive, I hate stopping. That's why amber light means "go faster" rather than "slow down" for me.

Another one was the one with the lorry. I think Sim Kuan didn't cut fast enough because the lorry was going fast in the right lane. So he had to brake suddenly and he horned really loud. Like for a whole stadium to hear, deng. Lorries are supposed to be in left lane. I asked SY. He was like, if fast then can go fast lane maybe. The thing is, huge vehicle, harder to stop. That's why they should be in left lane. Deng. He kept tailing Sim Kuan's car closely after that.

I cut lanes too fast, because I don't like being in the middle of the lane. Like you're hesitating to go left or right. But you have to make sure there's no car speeding behind. Sigh, driving.

But still. What an adventure.

After that, we walked to Fahrenheit. Huge sale going on, 80% off for Topshop, Warehouse and shit. But high street stuffs are always overpriced. Discount already, still more expensive than boutique. The thing with big discounts is the items are probably not in your size and you cannot try. AHHAHA!

Everyone was so eager to get their hands on them. Li Chen and Xuan were queuing up. We went to kepochi in front to see where the line was heading to. Sales in a watch shop?! Then walking further we saw an escalator. We pretended not to notice the guards and went down. Hoho. Rules are meant to be broken. Called Li Chen and Xuan to skip the queue as well.
In the end, Xuan and Siet Yen bought. And then we ate Sushi Zanmai. Everyone got so tired by then. But after eating, time to walk more. 

KL is so dramatic. Walked by the bridge, saw a huge commotion by the road. The taxi driver and an Indian guy. The driver's hand was bleeding. The Indian kept attacking the driver, kicking him and punching him. And you know what? The police just stood there. What's your job, to be an audience? YOUR JOB IS TO MAINTAIN PEACE AND ORDER NOT WATCH AND LET CHAOS HAPPEN. DENG.

Sim Kuan and I were the ones who was interested in the commotion. Damn busybody. Siet Yen was like, let's go! She kept repeating, "very hot!". I tied my hair when we were on the streets. But in malls, okay. I like walking. Wear flats when you know you have to walk a lot.

I bought a lot of belts. And a few dresses. Li Chen spent the least. Xuan and Sim Kuan the most. Siet Yen, okok I think. It is bad when you know you have a lot of unworn clothes but you still buy more. :3 NVM after SPM, plenty of chances!

Halfway through Daniel asked Siet Yen if we wanted to go dinner with them. So we did. Steamboat at DPC. Theng Loo Ping Kuang Ding Xian Jiong Qi Yao went. Ah. Out whole day. Tired tired.

That's about it ^^ You might also notice that my photos are very big now. Updated blogger interface. Nifty! Hadn't figure out how to move the photos efficiently thou. :(

HOHO. Bye!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A little bit of change

Hello! :3

Went to 1U on Monday after Moral paper. Ironically, having SPM is more relaxing than having normal school days. Alololo.

The paper was supposed to last for 2 hours but I went out after an hour. It was.. alright. One very important thing Rn.Rekha taught, was to remember the heck out of "Rasional". It's so bloody versatile. Other helpful ones? Kasih sayang, toleransi, bertanggungjawab.

And I want to give away my Form 5 books! I don't want to see them anymore. I want space for magazines. They are more important! I don't need to know about candi or fleming's left hand rule when I'm studying fashion! Anyone who's interested contact me, sub-science stream! HOHOHO, finally no more textbook. Wait... how about college? :/

The point of going to 1U was to watch this movie- "You are the Apple of my Eye". I heard other friends talking about it and it got me excited to watch it. It was nice, the perfect time to watch since we're ending high school and all. I felt, nostalgic.

Who went to watch it? Shao Yang Mei Yen Sim Kuan Xuan Siet Yen Guat Tyng Jin Fye Theng Loo Weng Hock Kok Leong Qi Yao Vincent. Shao Yang was the planner and Sim Kuan was the one who booked the tickets online! Hohoho.

Weng Hock was running late so we left the tickets at the counter for him. I suggested to write his beloved nickname, "Thailand Dog". Sim Kuan really asked the person to write it at the back of the ticket to identify him. Later he told me wth the person asked if he was from Thailand. :) MUAAHAH.

I think our group was the loudest in the cinema. It's fun when you're in that gang, annoying to the other people who are not. Mei Yen and Xuan were the ones who laughed the loudest. Mei Yen, especially the boner part. Theng Loo was sitting beside her and begged her to lower down her voice. Mei Yen's laugh made Sim Kuan laugh.

Sometimes we laugh not because something is funny but because our friend's laugh is rather contagious.

Shao Yang was the one who makes the commentary. Nitpick about everything, Xuan and I laughed. Hmm. It's a movie we can relate to. Funny. I like the first-half better though. The second-half is all the conflicts.. :/ Introduction was funny!

Me, Mei Yen and Sim Kuan. So rare that Mei Yen gets to go out! Parents strict due to SPM. ;( I got very tired after the movie. Other people as well, clueless of where to eat. I didn't like that part. Just flopped around the mall doing nothing.

But I felt better after eating macha ice cream. Sim Kuan was the one who bought it first, the shop was near our entrance from the parking. And then everyone bought it. Going home, I bought one more. :3

Oh yeah. That was at The Curve. Sim Kuan wanted to find the panda car perfume I got from Daiso. Couldn't find in there at 1u's Daiso, and Sim Kuan didn't mind driving there. For me, nonono. I would mind driving and paying the parking ticket just to buy a small thingie!

But Sim Kuan was the one driving, so it was alright. She got another smell. Theng Loo has that panda too, he had it first. But his car smells more like pandan. He sticks the leaf to his air-cond vent.

This was today. I was supposed to stay at home. Supposed to.

The electrician came to add an extra plug for the Unifi router. He did a nice job, elevated the router from the ground and stuck it like an artwork. Gahahaha! The drilling annoyed me though. Made me want to get out of the house. But I watched him leave before I did! He's been doing the electrical works in my house for years.

When I feel bored I check twitter. Sim Kuan and Xuan are the ones who are constantly updating. They were hungry. I wanted to go out. Why not go out and get some food. ^^

I was the designated driver of the day. Didn't mind because everything was pretty much on the way! Went to Sunway Giza. And the important point, I had fuel! Petrolled my car. RM50 gone and it's only half-tank. !@!&*@T

And oh yeah Sim Kuan was asking Xuan what her dream car was. Peugeuot RCZ. She likes the sport, got swag kind. Sim Kuan's one is GTI. I'm like, excited. ASK ME ASK ME!

BWAHHAHA! And then Sim Kuan said shit you lah, you already have your dream car. Hahaha true true, and I'm grateful for that! :D But in a very masochistic kind of way, I think it would be better if I didn't get it so easily. Try some lapsap car before having your dream car and you'll feel the huge gap of difference.

If I was forced to, I would have a black and yellow black and yellow punya Kelisa Cooper S. AHAHAHAH! Mini Cooper is still my favourite car. I don't like real sports car, too precious. I like small cars! The few hatchbacks that stand out and hold its own. Curvy and voluptous bodies. An iconic look and solid history.

And definitely, definitely no boring-as-fuck colours. I can't stand it...!! For other people, yes, but for me, no. If I had a white car I would have to battle with an overwhelming urge to throw a bucket of rainbow paint on it. My eyes don't notice cars with shades of black and white or anything in between.

The only other car I'd like almost as much as MINI would be the Beetle, I think? :3 It's so cute! It must be illegal to be this cute! Baby blue is the nicest colour for it!

I've been wanting to find zebra-print cushions and union-jack cushions for a very long time. Why are you trying to play hide and seek with me?!?!! Let me take you homeeee. :(

LOOK AT THEM BABIES! To die for! They will look so at home in my car. Sigh.

But with cushions for cars it's more like you buy them for your passengers to use. Who the fuck uses pillow while driving. Can sleep meh?! And one very important thing is not to buy cushions that are too big because they make your car overcrowded!

This. Keys to freedom.

Ever since I learned how to drive, it is bloody murder. On my wallet and academic life. Nooo actually it's my own personality problem. I have this problem of looking into things short-term, satisfy myself first then only take care of the daily trivialities.

Money. Money leaks out with each outing. Sikit-sikit lama jadi bukit, memang. 30 for one meal, 3 meals already 100. Hundred here, hundred there, soon half a grand. Deng.

But I was obedient today! I only spent RM26. 9 bucks for food, the rest for a belt. To go with the floral maxis. Lol >.<

We went to eat chicken rice, Sim Kuan's recommendation. The chicken was ichibiang. But I dumb-dumbly ordered their wantan instead of their signature chicken rice! Must try next time. Deng! But the prawn wantans not bad, just that noodle was a little plain! :3

We went around quite a few boutiques. Saw a pair of chio sunglasses and a bling bling bracelet from the same shop but I didn't buy it eventhough I really liked it because I can tell they hiked up the price, a lot.

Shopped for Xuan's prom dress. So nice that she can go prom, finally! ^^ Couldn't find it today, so we shall come back again soon! Hoho.

And then we went Chatime.

We're making their purple background famous, seriously. It's great for camwhoring. Was using polaroid until it actually ran out of film, then we switched to digital camera. Damn it never-ending camwhore stamina.

The pictures I uploaded to Facebook are the normal ones. The ones in this post is heavily worked on with Mei Tu Xiu Xiu! They have all these Lomo filter effects. Pretty fun to fiddle around with! But don't use too much, it can get too headache! Simple and original is always the best!

But editing is also fun. See how next time ^^

And you must've notice how much darker and different my blog looks. No more woodie. Now it's fire. Burning up, burning up. I'm not done yet! I want to make it perfect. :(

Have to change once in a while. Spice things up, hoho.

Last pic! :3

Watched Family Guy. "Daddy, if you really love me you would get me a Prada handbag." "Sure honey, how much is it? 10 bucks? Here take it" "Umm... more like 11... hundred." "Oh. Hah-hah-hah-hah. You sure wished daddy loved you that much!" *takes back 10 bucks and runs away*


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Everything in between

Hello! ^^ It's been a long week and I hadn't updated much so this will be a very long post. Caution! Went out everyday except for Monday (going out means hanging out with friends anywhere further than BSD). Hoho.

I want to blog but sometimes I don't have enough time. And I don't want to blog half-assed, quality over quantity yo! ^^

I'll start by the most recent one. Went to KL with Xuan on Satuday. Wtf. Before that Xuan posted on twitter, "totes not going out tomoro, have to study!" yadayada and then a while later? "Eh, wanna go KL with me?". AAHAHAHAHAHAH DAMN! Pattern cannot change.

I think we complement each other too well. Too much. Accentuate each other's good side and also the flaws. Some ways we're alike? Bad at timekeeping. Always ON for going out, feel bad for declining and missing all the fun. Love fashion. Speak in a very direct and coarse way. AHAHAHA!

Even if I can drive, I'll still take KTM. Because I feel like a handicapped for relying on my car 24/7. Feel so bloated sitting on my ass all the time. Plus, car damn eat petrol! Not fuel efficient in other words. Can save money, cha-ching! Total fare less than RM6 per person, KTM plus Monorail.

Waiting for our put put train to come. At Kepong Sentral train station. I was scared to park my car there but it was actually okay. Sandwiched my car between other cars.

As usual, took the "women's only" coach. Feels more comfortable with strangers who are of similar gender. Peak hour, the seats were all taken. Had to stand but I don't mind because I wasn't hearing heels and no shopping bags. But the rails are really dirty, must have gloves or tissues next time.

Oh yeah! And then there was an auntie who came in, she stood near us. She said, "Ohh, you guys look so pretty. You should try going to the unisex coach, the guys will give up their sit and let girls sit sometimes. Sumore you guys look so nice." BWAHAAHHAHA I wanna perasan already. Because usually people don't dress up so nice to take KTM.

YA YA COME FEED MY EGO. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH. But it's hard to learn how to take compliment the correct way :/ Too enthusiatic, people think you're too vain, too nonchalant, people think you're arrogant.

Sim Kuan's way of taking compliments is the WIN one. "You look pretty." "Now only you know ah?" "That looks nice." "Of course lah." You don't get thanked but scolded additionally. ^^ Xuan's one is when ppl compliment her seriously, she'll get shy and smile. And then later when they go away she'll jump around and get excited. HAHAHAH SEE KAREN I PRETTY WE TOO PRETTY, PRETTY IS OUR TRADEMARK. Serious. Lolol

After getting off KTM we arrived at KL sentral! We had to walk a big round because a building in progress was cockblocking everything. And in sidewalks, you always see bumpy yellow tiles laid out right in the middle. Surprising that a lot of people don't know what it's for, it's for the blind! Annoying to walk on. But the blind doesn't seem to need them. Saw one, he was using the normal way like a boss. Just need his stick!

And then we had to get Monorail. The more high class one. Oh yeah. On the way walking to KTM there were a bunch of Malay guys sitting on the side railing. Saw us passing by, catcalls. "Amoi pergi mana?!". HOHO SUCCESS. Dress up success.

But by all means, recognise that you will never get the attention from the right people. The attention will always somehow be bad and feel unwanted because it's either from people who are too old too rude too pervert too foreign too everything. You know decent man don't do catcalls on random girls passing by. But you will know that you have the power to turn heads and get recognised, and have men brave enough to try to get your attention.

And zoom zoom zoom, we arrived at Golden Triangle, the hotspot for everything happening. All the shopping malls congregate there. Went to Sungei Wang first, it was connected directly to the Monorail station by a bridge.

AHHHH. Heaven. All the cheap stuffs. It is good when cheap stuffs are rare, otherwise people will feel that your wardrobe is encompassed of cheap clothings. Nevertheless, they will never tell if you have the gift of making cheap clothes look expensive.

Some people have the terrible tendency to make expensive things look cheap, and that's just bloody murder. I was ranting to Sim Kuan that sometimes people wear branded handbags and downgrade their value to being a paper bag. She put it in the right words. They make it look cheap. AH GAH.

I hate people who wear jeans tee shirt jeans tee shirt all the fucking time. Have some creativity, would you?! WAIT, WAIT SORRY. On the other hand, nono, it is not a crime to be that way. That way, the ones who dress up would stand out. ^^

For me, dressing up and making yourself look good is important. Otherwise, it's like neglecting yourself and letting all that potential go to waste. But I do think that learning how to dress up will make you materialistic. Wait. To want to dress up, you would have to be materialistic in the first place.

The first store I shopped, I splurged most of my money there. Bought floral maxis. They were so pretty, reminded me of Popteen's Kumiko and Liz Lisa. Leopard prints used to be my fav. Now it's floral ^^ And I like dresses more now, dumped skirts aside. Less, less.

There was also some man hunk competition going on. It was so... cheesy. Hot also make until not hot. And the girls screamed like shit for some of the guys. Ugh. How do they even watch in a sea of piercing screams?!

The good thing with Sungei Wang is shopping for cheap and nice clothes. It's like boutique and blogshop clothes. Korean, taiwan, thailand, china imports. The bad thing is sometimes you feel lazy to try and not everything can be tried. There's also too many. You might miss a gem or two.

After that, we went to Pavilion. Sungei Wang was sort of my destination; Pavilion, Xuan's. She wanted Forever 21 and Topshop because they have a larger selection there. But, I don't like going to far places to get something I can have nearer (1U!).

Forever 21 is much fun at Pavilion thou. So many sections, boom. But I hated that one of their staffs forgot to pack a belt I bloody paid for. Because I bought a lot that time and I couldn't check properly. AH GAH. YOU KNOW THAT FEELING. It's not about the money, but the fact that I wanted something and paid it but it's not there.

I bought silk shorts. So pretty. Pink and white with hearts. Another one with Eiffel tower. My maid, she washed until my other shorts got torn and the elastic bands showed. She is gone now. Sunday. Have to learn to cope without one at the moment, iron my own clothes, wash my own car.

Xuan aggravated her wound, again. Poor her, it was a really bad fall and everytime people would hit on her knee (yours truly included). She bled a bit. Must put tissues and band-aid next time! When I gave her a band-aid later, she asked, "Why no elephant...? :("

I WAS LIKE PUT ONLY, LAH! For me, I don't like buying pretty plasters because than you might be tempted to get injured in order to use your plasters. Serious, I get that urge.

We were running late when we go home. Take trains, always have delays. Better give it at least 45 mins to return from KL by train. Because you have to do everything, walk to the stations, wait for the train. I drive like shit when I'm angry or in a rush.

My dad was hungry and wanted to go dinner quick. I know he gets like shit when he's hungry or did not have enough sleep. Same with me. Invited Xuan to have family din din with us, fun that she came! ^^v

The Curve. Ate at cina ah pek restaurant, Dad's favourite. A random guy said "you guys are gorgeous" after he passed by us. Hagagag lol

So you see after a day trip shopping at KL, we were almost broke but had enough to get by another outing. But then we decided to walk around after eating and that was nonononoono a horribleeeee idea.

The bazaar. Swimming suits. A lot of colours. Different styles. The person who designed it kept promoting. Boom. Xuan bought one, I bought one. I have 3 unworn swimsuits. AH GAH. But it looks pretty, though. :3

After we were broke, decided not to shop anymore. Can't even look. It's hard to do window-shopping for us. Want it, must have it. Sim Kuan has more restraint. Xuan was like, "We camwhore. No need money one! Hmph."

Took pretty polaroids. But it was wrong, that needed money. T.T Everything needs moneyyy..! I kept 2 of them! ^^ Xuan is generous with a lotta things (Y)

Xuan has a good eye for backgrounds to camwhore, gift proven again. Chatime wall. Siet Yen's wall. TGIF brick wall.

This is now my FB profile picture. I wanna do more shots like this ^^ On the body. Half-body shots. See what you're wearing. Not just the face. Because sooner or later you'll run out of different facial expressions! :3

Went to Xuan's house after that. Was out for almost 12 hours. AH GAH. Took some ViVi mags from her, hoho! :D Tried clothes from today's labour and shit.

This one was on Thursday, I actually went to 1U 3 days in a row this week. Went on Friday but no pictures and I don't remember much on what happened. Nothing much, we went home early. That was with Sim Kuan, Xuan, Siet Yen.

Thursday's one was with Sim Kuan, Xuan, Li Chen. I used to go out with Sim Kuan a lot, during her outing phase. And then after that she cooled down. Now she's going out more because SPM has so many free days. GOOD GOOD ^^

She tells that it used to be two of us and now the gang is getting bigger and bigger. Oh heck why not! The more the merrier hoho :D And I can always imagine how Sim Kuan will look. Palette of blue, black and white. Bottom is tight, top is loose. White crop top and denim shorts. White crop top with denim jeans. Black prada handbag. Handbag always black! Heels. Heels also always black. BWAHAHAH.

I like to analyse how people dress. Sk likes dark colours, but for party dresses she'll do brighter colours. I like her most in navy blue. Her assets is her legs. So she always show plenty of them and buys lots of heels.

Xuan is the colourful one with a crazy blend of style. Her clothes always got hole one. Asymmetrical flowy dresses always reminds me of her. Her colour palette is special because the colour that suits her is specially for her. It's hard to find other people who can pull it off.

Vintage colours. Mustard. Aqua. Diu, hard to pull off. It looks gross on me. So funy, that time I tried to find dresses at her house but couldn't. I thought it would be easy. Easy for her lah ma de. She also has a lot of accessories going on. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it will match, but somehow it does.

Her assets is her womanly chest. Confirm get a lot of attention when she shows it. In KTM. In the streets. Everywhere! But because of that she also makes clothes look too sexy sometimes. Like it looks decent on another girl but too sexy on her. Could be good, could be bad. Depends ^^

Li Chen, she's more down to earth and the natural beauty sort. Doesn't dress up much. Simple. Stick to neutral colours. Beige, earthy tones. Top always baggy. Show bra strap. Hmm. Doesn't like to wear heels. Slippers. Clothes mostly quite sporty. Adidas, nike! Her asset is more of her face. Big eyes, dolly look hoho.

Siet Yen! I like it when she dress up for parties more. She has a lot of cocktail dresses. For casual outing the look is very mature. Cardigan. Billowy outfits. Top tight, bottom loose.

And me?! I like to look formal. Dressed up. Can go from outing to party. I'd never want to look boring. I hate dull colours. I don't mind black once in a well but most of the time it's red, pink, blue and everything in between. I like the glamourous and luxurious feel, mmm.

I like fitted blouses. Hate to wear t-shirts, I look so drab in it. I like hourglass silhouette. For now it's mostly dresses. Dresses. All I can think of is dresses. My friends say my asset is my ass, but wtf how to show ass?!?!?! Legs can show with shorts. Boobs can show with low-cut tops. ASS?!?!?!?! How to show?! Ass crack ah?! The only thing is do tight-fitting, that part.

And the last, I like Xuan's hair the most. Like the ones you see in ViVi, Popteen magazines. It makes her looks much more dressed up. The whole wavy mermaid hair in brown thing. For Sim Kuan I like her smile. I can never do smiling with teeth. It's too wide. She looks charismatic when she do hers. Genuine. Me, I just look like a hooligan in a laughing fit.

Li Chen's would be her eyes. Big. Damn big. Siet Yen, her skin. Fair and radiant like snow white. Hohoho. That's about what I think of.

This one, last minute sushi at Jusco Kepong with Sim Kuan and Xuan. Tummy well-satisfied.

This one, Vincent and Xuan studied at my house while waiting for the next paper.

Sim Kuan finally uploaded her photos. Hohoho. Know she knows how it feels. Before that, keep urging me to post photos instantly !@^*#^R@#

Observing and wondering why the hell they looked so retard. Especially Xian Jiong and his down syndrome look. Deng.

And then decided I should follow suit...

This one, dunno why I look so high.

I'm gonna miss fooling around in class. Bugging my classmates. Laughing like there's no one else in the room when in fact they are complaining about it. Don't believe I'll say this, but I'm gonna miss wearing my uniform. I feel so young in it, like my youth is never-ending.

Most of all, seeing all my friends in the same place getting forced to do the same thing. I think everyone will get bored of something if they were to do it everyday.

I love eating sushi, but for sure I'd get bored of it if I ate it everyday. Same thing with school, school is actually really nice just that I have to do it everyday. NICE BECOMES, CAN'T I HAVE A BREAK? :O

But now I have the break that never ends. Haiyur. Getting nostalgic already. Cannot cannot. I will cherish the memories for what they are. Hehe.

Bye lovelies. xx